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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 10

AWE~! She looks adorable!
Impressions & Summary:

Zazie wakes up after seeing the memories of Noir. He sees Lag before him and tells him what had transpired. Lag recalls from Niche’s sister that Gaichuu were a different species, but once they lost heart, they morphed into something completely different. The bug inside Lag’s amber eye is what happens if they turn into amber. Zazie and Lag decide to go to the town of Lament. On the way, Lag tells Zazie he finished his red shindan. Wait...HE ACTUALLY FINISHED THAT LETTER! Well how in the world did that happen? Throughout the entirety of season II, he was stumped, and couldn’t write anything down. Now he just magically finds the will to finish it without telling us any progression? Did the people making the show decide to just skip Lag’s mind montage?
Hey look at me! I've go this shiny red bullet that I have out of nowhere!
Well anyway, they arrive in the town of Lament. They see Connor lying down the fountain looking dead-like. Zazie goes to him in urgency. Lag offers him an apple, but he refuses it. The two are shocked. However, Lag finds a massive amount of cookie wrappers lying on the ground. Connor says he has fallen in love with a cute white haired girl. Unfortunately, the girl only came to sell cookies for only that particular day. He buys cookies from there on anyway. It’s Roda by the way people, who Connor likes.
Don't be fooled Connor! Even though she has such a soft voice. Go for Sunny!
The red haired girl named Sunny is the natural cookie seller. If I maybe assuming, and foreseeing something. In the intro, Connor is carrying a person. Who could it be!? After, Lag spots Roda trading something from the Raptor carriage they saw earlier (I did not mention it above). Zazie comes to Lag to see what’s going on. Lag pushes him aside to stop her noticing. Roda hears something actually, but we don’t know if she saw them. Later, Lag tells Zazie he is breaking in the building where Roda is in. Zazie says men are not allowed in. We then see Sunny opening the door to a little red riding hood girl. Oh wait... that’s Lag. Much to Zazie’s surprise, Sunny allows her in. He later comments how the robe looks good on him. Lag during their walk inside the sanctuary, says his name is Lala...Lala!? IS THIS TO LOVE RU? Well, too bad Lag doesn’t have Niche to help him.

Don't be fooled Sunny! It's a trap!
Suddenly, Sunny hurries to her ceremony and leaves Lag alone. Lag is free to scout out the building. He follows Sunny to her hearing. While hiding, Lag sees Roda calling up the secret REVERSE cult. Meanwhile, Zazie tries to convince to Connor that Roda is working for REVERSE. Connor blindly does not admit it, and thinks she is a kind person. Lag continues to infiltrate the base of operations. He gets seen by Roda however. At first, Lag believes Roda only thinks his hair is cute, but soon finds out she knows him with the knife pointed to his neck. He avoids her and reaches for his gun, but Roda smacks it away from him down the stairs. When she moves to stab, Lag does a...Lag Rocket? The move pushes Roda down. Lag runs to his shindanjuu, but Roda heads him off. Roda tells him she was a creation from the accursed Akatsuki. As she keeps on speaking, the building starts rumbling. The gaichuu at the opening sequence heads toward the mountain cliff where all the nuns are heading as well.

This episode was quite weird. I have to say that Little Red Riding hood part was more amusing than I thought it was. I laughed at how Lag was talking about his skirt most when he was lurking around. Roda said she can see under her skirt...Is it small or big Roda? Besides that, there was a lot of build up again with this episode. The ball is really rolling now with the Gaichuu behind Noir and Roda in the opening sequence has now been seen, and the nuns are going to feed it letters or hearts to be more direct. That monster is a large catastrophe that hopefully they will use in some way to make an up risen on Akatsuki, but how Roda says there is going to be a sacrifice doesn’t sound good to me.

But apart from the main plot, we have a sub plot going on. Also in the opening sequence, Connor has now fallen in love with Roda. A sparky young girl who I find so suitable to Connor has a crush on him I believe. The reall mystery in all this, is who is the person that Connor will end up carrying like in the opening.i dear hope it’s not Sunny, but a Roda finding an interest on Connor is not very good in my opinion either. Regardless, Connor in this season will feel sad. I too will feel sad as well when that happens. Sunny in particular seems to be an innocent young girl who sells cookies. In my opinion, she only wishes to fulfill her role in the cult that she is a part of. I don’t see her at all harming anybody anytime soon, or at least directly perhaps.

Next episode looks really intense. I see a bunch of major events coming in the preview. A massive pile of letters are placed on the cliff with a cross where the Gaichuu will consume, Sunny is actually crying when she is praying for some reason, Roda has her part, Connor rushes in as fast as possible to everyone’s surprise, and Lag finally re-confronts Noir. Utter chaos and excitement.


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