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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 07



We come back as Mikoto pursues Musujime having teleported. Mikoto runs around as Musujime believes the Railgun has underestimated her powers. A silver rod suddenly plunges Musujime’s body as Kuroko has arrives. Kuroko now tells Musujime she knows her abilities and stabs more rods to her. She gives Musujime some medicine to soften the stabs in exchange for more information and surrendering. Musujime denies saying Kuroko is quite fond of the Railgun. Kuroko agrees with her indisputably as the two ready for battle. Musujime makes the first move followed but Kuroko teleporting away from her teleporting projectiles and trying to get close to her. She succeeds and knocks her down, but feels her wounds opening.  Musujime then retaliates by teleporting more chairs. Kuroko somehow is unable to teleport herself, and the objects fall on top of her. Musujime starts talking about her past as she removes the rods and mends her injury.

MISAKA puts her clothes on as she tries to re-establish network link to the rest of the sisters. One of the sisters tells her that she suffered more wounds than any other sister and should stay in the hospital. She does not care however as she tells the severity of the situation at hand, and remembers both Mikoto and Touma’s face. Last Order gives her regards to the moving MISAKA, and then wants to help, but Accelerator asks who she is talking to. Last Order then closes her mouth saying she was talking no one.

Musujime then discusses the case of the clones being unable to tap into the full power of the original thinking there seems to be an unknown variable. Kuroko asks if she is planning on powering up the Tree Diagram, but she denies saying a machine is just a machine. Musujime says she will try to use the computer to calculate every known situation in which to make non-humans use esper powers questioning why abilities are human are only able to use them. She declares that she will use Remnant to recreate a new Tree Diagram.

Meanwhile, Index is biting Touma. Touma shoves her off to the bed. Index says she is angry to him, because she went out of her trouble to make a tongue twister for him. Touma however disagrees saying her tongue twister was mocking him. The bell then rings as MISAKA visits Touma. She begs Touma to save the sisters once again. Meanwhile, Mikoto is running around thinking she will not let the experiments start again. She taps into the telephone booth to find the restaurant Musujime and Kuroko are fighting. Touma catches up to her being out of breathe. She asks why he is here. Touma ignores her saying they must find Kuroko.

Musujime accepts that she joined an external organization. She explains she needed an organization to re-create the Tree Diagram with the help of volunteers who hate their own powers and are able to sacrifice their lives on order for them to be a shield to her. She then invites Kuroko to join. Kuroko refuses however saying she is not a person who harms other people. She argues that Musujime is only afraid of her powers, and thinks that she believes she is the only one special. Kuroko then proceeds to stand up from the pile of chairs on top of her, and uses a lamp post to attack Musujime. From that time, Musujime looks at her with non-belief, and when Kuroko is about to attack her, she uses a gun to shoot Kuroko. The lamp falls of the building as Kuroko goes down to the floor. Musujime then starts to react with utter fright as her powers go into disarray. She curses Kuroko for destroying what she had live for. She taunts Kuroko saying she will kill her. She uses the gun, but the gun is however embedded with a spoon. She then says she will teleport the entire building onto her.

All the objects including the roof start shifting, but Mikoto then blasts the building with a rail gun. Kuroko starts falling down as Touma jumps from table to table in order save her. He grabs her to and uses his hand to stop the building from teleporting. Kuroko all exhausted asks who he is as Mikoto sits down next to the building feeling relieved.

Meanwhile, Musujime calls for her organization. She hears gun fire from the radio however thinking her allies are compromised. She walks with the case wondering what she will do. Just then, Accelerator walks up to her. She thinks to herself that she cannot hope to win against the strongest level 5, but then reminds herself that he suffered brain damage at August 31st saying he can no longer perform his calculation abilities. Accelerator agrees that he suffered brain damage and says he has to do calculations externally, but then retorts that even though he became weaker do not mean she has grown stronger. Accelerator slams the floor destroying the entire road and windows from buildings. Musujime tries to teleport away, but Accelerator fly’s up to her shattering the case, and then punches her nose sending her flying. She slams to a side of a building falling down, and becomes unconscious.

Accelerator says he will have to resign from the strongest in Academy city, but says he will prove to be the strongest to her only. Later, Index says she has mastered buying a soda pop from the vending machine. She asks why Touma looks sad. He explains that he was slapped by Kuroko when he was visiting her, and then visited MISAKA, but she was inside a restoration tube. Index then asks what was Remnant. Touma says he does not know, and says the culprit was beaten down by someone. Accelerator lies down on his bed. Last Order yells at him for his lack of interest in the situation. Kuroko looks out the window saying the weather is incorrect again. She then tells Mikoto that she will keep a smile on her face


Yeah, Accelerator still is pretty powerful.

Well this was the last episode of this arc. I can name some bad things, and a few good things. Well the first good thing was the return of Accelerator who even though he needs a cane to walk, now shows us how powerful he still is by the brief, but yet amazing action we saw him in. From the showing in this episode, I wonder how his ability truly works now, since he can fly using tornado wings from his back, slam the floor for it to break apart and the ability of punching through a case and make a broken nose. His reflect ability, coming from both the sayings of Musujime and Accelerator himself, has been weakened. Accelerator even admits he is no longer the strongest in Academy. But even with that knowledge, that does not seem at all touched upon as Accelerator is capable of finishing Musujime in a few seconds and still causing mass damage, and rather easily too. Though in any case, I am still glad he shows up at the end, and is able to bring me a satisfying display of his abilities which I thought was going to be weaker. I cannot wait for when he returns.

The return of MISAKA was a small fun bit in itself. Though brief, it shows that the sisters are still around, and seems to want to stop the experiments just as much as Mikoto. Even Last Order was connected to the telepathic network they set. Her voice must have moved some emotions on the MISAKA’s. I also hoped to see her in a bigger return from this series just like Accelerator. Still, the only thing that I did not know was how MISAKA was injured that she had to go into a restoration chamber. I assume there was a part of the novel adaption that was left out, so I can just let it slide this time. She was already injured, so I can assume maybe it was just accumulation from the injuries forcing her to go into a more alerting form of healing.

Though Accelerator and MISAKA plus Last Order had a great reintroduction, I really wanted to delve more into Musujime’s plot. The plot goes so far. She had a trauma from harming someone or doing something bad or whatever that made her scared of her powers. With a band of people who also seemed to hate their powers and willing to be sacrificed as a human shield, she wishes to recreate the Tree Diagram in order to make non-humans attain abilities, so that she does not have to become human created only for harming people. It was a very short and actually hard to understand given the indirectness conversation Musujime and Kuroko had with one another. Kuroko was quick to solve a reply denying Musujime’s motives. It was a very lacklustre answer to be honest, and it would have really helped Kuroko’s character more if she really had a moment to actually make a well explained answer and maybe diving into her mind or give some sort of an example to what she means, then it would have been more impacting. Her brashness is still around, and I hate it. She goes for a lamppost and charges straight at Musujime. Musujime has a very scared face, but still has some brains to just point a gun and shoot at Kuroko to take her down. Our Kuroko focused episode last time was good and greatly needed, but they stopped it, and instead branched out into Musujime’s short reason of conducting her research and plan.

Also coming to mind, I cannot seem to tell how Musujime was able to ascertain information about the experiments, and her knowledge of the tree diagram being destroyed. She smirked all the time, and pitied Kuroko for not knowing anything. She even knew the date that Accelerator had brain damage. I suppose it was her organization that helped her, but with great Intel, you’ll think you will be more prepared at an encounter with someone as dangerous as Accelerator.


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