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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 09

She alone can make this episode worthwhile. 

Impressions & Summary:

Well this was a really strange episode. Virtually, and plot wise, nothing happened in this episode. The episode starts out with Kirino getting an ero game from the mail man. Basically, the whole episode is her playing the ero game and screaming in excitement from the joy. Fortunately, they cut often to the other characters daily lives, so we can look into them more. We get to see the real life of Kuroneko. She is so lucky to have a very cute sister that is with her. More on how her sister is so adorable later. Outside of acting all darkness like, Kuroneko does her chores to cater to her little sister, and being all friendly like. I definitely find her much cuter than the sister that Kyousuke has. Kirino goes and licks her mouth thinking to eat her video game girls in her ero game. Meanwhile, Ayase is doing her modeling work like a normal attractive girl would; If only she knew what Kirino was really doing in her spare time when she called her. Luckily, this episode introduced to Kirino a video game reflection of herself. I love it how Rinko-chan goes and acts the same way Kirino does, but right at Kirino herself! Now you know how it feels to be in Kyousuke’s shows!
The resemblance is astonishing. Still, our heroine has no idea that she acts the same way.
Back at Kuroneko’s place, her little sister is drawing pictures of Meruru. Her drawing is quite bland, but thankfully Kuroneko has discs to watch Meruru. It`s so enjoyable to watch her be all kid-like to the show Meruru. There’s a big reason why Meruru is for children rather than the age Kirino is at. While Kirino goes jacks off on Miyabi in her ero game replaying the same phrase “I love you big brother” over and over again hugging her pillow. Unfortunately, Kirino failed to hit the route for her beloved Miyabi, and is forced to go off and finish her video game version of herself route. Then we have the biggest surprise of the entire episode. Soari is a freaking Ojou-sama who is rich, and eats all these rich sweat and drinks coffee, and is HOT. We don’t get to see her face, but her dress was so much more vibrant than her regular green outfit. In addition, we also see her preparing some maid outfits perfectly tailor made for her size and two others as well presumably for Kirino and Kuroneko.
Then we go back to Kuroneko again kitting some clothing, and letting her little sister sleep on her lap. Kyousuke calls just to speak to her out of boredom. Kuroneko replies with her darkness attitude. I don’t really know how to comment on this scene then it being funny how she has to act all evil toward him. All the while we get back to Kirino going to take a shower after reaching to the ero scene of her ero game. Kyousuke points out to her she left her pants. Kirino hits him thinking he is thinking of erotic things to her. Obviously that is so force that I don’t really care anymore if Kyousuke gets hurt. Still, I hate her because she thinks of Kyousuke as a pervert while really, she’s the true pervert. I also like to mention that Kyousuke is listening to Kirino’s weird cries of joy, because he can easily hear her without even trying. Finally Kyousuke hits his wall to try and make Kirino quiet down her crazy noises. Kirino somehow goes so far to think Kyousuke is recording all her noise in order to blackmail her. It was refreshing to finally see Kyousuke retaliating to Kirino, but she just has to ruin it by presuming things his brother would do that are mostly out of left field.

Back out of Kirino’s ero game fest, we see Kuroneko role-playing her usually dark self while talking on the phone to some imaginary person. We see her two sisters watching her, and being creped out. Wait a second...Kuroneko has two sisters? Okay back to Kirino. We see her sadness as she gets the bad ending to her ero game. It was amusing to see that she gets what she deserves, and I can’t help but make a connection between the relationship to Kirino and Kyousuke. Finally to end the episode, Kuroneko’s little sister asks Kuroneko her picture of her friends if they are the denizens of the darkness. She goes and tells her that they are at the same plain of existence as her. Awe, how sweat.

Overall this episode was good. For almost nothing happening in this episode and none taken from the novels, the episode gives us what’s to come if we ever see sequels. I’ll love to see Soari and Kuroneko’s daily life some more, and also to see Kuroneko’s cute little sister too. I wouldn’t love to see more of Kirino’s, but still it was nothing that Kyousuke would be more than happy to deal with.


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