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Fortune Arterial - Episode 07

I know where this is going.

"What were you doing?", "Nothing I was just dumping some guy from around the corner".
The President can tell the heat!
They do all the work while the Prez just sits there
Look, he does not even have her birthday marked out
Having maids clean the pool? 
And Kanade?
And Shiro all cute like?
Ha-ha-ha, discipline comitee 
Those are like ninja stars!
He cleans...
And gets all the girls
HOW DOES HE DO THAT!? I guess it's part of being the prez I guess compared to treasurer
How convenient
Might as well be a cupid...
Lovely, nice move Kohei. I can see this being a present for many things, and you gave it to her on her birthday
Throbbing chest!
What just happened?
Yeah pool opening. Too bad Shiro can't show off her stuff like the two girls can
Wow, does everygirl have cute bras?
Yes, pet the cat
Nice swimsuit
That looks delicious
Who came up with this event?
Epic Hair splash cycle
Sibling love?
Prez is the better, because he can just snatch the mike just like that from Kanade
Nice Kick position
Must know more about. 
Epic hair splash once again!


A delightful episode on the ecchi-side, don’t you think so? Also, they took pretty long for them to make an Erika and Kohei focused episode.

Well the episode was an overall a good grow on the relationship between Hasekura and Erika. The fact that it was Erika’s birthday and nobody else cared except him was pretty obvious that Erika will hold some emotional value for his gift. She even was replacing his present to the things where she would usually keep her accessories meaning she felt very happy, and also thinking about him. There was a scene where Erika was looking over her bag to see a box she was going to share with Kohei. It turns out the box was a bento where she prepared his favourite Yakisobe sandwich for him obviously wanting to cater to his needs. 

The bad thing is Erika has now been hit by a sudden urge from her vampire aspect as she now wants Kohei`s blood. It was probably triggered by her inner feeling toward him though, but what that is going to lead up to is beyond me, but I can speculate Kohei has to save her somehow.

Kuze made a quick showing this episode only being in two scenes though. The first was her using her skilled water person dodging to escape from those Judo men. This could prove useful somehow if she ever has to use her full athletic potential. The other scene that she showed up in had her envying both Hasekura and Erika. She seemed deeply down after that maybe thinking she also wants someone to be close to her. Though the two scenes were short, they showed some characteristics and feelings Kuze has right now.

Aside from the serious aspect of this episode, there was a lot of fan-service, and girl`s cleavage to boot. The pool opening allowed for swimsuits to be seen today, and like the athletic meet, it was only one episode. There was Shiro seeing Erika and Haruna both have a well developed bust and feels sad about it. However Kanade was there to cheer her up! The big thing that was the most noticeable was the special sparkle effects they used to simulate the shine when the sunlight hits the water on their swimsuits. This followed by the slow motion effects too to make the sparkles be on the screen longer like when Kuze was using the water to her advantage and slow motion came when her hair was whipping across the air or when Erika was unbuckling her ribbons. The episode throughout was mostly split in two, them developing on Kohei and Erika while the other half was an enjoyable bit of time when the President decided for a pool opening for which many girls will have swimsuits on.
Alway put your suntan folks


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