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MM! - Episode 10

Some Ojou-sama is busting into the washroom. She is actually a boy.

Impressions & Summary:

The episode starts out with Yuuno acting very similar to Mio. Even Tarou thought she was Isurugi-san. Yuuno follows it up with making Tarou call her Arashiko. Tarou actually likes it, and obeys. Yuuno likes how he calls her Arashiko-san, and flusters. Yuuno comes back again to Tarou to give him a brick...uh stone bread. However, she cannot take the Tarou abuse are runs away. Yumi grabs Tarou to the girl’s washroom to ask her why Yuuno is acting so weird. Tatsukichi saves him by his ojou-sama form. Tarou arrives to his club room to see Mio waiting. Mio acts all tsundere like. Tarou takes notices of it, but Mio retaliates by throwing him into some torture contraption. Arashiko looks at them and says she can’t compete against Mio.
I feel scared capturing her blushed side. I feel like she will come out, and torture me to death.
After Yuuno left for three days to train with Yumi, she comes back all bruised up and battle hardened. Then, she goes and challenges Mio to an Extreme Sadistic Girl tournament. Michiru-sensei instantly knows what’s going on, and heads to referee the fight. Whoever wins will be allowed to do anything to Tarou for a day, i.e. a date with him. Mio accepts and they cross hands in a dragon verse tiger scene.
The first challenge is to make Tarou’s masochism be aroused by cosplay. Arashiko dresses up as a police woman. From the looks of it, Yuuno seems to be the winner. Then Mio comes in dressed as a Nun. It’s hard to describe how she won, but it was a hilarious moment.

The second challenge is to make Tarou’s masochism wake up through silence. Mio goes into boxing mode, and somehow Tarou reacts to it, but Yuuno uses her Cell phone to text him till his Masochist meter starts going over the limit. Yuuno ends up winning. Mio admits Yuuno caught up to her in sadism after all.

Then the final challenge is to make his Masochism get excited through things (any thing). Mio takes the Panda, and acts it out like it was Tarou. Yuuno uses wordplay to make his masochism get what she’s saying to him. Tarou eventually can’t take the overwhelming ecstasy, and collapses.

I don't get it. But to see Yuuno trying is awesome by itself.
In a dream, Tarou is playing with his father. His father goes away, and then comes out Mio hitting him in the dream until he wakes up. He finds Yuuno sitting with him. She explains that she was trying to act like Mio, because how they spent time together at the school festival. Tarou says she likes her just the way she usually is. How I can describe the amazing situation and fight scene. There is really nothing I can say besides sit back and watch the fantastic comedy that goes by. Yuuno acting all sadists like is amusing to watch. I was particular impressed with the cosplay challenge (Michiru especially liked it). Both Yuuno and Mio’s cosplays were gratifying, but Mio obviously had a better acting performance.  Her boxing was cool as well, even though she said nothing. Yuuno’s penguin cosplay was so cute. Her dressing into it was not even for any purpose, but just to let us see her in that costume.

I find the part with Tarou imagining himself playing with his father a bit absurd, but hey, it was small, and merely served to be a follow-up to a Mio kick.


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