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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 08

Well, seems like Haruna is trying very hard to make her chest grow big, so she could arouse Rito with it. However, it doesn’t seem to be working at all
Rito however says that girls don’t need to have those kinds of bodies, but rather a good inside heart. This of course makes Haruna very happy
Meanwhile, Momo is showing off her brand new bra (VERY NICE)” 
Nana is not amused....
What do Nana, Haruna, and Oshizu for some reason as well, decide to do!? Well, grope each other’s breasts of course! Next, if that does not work, get an octopus to squeeze your breasts for you...
Also, thanks you to Lala’s magical body changer, Rito is now a dog. Who finds him? Haruna, along with his pet dog Marro
This thing created two scenarios this episode! Plus, it switched Haruna and Lala from a previous chapter.

Yami with that face is so weird...

I find Rito reacting to the strangeness of Mikan much more fun. I guess the pure soul of Yami is the thing that is her strong point.
This guy... Also, flustered Yami is more like it!

Impressions: Part 1

Being a chapter I remembered, I thought to myself. How on earth is this going to be animated? Well, this is a time despite the great faithfulness of the anime, when it is not better than the manga; the main reason being that the censored parts ruined it. However, I did like that they animated Momo’s awesome body. I feel like seeing more of Momo if I have this to look forward to. 

Impressions: Part 2

I liked this episode a lot actually. It helps shows the purity that Rito so greatly upholds. With being a dog having many possibilities though, I might say that this was a wasted idea of the life of a dog. Well, Marro certainly was the main thing that pulled me. It reminds of Nyan Koi in a way, only with dog of course. Too bad Rito could not follow something like up who does this in weird thing to think about, licks Sairenji all day. Feels uncomfortable, I know.  Well, in the end despite all the resistance, Rito did licked Haruna. It definitely felt really wrong in my point of view, and I can easily tell why he left. Anyways, a good chapter, but still the constant lickings were strange, and might have turned me off.

Impressions: Part 3

The third part was definitely the best chapter out of the three. This did not focus too much on Mikan at all, which I like. Instead, it showed more of a bond between Yami, Rito in a brother-sisterly way. It helps once again to stop the hostility Yami has on Rito. Plus, it was funny how she could not use her powers, but still kicked the Principles face. With Rito, she merely followed what Mikan would have done. When Rito volunteered to clean the bathroom, it showed his kindness to her. Something he would not normally do, when she is in the body of the Golden Darkness.

P.S I also am aware of the new manga title that is reviving the manga. I'll definitely look into the manga


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