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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 22

Touma is smiling? What could possibly make Touma smile?

Just as confusing as ever, To Aru Majutsu no Index II near conclusion of this arc has a lot going on at once and it makes it very hard for me to keep track of all this. Nonetheless, I'm here to reconcile what had happened.

This episode mainly focused on the fight with Vento and Touma as she goes on to explain her past. They come out to talk about Vento`s past about the story of her and her brother having been on an amusement park ride and having an accident. They were rushed to the hospital and the doctors couldn’t save both of them, so her brother asked them to save her. She has been grudging against science then on. It`s quite strange for them to give her such a back-story along with her crazy personality, don`t you think?  Well, Touma disagrees with her and puts some outer perspective with telling her how her brother felt when she gave his life to save her. Plus, did I mention the resolve Touma has when he feels Index is working hard to save Hyouka? With all the build up it had, all in all this came out to be a satisfying fight feeling that this was the main battle.
I`m back baby...after screaming in a high pitch tone...
On the other side of the coin, the fight with Accelerator and Kihara was very awkward. At first when the tables turn toward Kihara when Accelerator loses his ability, he seems to just fall down unconscious, but then he just seems to spring back up incapable of hearing and just lunging at Kihara. He surprisingly rips a portion of skin toward the side where Kihara’s tattoo is, which was really gruesome. Accelerator doesn’t seem to stop there as Kihara tries to stay away from him kicking him off, but Accelerator just seems to take the numerous kicks and still keep trying to keep on top him. As if that whole situation wasn't weird enough, Index comes in to save Last Order. What comes after that is Accelerator then trying to stop Kihara from interfering with Index. It was really funny to me when Kihara was just taking more than a regular amount of time kicking Accelerator when he’s down. All the while Index is talking on the phone with Railgun conversing how to stop the angel problem. A fight with some zombie like person trying to attack someone, a crazy guy who enjoys kicking people, and a nun, how is this not peculiarly strange?

Well, in the end, Accelerator seems to gain strange abilities like tornado wings. He goes and grabs Kihara by the cheeks, and (if I’m not mistaken) shoots him right into the atmosphere probably burning him up, since I saw some red light.
 A new Saint arrives. I wonder what Kanzaki has to say to this.
What is with the tongue sticking out. It looks..........I don`t even know

P.S: Hey guys, I`ve heard of the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan recently. Just to let you know that I`m aware. Anyways, I wonder if I can write some more posts.


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