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Happy Holidays! - Status on Blogging

As you all well know, I am a week or two behind on anime blogging. I don't even know if I can finish those last 18 posts or not before the next season shows starts kicking in. Thank for the love of St. Nick that there aren't that much shows depicting my interest this winter. I can already pick out three  of winter season that I plan to blog. Nothing that mainstream either, or very long. To Aru Majutsu no Index II, Star Driver, and Letter Bee are 24 episodes long or more, so they are crossing over to the next lineup. With three new ones in my mind that aren't carrying over, or at least two of them that I know that are one-cour (12 episodes long), I have the winter season all planned out. But that's a long time before I introduce the three I find blogging approved. I have to tell you of the status of this season now.

Well, I do plan to make a single post for all the episodes of shows, and all of them are done with great care, and not half-ass. The thing is, I don`t know at that pace if I can finish in time before the three anime shows are in the spotlight. With about a week to go before the next lineup, it looks like hard gruesome work is on my plate. Not to mention school work I am doing with the exams coming soon. Nonetheless, I must press on. Final impressions? Uh...maybe...its going to be long. I'll sum something up, but this is the first time I will give out final impressions.

Nothing else to mention now. Have a safe, and happy Christmas, or whatever you celebrate. For me, I'm celebrating my 100th post!


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