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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 11

 She's coming to Kyousuke's house now. What will Kirino think about her? Tune in to find out!

Impressions & Summary:
We see Kyousuke finishing off his Laptop ero-game when his mom comes in. He shuts it off with the trusty dusty escape button. His mom apparently learned he plays erotic games from Kirino. When Kyousuke goes shopping for groceries, he luckily meets Minami on the way. He invites her to his house while his parents are out. Kirino however is not fond of her at all. She acts rudely to her thinking she does not remember her. Kirino and Kyousuke get into a big fight about bringing a girl that he might possibly have a relationship with. Kirino tells Minami to clean the house for her as a test. She does so with much excitement and effort. She trashes Kirino’s high expectations when she finishes cleaning the house. She is frustrated and walks away to her room. Later, she sets a trap inside Kyousuke’s room where she revealed all of his magazines and an ero-game in her lappy. Minami looks at the magazines while Kyousuke is preoccupied in turning off the ero-game in the laptop. He fails in doing so, and Minami ends up looking at the Big brother and little sister message. She suggests that she starts calling him Onii-chan.

 Oh my~~

After that, we see Kyousuke going up to an apartment room where he is booked by Soari in a personal harem party. Soari and Kirino with Kuroneko behind the curtains welcome him dressed in maid outfits. For entertainment, we start off with Kuroneko’s ever so truthfully deep insight to Kirino’s and Kyousuke’s relationship for one another. Kirino and Kyousuke greatly disagree with the contents to what Kuroneko is showing. After some practically funny scenes on their life, Kirino takes her laptop away. Soari announces that its Kirino’s turn, but she passes. Later, Kuroneko asks his feelings towards her manga. Kyousuke points out one flaw that she never said “Onii-chan” to him. Before long, Kuroneko decides to replace his name with “Nii-san”. Kirino throws a water bottle to him saying how indecent it is. Kyousuke finally calls her out by saying he has put up with her, and has suffered for so long. This enrages Kirino as she finally decides to give him her present. At first, he doesn’t understand it, but goes in tears after realizing his sister handed him a present with her own hands. She goes and apologizes for all the trouble that she made for him, and she hands him a napkin to wipe out his tears. Before opening up his present, he thanks her. She tells him to open it up. Once he opens it, it is revealed to be an ero-game. Kuroneko and Soari sigh, and look up at the ceiling. Kyousuke inconspicuously starts laughing, and then pats his sister’s head.
I quote "What the hell is this"?

After about 10 or so episodes, Kirino has the hubris to go and thank Kyousuke for all he has done for him with an erotic game from last episode. Now, I know you might presume that I hate Kirino even more now, but her actually solidification of gratitude goes a long way in my books to what I view her. Throughout the show, she has been giving subtle but yet somewhat indirect positive responses to Kyousuke despite his extreme effort into making her happy. Just the fact she decided to dress in a maid costume for him, and give welcome to him is a really bold offering of joy. Now feels to me that Kyousuke doesn’t seem happy, since he is oblivious to the idea of Kirino’s thank you to him, but how can you expect when someone is presented a present only to question the situation. “A Pre-sent for me? From my little sister; that’s impossible”. Finally when he does realize, he comes out crying. Even though the gift might be an awful choice, it might as well be a pot of gold to him given that it’s from his sister. All in all, a good positive character development to Kirino, and making me not hate her that much.

The only thing I have gripes about this episode was the start where Minami comes in. Yes, Kirino is at it with her ways, but I want to put that aside and look at Minami as the main focus. She shows Kirino what it means to be wife when she cleans the house. In addition to her eagerness to making up with her, she has the soft and gentle side that helps her put up with all the rude things Kirino says. That said, I was laughing to see her look at reading all the porn magazines Kyousuke had. Not to mention, her noticing it was all girls with glasses. At the end where she reads the little sister message and decide to call him “Onii-chan”, I thought she was making a move on Kyousuke for a second and can’t wait to see what happens next. It was to my disappointment to see them skip after to the party, but hey, I finally got to see Saori’s maid dresses in action. Now only if she removed her glasses...


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