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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 10

And the crowd goes wild!

Impressions & Summary:

This episode is about baseball. Nothing else to say besides the things I like. First is Takuto pitching everyone out, and making all the ladies go head over heels. Mizuno looks at him, and doesn’t even care about the ball. Marino goes and avenges her saying “Katami, Wakachitam Yagadanse”. She strikes the ball to get the home run. Then the orange haired person comes into the bat. He pitches it, but luckily Sugata has Takuto’s back. The girls all cry out in enjoying the boy’s play. Then it’s the Takuto’s team to bat. During that time Wako mentions how Kei, Sugata, and she are together again after. Kei reminiscence about how she and Wako putted up the totem when they were kids. Interesting... Well next thing is, Takuto hits the ball and runs to the first base knocking Marino to the ground. Hmmm...That’s strange. I thought Takuto had Mizuno. Whatever, the more love going around is better I guess. Anyway, the last running comes down to Takuto. At first, he seems perfectly capable of hitting the ball for a homerun, but the pitcher grins and throws the ball. The ball magically dodges the bat. The game is over and Takuto’s team loses. After the game, Mizuno teaches him the spell her sister was saying when she batted. The orange haired guy apparently has a crush on Marino for some reason also, but I doubt that will get far. His teammates at the Glittering Star are in confusion. He is up next to face Takuto.
Marino feels it’s pointless to have taught him the spell, since nobody believes in it except for her. Marino then recollects the time where their mother left them to find their father. Her mother has a scary face and blindly leaves them. Marino and Mizuno are at a bridge after. Marino starts crying because she does not like her mother anymore. Mizuno calms her down by teaching her the spell she gives Takuto afterwards. Zero time kicks in...wait...first of all Mizuno feels the summer breeze and jumps out the window on top of the bus. She starts singing OUR NEW SONG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all I have to say for my impressions. Finally, Zero time arrives with the orange haired person piloting the cybody. The same cut scene like every other episode comes in, and the battle begins. This time, he uses his special first phase ability that he used against him in the baseball match. But just when Takuto is at his knees, he starts enchanting the “it’s okay spell” Mizuno taught him. He uses his...funnels (Gundam reference) and defeats him. Mizuno and Marino are bathing together afterwards. Mizuno mentions that they both always love the same thing. Marino’s eye opens widely.
Okay, well that satisfies me. Besides baseball and the battle at the end of every episode, only two things got me excited this time around. Yes, they have given us a new song for the preparation scene in the battle sequence. They almost scared me a little last episode. Nonetheless, the next song is amazing; equally as good if not better than the “Monochrome” song Sakana sang. One thing I like to know is if Mizuno will have to jump on the bus for every battle now, because she feels possessed when she did it this time. Still, that does give us a really nice girl on bus with the sun setting down scene.
Mizuno’s spell she told to Marino and Takuto (and Ruri if I remember correctly) seems to be important in one way or another, but I don’t see anything that will come out of it. I would like to know where she got that spell though. Takuto using it was no surprise given that he was a nice guy, but when he would do it is the real question. He used it at the battle scene giving him those...whatever things that fly around shooting things. Does he have say those words to use them again? Hurray! More fixed battle sequences.

Well now we get to the most prominent story up rising this time around. We now see Marino also getting a bit sentimental toward Takuto. In the end of the episode, she and Mizuno share the same interest like they are twins. As much I like the idea of Takuto being a pimp, I find Mizuno far more awesome especially with her new song she mustered out of nowhere just to give us the ready for combat vibe. In conclusion, I feel Mizuno is the way to go with Takuto. She has given us a new song in the absence of Sakana, and a spell that Takuto will use I presume.

P.S: Mizuno wearing glasses on the bus in the ending sequence!


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