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Hiatus...Sadly, the second of its kind


If you have been coming into this site recently, you probably have notice that I am an entire week behind in terms of blogging my shows. I seem to have another snag in my outside duties, and I am pressing for more time on real life than blogging. Last time, I made it out alive, but I got poor results in real life with the short Hiatus I pushed. This time, I want to improve on something in RL and have to suck up more time away from blogging.

This really is sad for me to push two hiatuses in only one season. I guess I have to walk before I learn. This is after all the first time I am blogging. I really hope I do better in the next season I will be blogging. Hopefully I will also make it a season where I will have more flexibility in my time for blogging. Either that or I have to be more concise, and make up a better blogging schedule than the one I have now. I seem to blog shows mainly when they come out on subs, and make my post one day after. That is either a day late where I do not want to be at, since I have shows at the end of the week that the next day collides to my next week number of shows.

I also seem to have misunderstood that concept of blogging fluidity too. I have been taking up shows mainly for the reason that I find them amusing and good to blog. That does not help at all when I have about 3 or 2 shows coming  out on the same day that I have to blog, and I have to make the blog posts at least a day later. While I have days where I have absolutely no shows for me to blog. This puts me into shows that I have to put my post up about one days after the airing, which makes me do 3 posts in one day. At the start, I wanted consistency and timely posts. Not ones that show up a day after two or even 3 days after.

Still, I am learning, and I hope to improve on the mistakes that brought up this hiatus. This will be a more deeper hiatus than the last time with two or threes days of no blogging. I think I will take  more likely a week off. Now I know what you may think. I am already a week behind. What makes a hiatus so good when I will be two weeks behind? Luckily, my break from work will give me much more time to blog. I will probably catch up on my shows then. Plus the usually anime break will come, so I won't go into 3 weeks behind.

Update 1: I hate this....Two weeks people...Two weeks then I am free a break, so yeah...can I take on 3 weeks worth of catching up and blogging?
Update 2: Almost there. One week to go!
Update 3: Friday, December 17, 2010. I will be free.
Update 4: I'M BACK!!!


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