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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 04

Alright ! We start off with Yami minding her business
When are we going to meet Rito's mom.....
I honestly have no idea what those two are thinking. They are just pure "moe"

Never mind that, what is Yami thinking with one of those 

Yeah, feet fetish For the Wind!

I kind of hate those emotionless characters....

Some Yami fanservice. no comment

Okay, Yami is not an emotionless character when she has one of these embarrassing parts

Yami chilling it out with the latest fad

You know their always delighted

Hey people, a really good Sairenji face to come

Wow, that is so To Aru Majutsu no Index

Oh no, some "Engrish" guys picking on Yami

What did you expect? It's YAMI!

That is so "teasingtastic" seriously, a really good Yami chapter
And let us end the chapter with an outside book version of the last pic

Oh it's her turn! Straight into her nurse uniform? This anime just gets better and better

I really like her character and how she is voiced. Look at that enthusiasm!

It's Sairenji.....or Lala wait..role switching?

I love it how she hides most of the time behind Rito's back

It's Sairenji again!....thats right watch the episode to know whats going on

I love it how they just "slip" those panty shots in. Way to go XEBEC

My god Lala has no CONCEPT of embarassment....or maybe she does not care because it's not her body

Hehe funny

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~~~~~Look at Sairenji's face!!! 

Damn.....Oshizu thrashed that dude dog, and also, I am totally not looking at her boobs

Let us end with a Oshizu fan picture. Hey we did it with Yami why not her, plus Oshizu is awesome too
A proper introduction to the twins...well in this show that is how we introduce characters
Momo is awesome. I cannot believe she is voiced by Toyasaki Aki (Yui in K-On!)

Some random magic show I do not know but decided to add a picture anyway

Zastin you idiot. Also, it is funny how his guards were standing there not noticing them
Momo, and Nana alone time. WARNING very perverted scene coming!

Wow, that is a nice face

Does Toyosaki Aki really voice her! I want more of her right now

Holy....some tail fetish action going on!

Some payback and another good face. Still can`t believe it is Yui from K-On (voice actor)
Some cross legs fetish baby!

I do not recall Momo's shirt being taken off

Hehe.... guess who is winning in the front chest department. Momo you are the bomb!

Thier father is pimp for drinking some Deviluke wine
Kid Lala has arrived. I do not remeber the chapter though. I hope I did not suppress the memory because it was bad.............
Impressions: This episode had a lot of good moments. Sure there was no Kotegawa this time around, but what we got in her steed is Yami. Yami has been the silent type pretty much the entire series.She always declares Rito as his target, and that she will be the one to kill him. Honestly, Rito has an "angel" or "Golden Darkness" as his protector, because I hardly doubt she will ever do. Well, not with all the taiyaki, and magazines she will be endlessly enjoy afterwords. We see some of her ecchi side this week after her time looking for new clothing. Those pantsu must really be revealing. More than I expect of course because of how they censor it at the end. Next we have the ever so friendly casper Oshizu! This episode showed her in her nurse outfit and it was really awesome. Too bad she is the worst nurse ever when she only harms more patients to come in, badly. The last and final chapter this week had an "appropriate" introduction with Lala's sisters, Momo Belia, and Nana Astar. I always thought that this was a strange chapter, but now I see why it was created. This was MEANT for anime. It felt too good to be true how it went nicely. Most of the time, characters have minor introductions or come out with a bang, but not Momo, and Nana! No, they have to show up in the bath tub, and have a very NSFW scene on their own! Wow, how convenient. All in all, great fun to watch, just sit back and enjoy those nice times we are having with this episode. 


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