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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 09

It's a Christmas party, and Rito has to finally explain who Celine is to her mother!

Impressions & Summary:

Its Christmas time and Mikan is celebrating along with Celine, and the others. Rito is looking for Yami to make Mikan happy. He meets up with Sairenji along the way. Sairenji however won’t be coming to the Christmas party with him, because her parents are coming over. But sadly she really wants to go, and uses her imagination to dream up Rito and her alone together. Mikan is preparing for a huge Christmas party. Long ago Mikan and Rito were alone together in Christmas. Rito put much effort to make a Christmas tree, and give her sister a present. Mikan likes it a lot, and hopes to one day make a great party get together. Lala is sad however that their parents are hard at work and won’t join them. Meanwhile, Rito comes back along with Yami to his house trying to think it was by accident that he met up with her. Nonetheless, Mikan is overjoyed. Lala then comes in by surprise wearing a Santa Clause suit to bring their parents from work along to join the party. To makes things even merrier, Sairenji comes along too despite her parents coming to see her. Mikan finally understands that Lala and Rito work very hard to make her happy. Finally, before the major celebration, Rito’s mother asks who the mother of Celine is.

Well that a nice chapter. Hey! What a coincidence that it is almost December 25th, and I`m watching a Christmas chapter! Well anyway, this was a good household party celebration. Rito goes to retrieve Yami, so Mika can be happy together with her. Lala goes and kidnaps picks up Mikan`s parent, so they can spend a Christmas together. How nice of them even though their dad has a huge deadline, and leaves it up with Zastin and the rest to finish. It was pretty cool to see their mother probably in an important work schedule to be abducted, but be happy about it just so she can have a Christmas with her children. Why even Sairenji comes along to visit ignoring her parents that don`t come that often, but instead goes to Rito`s place. It seems that everyone is deciding to make Mikan happy in Christmas. Who knew she was that important. Nothing is stopping all the party members from coming along in one rooftop to have a merry Christmas.
Yeah Momo!
Impressions & Summary:

Lala has duties today, so she left Peke to charge, and let Rito to fetch him for her. Momo tries to help him, but accidently gives him a device that transfers someone inside a game. The device transfers Rito’s mind inside of Peke. Rito doesn’t want Lala to get upset at Momo so he volunteers to act out as Peke. Rito/Peke is forced to change into Lala’s clothing, but fails and makes Lala all mad. He eventually gets it, but feels the awesome repulsion of Lala’s body. Rito can’t withstand the awesomeness. Even Momo is getting all excited at the sight of Rito wrapping around at Lala’s posture. Peke/Rito finally explodes and changes Lala’s gym outfit into a bikini and making it really tight! Peke’s systems go haywire and starts dressing every girl he sees into an indecent cosplay. Peke um...squeezes Lala’s clothes tighter and tighter. Even Rito can’t resist the moans of Lala, and reverts back to Peke structural form leaving Lala with any to wear. Momo comes in and takes Peke/Rito and gives her the clothing badge she was using earlier. Momo walks back feeling sorry for what he had to go through. She starts getting even more emotionally attracted to Rito. Peke in the end without Rito inside him is confused as to what Lala is referring to his sickness.

Momo with the awesome green dress takes the cake. Well in blind sight, this chapter was purely not safe for work material, but in reality it was a Momo chapter. There`s really not much I can say about the majority of the chapter beside clothing rape, and cosplay madness, but I really liked Momo the most in this one despite Kotegawa being there. Yeah, she most definitely sleeps with Rito giving the fact that her pants were on his body. Seeing Momo all...uh...lustful at the scene were Rito tightens up Lala`s shorts wasn’t something I particularly remember, but was nice to see. In fact, the whole scene with this is, once again, like the whole season thus far, so good and desirably animated to our satisfaction. The only one who wasn’t enjoying it was Rito...or was he. This is probably the favourite chapter of this episode. Not because of the cloth lashing, but because of Momo. She is ranking higher and higher with every episode focused to her, and I like her big role in the To Love-Ru Darkness manga just to mention it out.
She's back!
Impressions & Summary:

Today, Run wants Rito to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to impress her friend, Magical Girl Kyouko. The two meet up with Kyouko, and Rito is surprised at first, but gets that they’re both idols, and work together. The three walk around acting all lovey-dovey.  Kyouko tells Rito that she is actually an alien just like Run is. Rito mentions Lala to her about how she is a big fan of the show. Run is sad that Rito talks much about Lala rather than her thinking that he only cares about Lala. She walks off feeling lonely. Suddenly, the stupid perverted principal shows up, and they run as fast as possible away. Run tries to use her perverted repellent grenade, but drops it. The blast of the grenade actually destroys their clothing. Run says it was actually her clothing disintegration bomb (WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS?). Kyouko hides behind Rito and burns that principal who was trying to jump them. Rito feels the heat (no pun intended) and goes off to get Lala. Run and Kyouko talk about Rito while he is running to meet Lala. Kyouko knew he wasn’t Run’s boyfriend, because they were too stiff together, but will support them anyway. Rito arrives back with Lala. Lala gets all excited to see Kyouko, because she is a big fan. Run wants her to fix their clothes immediately.

Hurray for the return of Magical Girl Kyouko. Basically this was a chapter about Run character with Rito acting as her boyfriend. No matter how you look at it, Run really wants him to be his real boyfriend. This was not much of an exciting episode, so just to make it interesting, they had to make the fat principal come in out of nowhere again, and start terrorizing them. Just to make it more outrageous, Run accidently spikes her clothing disintegration bomb at themselves, so we can see their nice bodies. Why she possesses that, I don’t know. My best guess is that it was suppose to be used against Lala, but with Peke, I highly doubt it would work, so I’m stumped. Well besides the certain randomness (actually, who saw the principal coming? Raise your hand. *Raises hand*), it was a nice episode with Kyouko and Run. Kyouko now supports Run’s run for Rito (no pun intended). I do hope for her return, but if memory serves me, this was her last showing before the end of the manga.

P.S: This post of all the others has to be the 99th post? Well, I’m not celebrating anything for the 100th post, but I at least want to make a post that is not just a regular anime blog post. Maybe some of my status on Christmas, or the status of all the other shows I’m watching.


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