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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 10

Meruru on stage live action? Where do I get tickets!

Impressions & Summary:

Today on this episode of “Ore no Imouto”, Ayase has gotten Kirino mad about questioning why she collects a lot of Meruru figurines. Ayase wanting to get Kirino a present to make up for what she had done goes and ask Kyousuke for help. Ayase thinks that the anime items that Kirino likes is more befitting her than what she will get depending on her own taste. Kyousuke agrees. However, after a sequence where Kyousuke sparingly makes a joke about thinking Kirino is his girlfriend, she slaps him in the face. With talking to Kirino directly out of the option, he goes and talks to Soari and Kuroneko for help. The three of them go to Akiharabara to look. In plain sight, they agree that the Meruru doll figures would be the best for her. They are walking thinking how they need to find a rare doll that Kirino would not have in her collection. Kuroneko spots a poster on a window. She thinks the prize would be the best thing for her. Later, Kyousuke is talking to Ayase again. Kyousuke suggests that she participates in the Meruru cosplay contest where the winner will get a Meruru one of a kind doll. Of course, asking Ayase to join in on what she finds lewd got Kyousuke kicked and flying across the air while spinning three times before he lands. Instead, Aysese thinks another person would do better than her.
On the day of the contest, we see Kyousuke with some Yakuza looking clothes on and slick gel hair. Ayase and her friend Kurusu Kanako or Kanakana for short meet up with him. At first, she is all cute, but when she finds out he is not a producer or anything important, she acts hostile on him. Well, Ayase tricks Kanako into dressing up as Meruru. The car moves away before Kanako realises she is contending an anime cosplay contest. Kyousuke and Ayase are in the crowd when the contest is about to begin. Ayase sees Kirino all excited and wearing the same purple coat as all the other grown up males around her. Kyousuke goes to her saying one of her friends will be participating in the contest. All the participants go up on after another. The first was the winner of last year’s contest, Bridget-chan from England. The rest of the cosplayers don’t look anywhere near their respective cosplaying character. Then Kanakana-chan finally comes up on the table. She comes in and shocks everyone. She starts singing the Meruru song and everyone goes crazy. Kyousuke is shocked to hell how she knows the song and Kirino gets a nosebleed. After that performance, she wins the prize. Although despite her great excitement and making the crowd bask in tears, she is completely different when she is not on stage even throwing away the doll she won in the trash, and thrashing her wand at Kyousuke. Bridget-chan runs away crying (What a horrible thing to do to a little girl!). At least she feels some sort of happiness when the audience chants her name.
Poor Bridget...

In the end, Kyousuke gives Ayase the figurine. Kanako waits anxiously until Ayase could give back her regular clothes. The next thing, Kirino is in her room with the Meruru doll. She sees a story about a certain cosplayer making a ruckus and getting in trouble by the police...

I kind of have mixed feelings about this episode. Though not as bad as the other ones, it did give me some enjoyment to see Kirino take the side character this time around to bring forth her friends in the main spot light. Ayase and Kanako is a pretty interesting pair of friends. Like Kirino, both of them have some sort of unrealistically fantastic skill that they are known for. To be honest, Ayase is really the only realistic girl amongst the three of them. She has a modelling job which shouldn’t be a big surprise with her good looks, and like a normal person, believes in anime as a bad hobby (Not to be joining her side, but that’s what society looks at us). Kirino has this strange anime fandom unusual for a girl her age, and Kanako has this crazy ability to sing any song once and make the whole crowd explode without any rehearsal. I can’t really say I like Kanako that much after what she did backstage, but she means well given she participated in a contest she finds gross. The only thing I want to know is why she wasn’t working with Ayase to get that present for Kirino. I guess Ayase wants all the glory for herself.

Next up: Soari and her maid costumes are coming in. That’s cool, but I expected them to be in this episode...


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