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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 09

Okay. I think I see a real couple inside these two. Forget the caption I made in episode 1.
Impressions & Summary:

Well the first thing that seems to be reoccurring in every episode is the portraits painted by the man who has the special R signature. It was very weird to see one in Sugata’s mansion as well as one inside the Head`s room. I like to know the connection between all of those paintings, and it might even lead to some back story to everything. But who knows. What is not reoccurring is the introduction to the pink haired girl that was seen in the last episode. However, she also has an older sister named Marino with a slightly darker pink hair colour. I guess they finally ran out of diverging hair styles, or it was probably intentional.  The lighter pink hair colour sister is named Mizuno who seems to be the weird kind of sister, since she follows the inspiration that the Vice President (Fox) gave her to ride the bus on top. Seems understandable, saves money, and has a better view with fresh air blowing at your hair.  Now in this episode, she finally meets Takuto for the first the washroom...boy’s washroom...while he is taking a leak. She goes into the washroom needing to hurry and save her bird’s little infant she was playing with. Takuto however saves it by jumping onto the tree to rescue the little bird from dropping, because it can’t fly yet. Mizuno seems to then have an interest on Takuto who saved the bird, and proceeds to jump toward him into the tree. The sparkly eyes she has when she sees Takuto must definitely tell me that she has fallen in love with him. We see that later on when she chases the Vice President to the drama club room where she meets the drama members. She sees Takuto and instantly hugs him, and reminds him of the toilet incident.
What does she see the vice doing in her point of view?
Aww look at the two. I see a fan girl.
Before that, Takuto hears from Ruri that she learned a magic spell from her. I don`t know anything about that, but it might lead to something later in the next episode. Who knows, maybe all that awaits us is a battle between Takuto, Wako, and Mizuno. Back to the point, it seems like the President likes her, so I`m pretty sure that she will is going to be in the play that the drama club is working on from the start of the series. Whatever that play maybe, if it includes Mizuno, then I certainly hope for the best, because she might be a person who doesn’t remember her lines. Meanwhile, in the Glittering Brigade Head Quarters, the usually meeting starts except for one thing...a new member of the council is admitted in by the Head (Purple Haired person, and main speaker). She is named Marino Manticore who is taking over the Vanishing Age from the Head, because he is on vacation. Obviously, he is taking a break because Sakana left him to go out and explore the world. This actually makes me sad for the two of them. Both of them seem to suffer some sadness when Sakana cried out when she finished her story, and the Head wallowing in the sunlight shore. I hope for the two of them to be reunited. Why not? It will give us a chance to see the fish girl again, and hear her song! In the meantime, Manticore will be taking his place, and tells that she is the pilot of the Ayingott. The leaders are confused, because the Ayingott was a total trash when they found it. They quickly realized however that the cybody repaired project is on its way to repairing the cybodies. Manticore informs that the Head wants to go to stage three before they are able to defeat the Tauburn. They think it is absurd, since she never seen the power of the Tauburn, and believe that they are able to defeat it within stage two. A quick reminder, throughout the conversation, Manticore has been quite silly with the meeting. She makes the whole audience do some “OOOOOOhhhhhh”, “AHHHHH” when she says to be the new leader, but immediately jokes about it.
I love her dress, and fan. It really is completely different in terms of sexual appeal compared to the others. 
Then we go into the Glittering brigades bar. Yes, they have a bar where the men of the Glittering brigade drink and hang out. There are three members of the Vanishing Age along with the Head’s associate there. Those three seem to think of Manticore as a joke, but also badmouths the Head as well. I instantly don’t like the three, but the Head’s associate tries to take away the painting of one of the R signatures, so I at least think kindly of him. Once again, those portraits seem to foreshadow something. But beside the point, the three think they can defeat the Tauburn in stage two. One of them wins the dart toss, and is able to challenge Takuto. Meanwhile, Marino gives ice-cream to her sister Mizuno who is drawing pictures of Takuto saying she likes him and thinks he’s cool. Marino in her mind believes Takuto is the enemy and wonders what he is like. To find out about Takuto, the henchmen suggest to fine she IS Manticore. I try to separate their identities, but what can I do about this episode. Well anyway, she solutes them with her cool kind of Kira Bosh, and sends one off to fight the Tauburn.
Kira Bosh!
In this Fish girl music, so the battle seems somewhat lacklustre. Sugata is now inside Zero Time as a bystander with Wako. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything, since Wako persist him not to use Kings Pillar. In addition, he can’t fight as well without any cybody. But nonetheless, Takuto wins the battle. Nothing much to say about this episode at all except that I hope there will be anything to fill that boring re-used clips to prepare the battle. Finally at the end, Marino says she will protect Mizuno’s secret of being the west maiden. This tells me that Marino has something plan to sabotage the Glittering Brigade’s plan of discovering her in the latter episodes.

I like Mizuno and Marino’s characters. They are a strong reimbursement to the lost of Sakana. Mizuno’s playful and weird attitude makes her so much fun to watch. Marino is normal during her time with Mizuno, but is an absolute joy to watch with her changed voice and manners when she is Manticore. How she was able to join the Glittering Brigade is a mystery, but the Head probably had a good idea to his plot of going into the third phase. He most likely already knows the identity of the west maiden, which is Mizuno, and plans to use Marino to get to her. I do not like the members of the Vanishing Age though. They seem too untied to their group name. I don’t see them being more than three or four episodes from not being heard of. Especially since they said that they can win against Tauburn in second phase, but end up losing and realizing that they need to go into the third phase.


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