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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 10

Impressions & Summary:

Today, Rito goes and shows Celine around town. They meet Kotegawa looking at a cat. The three are at a park together playing around. An old lady goes and describes them as family. After a very funny imagination of Kotegawa’s thoughts of that, Celine goes away somewhere. The two find her drinking a bottle of coke. They reunite together and walk around as she continues to drink her soda. Celine then gets drunk or confused or whatever the coke (hehe no pun intended) did to her. She starts spraying pollen out of her flower on top of her head on everybody. Her first victim is Tenjouin and her two friends. After being sprayed, she starts looking at Rito with hearted eyes, and jumps out on him. She goes and does some ecchi things before Kotegawa pulls her away from him. The other two follow suit. Celine`s pollen sprays on every person in town. Next thing, everyone is chasing Rito (and Kotegawa runs with him). Her pollen even sprays the perverted principal! The principal ********to Rito **************on him*****rips*****. The pollen finally loses its effect, and everyone who was affected forgot what had come over them. Back at Rito’s house, Momo explains to them that Celine emits pollen that makes the person temporary fall in love with Rito, because of her love for him.

This seems to be a funny little chapter. I actually remember this episode really well. With much of the knowledge known, nothing really surprises me. Well, at least they finally animated a Celine episode! The only thing that bothers the living hell out of me was the freaking Horn hair fat principal (who should really be fired from his job) has his way with Rito. That seriously freaked the love out of me. The only time I see an uncensored version and this is what I get?

Impressions & Summary:

Lala and Rito go out to buy groceries for Mikan, but Lala forgets to tape an episode of her Magical Girl show. Rito allows him to go home, and he goes do the chores. Meanwhile, Risa is being bothered by a person who is hitting on her. She sees Rito and runs right up to him in order to act out on pretending to be his girlfriend. The guy leaves assuming they’re a couple. In order to thank Rito, Risa takes her out to a maid cafĂ©, which Mio works in and dresses as a maid (Wow, those two really are ecchi. Just for giggles, she refers to him as Big Brother). While on taking him to a date...uh...thanking him, she is very interested in his relationship with Lala. Rito is embarrassed as she starts saying very fetish things to him while eating a cherry. After they eat, it’s late out, and Risa want Rito to walk her home. They go and find a few love hotels scaring Rito. They arrive to her home, and she presents him to her house. She immediately takes him to her room and locks the door. She closes the light, and jumps on Rito. She begins to push him down, and plays with his emotions. Rito can`t take the embarrassment, but just then, she laughs out loud saying she fooled him. Before he leaves, Risa gives him her phone number to call anytime. Rito goes home all angry like. Mikan is also angry he didn`t buy groceries. When he looks at Lala, he says her is sorry. Back at Risa`s place, she sits on her bed with her Cell phone next to her...

Well, that was how I dare say it “rollercoaster ride” of a chapter. At first, it starts out well just like any other day. Rito goes out and getting groceries. Risa comes up and offers him a free snack for helping her. That’s nice. Then Risa asks him to walk her home. That’s also nice. Then Risa goes and takes to her house. Not just her house, but her room~! Closes the light, and... says her parents are out... Haha, but not to fear! It was all a joke! Or was it... I feel so shocked to see her like that at the end, and they just cut off the chapter. I never thought that she of all people would feel lonely. Perhaps maybe that’s why she acts that way. I would love to see them give another chapter to this, but it’s so unfortunately that the show is coming to an end. Maybe in the manga...

Impressions & Summary

At school, Rito asks Kotegawa for a cat romance book she is reading saying his dad wants it for reference to. She agrees and says will give it to him after she finishes. Rito goes and gives her his Cell phone address. Kotegawa is somewhat surprised. At night, she finishes the book. She looks at her phone, and realises this is the first time a boy gave her his number. She looks at her email and thinks it’s too rude. She ends up spending 30 minutes to finish her letter. On the other side of the fence, Rito is sleeping on the couch. Momo looks at him with delight. His phone rings, and she notices it. Rito in his sleep, tells Momo to pick it up. She misunderstands the “Midnight Date” and wonders what Kotegawa is thinking. Kotegawa in the bath thinking about the email she sent, and plunders if Rito is reading it. Momo sends a rather...strange email to her (“Our little Secret”). Fun does not stop there, Nana goes and swipes the phone from Mom and sends an embarrassing email to her, but forgets to write her name (What do you think about small breasts (Really Nana?)). Mikan tells Rito to go and finish the dishes, Celine steals the phone from Nana and runs off with it. Nana chases her but she bumps into Lala who drops her cloth making her naked. Celine takes the picture using Rito’s phone and emails to Kotegawa! In the mean time, poor Kotegawa on the other side feels sorry for “Rito’s” message and wants to apologize to him. She however receives the email and names it sexual harassment. Nana, Celine, and Momo think to apologize to Rito after.

What a nice Kotegawa episode. There is nothing more I like than to see her all flustered up at the thought of sending messages to a boy. She does not think of any cool imaginative stories this time, but Momo does an awesome Kotegawa impression written from the contents of “Midnight Date”, and this is something I’m giving to you. The only time I watched an uncensored thing, and even though it had the awful horned man, it also has a nice Kotegawa. I also like the part Momo and Nana played into messing with her mind. This could play on afterword (cue the people who watched the darkness manga).

P.S: Damn this blogging format does not work well with Motto To Love Ru’s three chapter format...Ijust write too much on the summary, so I have to come up with another style. To Love Ru has been really hard throughout my entire time blogging, because they’re doing this easy miniature omni-split style.


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