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MM! - Episode 10

Impressions & Summary:

Today on this episode of MM!, Tarou loses his memories! Wait a second...isn`t that similar to when he got hypnotized? Well, he has to go to the hospital, and they say he has amnesia. His parents are sad that he doesn’t know who his family is...or are they? Those evil bigger sister and evil little mother are up to making up what had happened, and say they are pregnant with his baby. Tarou is shocked that he did something so bad to his own family. The next morning, Yuuno gives Tarou a dog tag thinking if he can remember what the story about that is. Tarou thinks they’re both lovers. Yuuno being too heart warmed to tell the truth, says yes. Tarou presuming he did something so indecent to his family, he thinks he also impregnated Yuuno as well. Later up on the roof of the school, Tatsukichi says he is his best friend to him. Yumi comes in and accuses Tarou of being a Boy’s Lover again. Tarou can’t believe he even went after boys (Hmm...The Yumi and Tatsukichi relationship has been resurfacing from episode to episode. I wonder if a sequel is planned if they want to complete the sub plot). Also throughout all of this, Tarou has been getting hit time and time again, but wonders why his tingly painful sensation feels so good (masochist). After feeling so down for himself for what he had done, he goes to the nurse’s office. In there, he finds Michiru-sensei sorting out all the images she took from the entirety of the show. Tarou sees an old picture of himself cross-dressing, and can’t believe it when she says that’s him. Tarou once again feels utter shame. Then, Yuuno goes and apologizes to Tarou saying she is not his lover and she is not pregnant. Yuuno goes and invites him to the zoo. Mio watches with envy. In the zoo, Yuuno tries to remind him that he went to the zoo before with her. He still can’t remember anything. Suddenly, Noa comes in and tries to relinquish Tarou’s memories and brainwash him to think she is his lover. But it fails...
After the zoo, Yunno leaves Tarou for him to go back home alone. Tarou questions why she can’t go with him. Before she can answer, she runs off. Tarou instead of going back home, returns to school because he feels like it. He visits the second volunteering club because it looks nostalgic to him. Mio welcomes him to the club, but graces herself saying she has to use force in solving Tarou’s mind. Meanwhile, Mio is sitting on Tarou’s desk thinking she really wanted to try and make him remember. Mio and Tarou come in with Mio dressed in her usual dress and a bat in her hand to hit him. Yuuno walks in front of the scared Tarou and tries to protect him. Yuuno talks to Mio saying what she feels towards Tarou. Yuuno finally admits to herself she loves Tarou. She asks Mio in return what she thinks about him. Tarou says it’s enough, and tells them their love has reached him. Tarou touches Yuuno’s shoulder before he gets punched and then smacked by the bat to be shot through the window. In the baseball yard, Tarou wakes up to his usual himself not remembering of when he lost his memories. Yuuno is glad, and runs away. Mio tells him to never forget about her.
Well there we go. The confession has arrived at the perfect time and place. Tarou in the end can’t remember it, but we now have confirmation people. But even so, I can’t help but wait for the time when Yuuno really tells him up front. It would certainly seal the deal, and we can have a happy ending. I wasn’t quite happy with Mio still uncertainty of her own emotions and actions towards Tarou. It’s the end of the series and we have our main heroin still not made up her mind! It looks so close to a Yuuno ending that I can feel it. But my mine deceives me from my insight. I can definitely tell its going to be a open ended ending like the so many before. Nonetheless, I hope to enjoy what the finally episode has to offer.
P.S: Yes, I am rushing towards finishing the shows that ended, so Letter Bee, Star Driver, and Index are taking a back seat. Also, I can’t seem to get the image out right to fit on Firefox with the captions. So for now, no captions for you!


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