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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 09

Once again the twins are cooking up some mess, and with the three raccoons to help.
Impressions & Summary:

After what happened last episode where Agemaki and Susukihotaru were captured plus the fact that Zakuro and Riken came to save them, everybody wants to know how those four feel about one another. Those three house cleaners want to know how Susukihotaru thinks about Agemaki, and how Zakuro and Riken get along, or to anyone of those four think about the three others. In order to find out, the twins, Bonbori and Hoozuki plan to play a game called Kokkuri, a new fad in romantic story telling. Zakuro and the three have to do it, because Lieutenant Hanadate orders them on a mission to. The twins and the three house cleaners help out. They summon an ethereal being that is not technically a spirit. They ask questions about who Agemaki loves. Zakuro does not want to know, and the ethereal being goes haywire. It attacks Zakuro and escapes outside the window. They chase it down, and Zakuro, the twins, and Susukihotaru play their lovely battle music. Brings back so many memories; how long has it been since I blogged Zakuro? Anyway, despite how awesome they sing, the spirit or whatever it is, is unaffected by Zakuro’s blade. The spirit rides away with a voice of someone not wanting to know who Agemaki really loves. The elephant or Amaryouju, brings the idea of making love happen in order to get rid of the spirit. Naturally, everybody is shocked, but Kushimatsu actually agrees with him. Now the group has to make they fall in love with someone. That is genius Amaryouju; I wonder who it’s going to be. Strangely enough, lieutenant Hanadate also wants to join along them. Kushimatsu thinks of it oddly, but lets him go otherwise. I too am wondering also like Kushimatsu what is Hanadate’s objective. I like to mention that I still think Hanadate is a bad guy.
The group splits up. Ganryuu wants to protect Bonbori and Hoozuki this time around. The twins are overjoyed and want him to admit his love to them. He says that might be a problem, since it is the three of them. The twins however don’t mind it. Riken and Susukihotaru are really thinking this love relationship thoroughly. Riken looks to be serious about it. You know, I said in my other posts that Riken and Susukihotaru or Ganryuu and the twins have no need to gain any more love development, but even though their love is solid, they still need to make their relationship out loud and social. That’s the next step is what I believe. I wonder who will confess first. Hanadate, Agemaki and Zakuro meet up with the spirit. Zakuro prepares her sword, but Agemaki reminds her that it needs to be defeated by love. Agemaki confronts it, but Zakuro stops and strangles him before he can say anything that is a lie. The spirit attacks Hanadate, but right before it strikes, Hanadate tells it that he is attracted to Zakuro. It stops along with Zakuro’s surprised look. Zakuro follows it up with him, and the spirit disappears. Agemaki looks jealous. Well, not really, but I can feel it in his heart. Nonetheless, the mission is complete. Zakuro praises Hanadate for being a good liar. He restates that and says the opposite of being a poor liar. Zakuro blushes while Agemaki looks down all gloomy like.
At night, Susukihotaru asks Zakuro if he likes Hanadate or Agemaki. The three house cleaners come right into their conversation and immediate ask Zakuro about all their unanswered questions. Zakuro is fed up and is enraged. The three however do not fear her, and smile at a challenge. Agemaki is inside his room when he hears the four of them battle. He goes outside to look to see four Zakuros. One of them asks what he thinks of her. The real Zakuro cries out idiot. Meanwhile, the black widow, Rangui lies down on a person with a mask. She comments on how he really is a brilliant liar.
Well that just opens it up completely. It`s no doubt that the Lieutenant is the masked person. I expect him to reveal his true colours soon in about an episode or two later. But besides the obvious stuff, let us talk about what happened in this episode. Well, for starters Agemaki, Riken, Hanadate, and Ganryuu were wearing a new kind of uniform that I haven’t seen before. It could be me, but I guess it is a part of military regulations or whatever that requires new uniforms. It just helps me, because I really don`t like those boring green ones.

Then we have the episode main scenario where it is trying to bring out the relationship between the three romantic pairs out in daylight. I can`t say I see any of the three except maybe Ganryuu and the twins kissing or hugging each other for everyone to see, but I can definitely see Zakuro and Hanadate breaking up after Hanadate opens his true identity. That double-crosser, he makes Agemaki all jealous like that.

Next up, Kimonos, festival, once again to show off some cute outfits, sweet!

P.S: I really wanted to add in many cute shots this episode, but the blogging style I'm using is suiting out to be real good for me. I can maybe go and make an exception to Zakuro.


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