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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 08

Find out why Komoe is all embarrassed on episode 8 of Index!  


The Daihaseisai has arrived in Academy City. A women bumps into Touma’s father while running. She asks where the Tokiwadai academy is. Touma’s father checks his map, but does not find it suggesting if it is a private school. The woman moves closer to him trying to check for herself. A gruesome aura shroud’s Touma’s mother as she says that he is up to it again. Touma’s stares frightened to death. The woman checks the map and sees no sign of the school either. Near them, Touma and Mikoto are walking happily together betting on whoever wins, has to do what the other says. The woman smiles saying Mikoto looks happy.

In a church, Laura discusses the movement of the Stab Sword accompanied by two officers who are handling to take care of the trade. Aleister says that they will have to deploy the boy to be the travel guide. Meanwhile, Index and Touma are walking together. Index wants to eat first, but Touma says his event is about to start. However, when he meets his classmates, all of them are tired out. Fukiyose scolds him for his laziness for spreading around the other students. Touma walks back a bit, and accidentally steps on a hose. The one holding the end of the hose sticks it up to see what is going on. When Touma lifts his foot, all the water in the hose is splashed onto Fukiyose revealing her bra. As Touma gives up hope, he over hears her teacher arguing with an executive from another school. When she tears up, Touma tells the others are they up to winning the pole assault event.

As the event is about to take place, Mikoto takes a seat next to Index. She lends her drink to Index only for her to drink it all. Mikoto then suddenly wonders what she would do if Touma actually wins their bet. When the match starts, Mikoto looks at Touma and the rest seeing utter determination. She starts worrying about the bet even more. The event starts, and Touma charges towards the other team. Smoke arises as Touma and his classmates walk out victoriously. Their teacher cries seeing all her students’ bruises. Touma looks around the hall of his school trying to find Index. She sees Fukiyose almost all nude. Touma says it is not what it looks like, but gets smoked by her bag. Touma comes out meeting Index. He asks where her cell phone is. She shows it to him, but it ran out of power. Touma tells her to go get food, however the road is blocked, because of the parade. All mad, Index is about to bite Touma, but Mikoto grabs him and drags him across the finish line to win her race.

Mikoto says he happened to fit into the category of being in the first event. Touma says other people who were closer were also eligible. When he starts coughing, Mikoto puts a cloth on top of his head. She looks at her water bottle, and sees there is no other way, and hands him his water bottle to drink. Kuroko is on her wheelchair looking in front of the big screen to admire Mikoto. When she sees Touma with her however, she looks shocked before saying she wants to kill him.

Back where Touma is, he tries to look where Index was, but sees Tsuchimikado Motoharu talking to Stiyl. The next then, he is participating in the giant rolling ball event. Then the scene switch backs to Motoharu and Stiyl along with Touma for them having a conversation about the magical Stab Sword being transferred in the Academy because of the festival going on, and loosening security. Touma asks why they won’t ask Kanzaki. Stiyl says the Stab Sword has the ability of killing a Saint like Kanzaki in one hit. During the rolling ball event, Touma is run over by a giant ball. The next thing, Motoharu explains the Stab sword has the ability to kill a Saint in on hit, but won’t instantly kill a normal human. Touma questions why they would use that kind of weapon. Motoharu says that it will give an illusion of a winning chance to one side. Touma then says why they will not use Index. Motoharu then says that they must keep Index away from the center of attention.

Index is with Komoe having lunch. Index wonders if Touma and she will be separated most of today. Komoe shouts out saying she can participate with Touma. Aisa and Tsuchimikado Maika ask why Touma has been staring off recently. Touma ignores them and asks where Index is. They point to a direction, and Touma goes to the park and finds sphinx. He goes deeper to see Index changing. When Index tries to bite him, he does dodges for her to accidently kiss him. Fukiyose is right next to him with a dark aura. She punches him, and drags him on the neck. Touma is confused as to what is happening right now. Fukiyose informs him of the events taking place. Touma does not want to be dragged by the neck again, so she gives him her hand and pulls him away. While they are walking around the streets, she asks if the Daihaseisai is boring to him. She thinks if he finds it boring then she is not doing her job committee properly. She says to him she wants everyone to have fond memories together. Touma smiles, but Fukiyose thinks that he has something on his mind, and goes close to him. A girl bumps into Touma. The two’s foreheads meet. Fukiyose tells him to stay away from him, and smacks his forehead with hers. Touma is dazed and accidently walks straight into a woman’s chest. The woman apologizes to Touma. Fukiyose looks at her seeing her openness of clothing. The woman then brings her hand to apologize to him. Touma shakes her hand seeing his imagine breaker having nullified something. The woman walks away saying she has to go back to work.

The woman bites a piece of paper, and uses it as a communication device. She reveals to herself as Oriana Thompson. She informs the person from the other side saying the spell her sister cast on her was dispelled. The woman on the other end questions how, but she responds having no clue. She tells her she has to get rid of the Touma following her.


This was quite the lot of build up in this episode. The biggest thing here is the introduction to three new characters. Mikoto’s mother who bumped into Touma’s father, Fukiyose Seiri a committee member, and Oriana Thompson that is taking care of the Stab Sword. Well, it was cool to see Mikoto mom, Misaka Misuzu coming in and meeting Touma’s father of all the people. I really wished she had more screen time this episode like probably everybody else does, but I am pretty sure she will have a full introduction when she goes and talks to her daughter Mikoto. I can definitely seeing Touma in the conversation with Mikoto all embarrassed while Mikoto’s mother is eyeing Touma as a boyfriend to Mikoto. With that in mind, I just can’t wait for her to show up. It will be much better if Touma’s parents also come in as well. Mikoto and Touma could introduce each other’s parents to one another. I cannot seem to find a clear image of what that will be like, but whatever is it, it would be amusing. I don’t know if Touma’s sister is here, but if she is all the more fun to watch.

But aside for Mikoto’s mother, we are introduced to a new member in Touma’s class which I was hoping we will get into. Fukiyose is the committee member and is the more concentrated person in his class. She does whatever is it to give them the Daihaseisai spirit, and complains about Touma’s lack of interest and laziness. I do find her character interesting at the end. She does seem to be like a person meant for her sex appeal, but I can see her trying eagerly trying to help make Daihaseisai to be a great success. I wonder if she will have any involvement in the upcoming Stab Sword. We do not know her powers, so I hope we can see her in some action. This episode did mainly focus about her after all, and the Stab Sword conversation.

The last person to be revealed is the new magician, Oriana Thompson. She is definitely the most attractive one we have come across before what with her extreme easy going clothes and huge chest. Well there was not much to interpret her for now, since she was shown at the very end, but I think she loves to be in a moment of danger with how the way she says she is excited that her magic spell was dispelled.

But besides the new characters showing up, we also have many old characters come out of hiding as well. The one I liked was definitely Komoe sporting that cheerleader outfit. What I liked at the start was when Touma saw her sad, he and the other classmates quickly sprung to action, and win their event. At the end though, she felt sad with all their bruises, which was nice. There was a bunch of glimpses of other old characters as well. Aleister comes back and converses with Laura this time. Those two seems to be the two main antagonists of the show with how they are planning most of the stuff. Another one is Aogami. He had relatively small appearance though, so I would not really see him doing anything.

All in the entire episode was good. It looks to be the biggest arc of all, and I hope it comes out alright compared to the last one.


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