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What the hell happened to me.

Well, if anyone out there (probably no one...this is stupid, I'm talking to nobody) has been wondering where the F*** I was for the past 1 and half months, then you must know that I need to  work hard outside of the internet. To be honest, I was laboring away on massive amounts of school work. what can I do now. I'm already LIGHT YEARS away from ever catching up on the shows I blogged (haven't even finished most of them). Plus, there is no telling how much time I have that is measurable for me to keep a good balance between blogging and real stuff, so in that case....project: Anime blogging ...failed. Yeah... I really can't go on. Not only has it been a long time, but I can't even get into the mood  of blogging anymore. The kind of style I blogged was okay for doing about 1-2 hours of work on an episode, but still, that is too much time spent. If I have possible ideas, then just pray one day you'll see another blog post. In the meantime though, nothing is stopping me on watching the amount of shows I wanted to watch (I had to stop watching a  few shows in order to keep the ones I was blogging). I think I am watching only like...5 or so, and hope to pick up more. However, I don`t plan on blogging any of them. Finally, if I do ever plan to blog again. I am going to blog 3 max, and the ones I most enjoy watching week after week as well.

Well see you all... have fun watching anime, and goodbye...may I blog again... 


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