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Fortune Arterial - Episode 08

A mysterious cloaked figure arrives in Fortune Arterial
Rumor has spread all around that it was a vampire, and Erika overhears their conversation 
Of course The President always gives us the funny moments. Like this for example
But he can also give us serious moments like this
Kanade seems to want to fight off those vampires
I do not believe that is a proper cross actually what with that jewel embedded
The President gives his support to her
The President has everything control
I do not know hand signals, but they say they have to take turns in night watch
Erika questions herself if that is her evil self in the cloaked figure
She confronts the cloaked figure relieving that it was not her
And the person is...
Than Kuze-san herself!!!
Kuze branch sticker
She is even more mysterious than I thought!
Thar was her. She looks so cute!!!!!!
As a child, she was easily able to erase people's memories. So she made the memory fiasco!

Kuze makes her move into this episode this time. Erika’s blood thirst will have to wait as it is Kuze’s time to shine!

The episode itself certainly was all around in terms of plot. Kuze seems to want to look for her master. Why she has decided to do this sort of thing now, I do not know. Erika accidently lands right in front of Haruna, who she use to be best friends with making it the reason why they got along so well. In any case, Seiichirou seems to be calling forth another unknown person in the mason called Master Kaya. She seems to be a leader of sort, and may have the answer as to why Seiichiro and his sister know of the vampires. She may have some answers to Kuze`s seeking for a master as she is a servant. There are certainly many things that need to be clarified at this point. Now that Haruna knows of Erika’s secret, is Kanade going to join along as well, or is she still going to be the one to bring funny moments to the table next to the President? In addition, Kuze is in school with them, so there is no stopping the student council in asking her during the day light what her intentions are. Then at the start, we see Erika as an evil bloodthirsty vampire that is sucking a lifeless Kohei around in her memories. To be honest, I really want to know about Kuze first than Erika, so I hope they will make it a continuation of this episode. Erika`s vampire desire will probably take a backseat to Kuze-san, and as the series continue, her dark side will eventually explode, and something has to be done.  


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