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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 09

You can't catch me!
Impressions & Summary:

Touma chases after the Route Disturber. Route Disturber notices him and tries to shake him off her tail. Touma waves to Tsuchimikado and Stiyl to join the chase as well. They go into a warehouse where a plethora of traps are set. Touma goes and disarms them all, but Tsuchimikado says that they are only distractions. Despite them knowing that, they lose trace of Oriana. In order to track her down, they use a magic spell, but Oriana knows of this and uses her counteract spell harming Stiyl. However, after many gruesome painful moments, he and Tsuchimikado are injured, but they retrieve her location. Touma uses his Cell phone to figure out the coordinates, and find out that it’s in the middle school event.
For me, nothing happens in the first half of the episode besides Oriana being chased by Touma, Tsuchimikado, and Stiyl. Oriana is pretty tricky given her nickname is called Route Disturber, and with her breast charming people on the way as she bumps into the busy students. The most impacting part was Tsuchimikado and his resolve. During the first season, I did not know he had an issue with magic use, but stays calm all the way throughout. He seems to really care about the fate of the world, and not letting the Shorthand hurt anybody (Her counteract spell).  There is nothing too big besides that, and Touma whining some more with Stiyl still caring for Index’s safety.
Tsuchimikado and Touma hurry toward the main coliseum. They are accepted in by Tsuchimikado’s crafty dirty trick, and wetting the hand signal. They change into the uniforms that are the same with the massive amount of male challengers as they face off the female Tokiwadai students. Fukiyose starts the event, and massive esper powers fly away as Kamiya and Tsuchimikado check out the poles that might have the counteract spell signature Oriana put. While Touma is saving a girl from being crushed by the falling poles, he meets Mikoto. Touma looks at the pole, and tells her to stay away from it. She doesn’t understand.

Okay, some Mikoto blushing moment comes into play as she just won’t stay away from the damn pole! I find that quite pointless, but hey, what is this arc going to do without Mikoto’s tsundere.
NO, not Fukiyose! Well, I was wondering how she will get involved in all the madness, but not like this! I was actually pretty interested in her character (Not because of boobs) too. I hope she wakes up again in better condition. We still have not yet to see her ability.

Touma’s seriousness at the end of the episode wasn’t really what I had in mind. I think Tsuchimikado’s was far more impacting with the way how he acts calm, but comes out to try and do anything to stop the exchange. He also injures himself greatly, but somehow takes the pain rather sparingly. Touma’s commitment seems like the usual. In fact, I see him do that almost all the time with every arc, so it’s probably because of his good nature to help.

Index, like I said before, seems to be sitting this one out even though it’s the biggest arc of all in the season. Still, we can hope that she comes in at any time to help Touma.


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