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MM! - Episode 12

Final Impressions & Final Summary:

This is the last episode of the anime, and Mio wants to grant people’s wishes. The only problem is, there are only two wish slips that have their names on them to grant. They also both happen to be maid cafés that want to be successful. Mio tends to split up the entire main cast into two parties, so that they solve both their wishes together. It turns out; they both are right next to each out. Mio thinks of them as rivals. Michiru-sensei turns things more interesting by putting Tarou as the prize for whoever wins. Mio, Tarou, and Tatsukichi visit the café that is owned by the former Mio fan club leader. Their place seems nice and dandy. Meanwhile, Noa, Yuuno, and Yumi go and dress up as waitresses. I can see a winner already.

Mio and Tarou both wearing glasses in disguise, go out to scout the other side. Mio loves the sweets, and Tarou feeds her too. Yumi not recognizing the both of them come and offer them the couple special where the two eat a pocky stick until they kiss. Their eyes are wide open as they etch ever so close to one another’s mouths.  Yuuno and Noa are selling cakes outside when Yuuno sees the two through the outside window. When Mio was about to open her mouth wide open to finish the job, they’re stopped by Yuuno.  Yumi couldn’t recognize them at all. In order to make a difference, Mio creates a new menu using her cooking skills. She taste tests it on Tarou. Tarou thinks it’s good because of his masochist taste buds, so the store owner and her daughter try it out, and die (Or at least that’s what I presume, since they don’t show up any more). Mio finds some Christmas items and cake in the kitchen and sells it for two yen in order to attract customers. Yumi offers a Christmas good luck charm. Noa and Yuuno charm everyone with their cute dance.
Mio goes and say they need to attract the male audience, so Tatsukichi and Tarou cross dress. All the males outside Taroko-chan (Poor males, and IT’S A TRAP!).  Michiru calls for special adult service...Noa lifts her skirt up just a little...and all the males go head over heels. (I believe) they try to grab Yuuno as well, but she just punches them till they are catapulted up to the sky and say Merry Christmas. After that, they are finally done with no winner in sight. Yumi asks where Tatsukichi is (WHAT!? Is she blind or can’t tell any difference). A kid arrives saying he had a reservation to celebrate a birthday on Christmas with a girl. Unfortunately, Mio and the group sold all the birthday items. However, Mio wants to desperately hold a Christmas party even bowing down begging to them. Nonetheless, they agree are and prepare for the party. They end up finishing the decorations and celebrate the girl’s birthday. When the kids sing Happy Birthday to her, Mio slips in her own name instead of the girl’s. Tarou notices it and thinks Mio is sad. He later finds out from Michiru-sensei that Mio’s birthday is today as well. Tarou uses his Cell phone to text everyone in secret, so they can make a surprise party. To make up a distraction so they can prepare the party in the club room, Tatsukichi tells Mio that Tarou is mocking her. Tarou follows up on it and mocks her on the spot before running like the wind. Angry to hell, Mio runs off to chase him. When Mio and Tarou are playing Wily Coyote and Road runner, the rest of the group preps up the second volunteer club. Tarou gets a message from Tatsukichi that their almost done. Terminator Mio catches up to him. He is caught however. He remembers about all the good times they had, and asks her what she thinks about him. While caught open to attack, he then goes and says she has none of “them” while grabbing her chest.

They run off all the way to the Club room for Mio to be surprised by the special party they hid. Mio is SO happy that she starts crying in tears.  The rest of the episode, they’re all celebrating her birthday and everyone is so joyous and merry. At the end, Mio even gives Tarou a present, a special high kick.

Darn it! Why didn`t I watch this during Christmas!? Curse me for my late ass progression about my real life! Well, it’s here and what can I say about this ending? All in all, it was a good ending about Mio’s birthday. There is no definition of relationship (besides the part about Tarou at the end, but that’s him mocking her about her chest) , so I guess XEBEC was thinking that they couldn’t make a definitive girl end, so they just scrapped it, and made the main heroine focus end. I’m deeply satisfied.

What can I say about an anime that I’m late in posting and probably every other blog has their final thoughts already posted? It was a great pleasure to watch throughout, and I admit I was surprised at the start with the seriousness, but it came to be what I expected to at the end. It achieved expectations loftily, and created may laughs for me. The girl appeal was certainly there, and I can find myself liking every character.

If you’re thinking the same thing as I am when preparing to watch this and expect it to be a XEBEC show, then you might be caught off guard at the start, but don’t get angry when your expectations change. Just stick to them and you’ll find it utterly enjoyable. That’s all I have to say, so good night, and happy New Year.


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