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Fortune Arterial - Episode 09

Nice dress
Impressions & Summary:

Kuze wakes up the next morning at a mountain cliff top. The black cat is right beside her. She doesn`t seem to remember what happened last night. Meanwhile, Erika is in her room drinking artificial blood. She meets up with Hasekura, and discusses how Kuze has not been to school ever since the incident. The two meet up with Kanade and Haruna. Haruna apparently told everything to Kanade. However, Kanade is grateful to Erika, because she protected Haruna from the truck. As they get along together, they see Kuze walking next to them (I like how the music in this part is all dark and moody fitting the atmosphere when Kuze appears). Erika and Hasekura are still wondering about her being a servant. During the student council meeting, the president once again shows off his goofiness by still being the laughter in this series when Erika tries to ask questions about Kuze. Kohei is late during the meeting. As a punishment for tardiness, the president puts him in charge of the cultural festival, and assigns Erika to help him. The two of them say “EH?” At Hasekura`s room they discuss it with their friends. Kanade thinks up a Maid CafĂ© is appropriate, but his consort says there is no way that will happen...right? Also, Haruna and the rest believe the president is training the two, because it will be Seiichirou and his last cultural festival.
I still love his antiques despite how serious this episode is. Go Prez!
Meanwhile, Seiichirou takes Kuze somewhere while she is reading a book (Nice outfit Kuze. Oh by the way, they for some reason spoil the face of the person Kuze is going to meet). Erika and Kohei are going shopping for the tea party, and supplies for the cultural event. Once they finish, the two relax on the beach. Kohei chugs down a soda can, and asks to Erika what a “Servant” is. She tells him a Servant is a person who made a contract to a vampire, but different in the movies. It means to them, a vampire who gives their blood to suck. In exchange, the person has to obey every one of the vampire’s commands. Kuze’s master is Erika and her brother’s mother.
She looks young. How was she able to give birth to Erika and the Prez?
At that time, Seiichirou and Kuze meet up where Kaya, Erika’s mother. As Kuze confronts Kaya, she slaps her in the face, but just when she is about to leave, she stops moving, because of Kaya’s will. Kuze looks in front of Kaya and collapses over her. Kaya grabs and looks at her neck. She is reminded how her daughter has not obtained a servant yet (Gee, I wonder who would be a vital servant to Erika?). Erika tells Kohei she made a promise to her mother to find a servant before she graduated or else she will be forced back into the estate where she will live forever. Hasekura suggests he would be a suitable servant. She rejects, stating she just wants to be a normal person. At the church, the president is met by the nun, Shizuko. As she looks at her, a shorthaired version of her appears right beside her face. At her fridge, Erika drinks her artificial blood, but still feels the urge to suck Kohei’s blood.

The Prez and the nun? Okay, Iori is just that smooth of a guy.
This was definitely an awesome episode. We arrive to Kuze having found out she is actually a servant to Erika’s mother, Kaya. At first, they revealed her face with the cut scene transition to commercials. I thought they spoiled the surprise for us, but I really didn’t know who she really was. The part where Erika said Kuze was a servant to her mother was just as surprising as they hoped. For their mother, she looks quite young indeed, since she can’t age. However, I look at her, and think she is even younger looking than Erika! I’m not so certain, but I would like to see them face to face, so I can compare their height.

The idea of Erika drinking Kohei’s blood gets me all excited. It won’t be long before Erika’s vampire instincts overcome her kind-hearted persona. This can be interesting. I was all happy that they showed Kuze having such a crazy plot behind (No Kuze X Hasekura now). I would love to view deeper into the relationship between Kaya and her, but it seems they are focusing more on Erika now. Will Erika truly consume Hasekura’s blood, or will her friendly side prevail? I guess I have to tune in next time to find out. Or I can watch the next episode now, since I`m late, but the show didn’t ended, so I`ll probably marathon Fortune Arterial if I don`t catch up in time.

Also with Erika promising her mother to get a servant, I can`t stop but wonder if Iori made the same promise too. The part with Shizuko and him made some eyebrows lift. I assume just like Kuze, Shizuko has no idea she used to be a servant. The shorthaired version leaves some unanswered questions. The only thing that has me stumped is how old she really is. They didn`t really give her age out, so I have no idea when Iori


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