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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 10

Everything seem just fine between those three

Impressions & Summary:

Ahh, they tricked me! It was going to be just normal episode with Kimonos and Yukitas or whatever. Instead, they go and bring out and jump us with the bad guys coming in and kidnapping Zakuro. At first, just a plain old festival and all where the people actually worship two gods named Lord A and Um who are stone tigers. They’re alive as well. Well the only thing the group does besides walk around visiting them, they go into the strange maze that some brilliant architects made. While in the maze, Agemaki and Zakuro are walking having some alone time together. Agemaki seems serious on telling Zakuro about his feelings about her, but she shrugs it off and runs away, although they end getting lost and meeting together again. Agemaki holds Zakuro hand tightly, but still Zakuro runs away not wanting to listen to what he says. However, she runs around, and is captured by some magic. Agemaki and the rest of the gang come out of the maze without noticing she’s missing (Because they think she is mad at Agemaki, because of how the way Agemaki came out all sad).

Later at the enemies head quarters, Rangui and her consort are together. The mask person seems to not like how Rangui mocks half-breeds. They seem to have Zakuro at the back room. Bakyakuroku is summoned to accompany the mask person to see her. We see Zakuro dreaming about her mother. At first, they’re in a wonderful flower land, but then darkish kid figures come up and cover her mother. Her mother doesn’t seem to fight them, and disappears in the dark mist. She wakes up shackled. The mask man confronts her. He comes up to her AND REMOVES HIS MASK TO REVEAL THAT IT IS HANADATE. (HA!!! I KNEW HE WAS EVIL!). Well, Hanadate tells her to refer to him as Omodaka. He goes up to her, but he pushes him away. Meanwhile, the group finally realise Zakuro is gone, because of how Momezo feels weak. Back at Zakuro’s place, Bakyakuroku envies Zakuro’s freedom as she coughs in agony. Zakuro gives her some of his powers to replenish her. However, Lord Omodaka goes and sucks Bakyakuroku out of Zakuro’s power saying he does not have doubt anymore that Zakuro will bear a children for him (Weird). Rangui sees the two in anguish. In the spirit affairs center, the company discuss how Zakuro is in the village of Oracles where it is outside of reality? Where half spirits are born? Rangui comes into Zakuro’s room. She REALLY REALLY hates her as she comes and strangles her and then turns into her Giant Spider form. Zakuro escapes away from the crack in the floor that Rangui made. The guards go and alert Omodaka. She comes to the slave pen where she sees all the half-spirit slaves mutter in despair. Bakyakuroku comes up to her and tells her why they are just tools to Omodaka. Zakuro in fear, runs away.

Well, the story finally seems to be coming in at the end of the line. The group will somehow find a way to reach Zakuro. I`m sure Kushimatsu has something on her sleave. Omodaka looks to be a human in the outside, but the way he hates Rangui and likes Zakuro means he is at least some sort of king Half-spirit. They don`t really tell us how he got his hierarchy. He also was able to slip into the military and improve his ranking to lieutenant which is surprising. The only thing he wasn`t sly was the way he hides his face. Not really fooling anybody (It was so obvious I tell you!); nothing really much to say at this point, but just hope for the best kind of ending, and hope for the worst for Omodaka. Man, do I hate that Hanadate person.


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