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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 12

 There is going to be four more episodes!

Impressions & Summary: Question of the show: Why does Ayase call him Oni-san?
It’s the final episode of “Ore no Imouto”, and Kirino has been acting up really differently. She has treated Kyousuke and his parents somewhat indifferently from her usual self. No abuse has said about her to him, and her parent conversations are rather normal. Kyousuke notices it immediately, and asks Ayase during his meet up with her after school if she has any idea of what he says is true. She disagrees and says she acts normally. (Wait. Don’t you find her compliments to Kanako strange?) Anyway, Kyousuke is asked by Kirino to buy an ero-game at a night opening and in Akihabara saying it is her final life counselling. Obviously, he agrees to that and hopes that Kirino will save him from his parents finding out. During his train stop there, he calls Akagi to lie about him staying in his house for the night. He eventually reaches the line, but during his wait, he finds Akagi lining up as well. They both vow that they never met each other. The people announce the opening of the BL (Boy’s Love), so Akagi goes to there with all the girls. At first, he feels shocked to hear his story about his little sister excuse, but realizes it’s actually a realistic story. Akagi admits his sister is a fan of Boy`s Love. Everyone in the crowd overhears him, and claps before him.

 Girls are going to be all over him...

Question number two: What does Kuroneko want with Kyousuke during her talk with Kirino?
Kyousuke comes back, and calls his sister to look outside the window to quietly invite him in. In Kirino’s room, they both decide to play the brand new Ero-game. After the first ending Kirino had encountered, Kyousuke finds it’s time to leave and sleep. Kirino wants him to keep playing with her, because she thinks her life counselling is not over. Looking at him and feeling his non-involvement, Kirino decides to show him a box she didn’t show when she first opened her closet at the first episode. Kyousuke braces himself and tells her vigorously to show him. In the box, she brings up an album and looks at it. In her thought process, she decides not to tell him anymore. Kyousuke in his prepped up adrenaline state, tries to take the album away from her. He finds a ticket that is said to go to America tomorrow morning. Kirino reveals to him she has been preparing her track and field trip for months now, and wants his opinion of him whether she should go or not. He quickly says “go” without a second thought. She tells him he really wants his true opinion about the situation. He yells to her to go and leave. Angry, Kirino punches and kicks him. They stagger around as Kirino keeps pummelling Kyousuke. Kyousuke backs up knocking the table and making the laptop drop. The wireless mouse also falls over. The movement of the falling mouse clicks on the second option where the male in the game tells the little sister in the game not to go away. Kyousuke grabs her arm and asks to her what she wants from him. The voice from the game says out loud “Tell me not to go brother.  If you say so, I won’t go anywhere. I can reach my dreams anywhere, but I can only be with you here. Thank you big brother, we’ll always be together from now on!” Kyousuke lets go of her hand and says softly to her to go, not changing his mind. Kirino head butts him.

The next morning, Kyousuke wakes up on his bed finding tissues filled with blood around him. He comes out and looks around. His father spots him, but seems to agree with his lie of just arriving. He goes into the living room to see his mother cooking. Looking back, he finds her sister still here. Kirino talks to her mother and says she will not be going to America. His father looks at her rather relieved, but says it’s her choice. Later, Kirino and Kyousuke walk to school together. Kirino talks about all the reasons that she will not be going to America with him. Kyousuke just walks diligently behind her. Kirino says he’s looking at her in a creepy way. She runs off alone. Kyousuke on his way meets Minami. She questions what he is thinking right now. He answers that it’s nothing important. He looks up to the sky and mutters the words “It’s just, there’s no way my little sister...”
After school, Kyousuke comes back to find her sister in the couch reading her magazine. She tells to him...that their life counselling isn’t over. He uh...actually feels pumped up for the next life counselling.

Ah. Nice ending if I might say so myself. Apart from the funny moment Akagi had to offer the little time he had, there was only one main scene where I was focused on. The scene with Kirino telling his brother to tell her not to go was a really strong and brass situation. The moment the laptop was probably saying out loud what Kirino wanted Kyousuke to say was so cool. It reveals the true feelings she has with her brother. To think, Kyousuke was ONE WORD away from...having a love relationship with his own sister. (There’s only one other show that goes off on an incest note!) I still don’t know what Kyousuke feels about this though. The part where Kirino makes her final decision not to go, he just backs up trying to avoid attention. Then when they’re walking, he just feels relax. I hope he feels comfort to his sister’s final say.

P.S: There’s four more episode, so I’m saving my final thoughts for that, so HAHA!


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