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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 06

Mikoto...seem to be contemplating something... To love or not to love?

Index is watching the news, and comments how they are able to predict the weather. Touma explains the weather system, and Index realizes they made an artificial feng shui. However, Touma ignores her to feed sphinx. Index charges at Touma to bite him. While she bites him, she asks why the weather lady is sometimes wrong. Touma says it proves that the weather system is not always accurate. He now thinks that the weather lady has been getting a lot of wrong weather predictions recently.

In the Tokiwadai’s women’s change room, Mikoto is complaining why they are having gym in the morning recently.  Kuroko wants to go shopping with Mikoto, since she has been busy with work lately. Mikoto tells her she has been eating cake after work, but then Kuroko suddenly teleports to her shower to hug her. A loud sound crashes around the academy afterwards.

As they are shopping, Mikoto is looking at the zeppelin. The zeppelin announces the success of the US space shuttle. Kuroko thinks about how many countries have launched their shuttles one by one after the coming weeks. She notices Mikoto has something in her mind, but Mikoto retorts by saying it was Kuroko dropping in on her nude, and shopping at an embarrassing store. Kuroko then drags her into a fashion shop to look at appropriately clothing for the Tokiwadai’s ace. Kuroko tries some bras on, but Mikoto looks at breast pads. Kuroko grabs them immediately out of her hands. She then thinks Mikoto cannot possibly be into Breast pads, but suddenly remembers an incident where Mikoto was with Touma. She refuses the idea, and looks at Mikoto with shock to her cute reaction. Kuroko then thinks she is really into Touma. Mikoto talks back to her reminding Kuroko that she is not interested in breast pads, since they will be found out when she changes in gym. Kuroko misunderstands that saying thinking she has already gotten that far with Touma. Mikoto then further tries to explain it is not about Touma, but Kuroko`s cell phone rings with Uiharu alerting her to a robbery in district 23. Mikoto listens carefully to her chat on the phone.  Kuroko then apologies to Mikoto, but she doesn’t mind it, and wish for her to come back early, since there will be a storm coming.

Kuroko walks in with Uiharu to welcome her, and makes tea. Kuroko does not mind, and wants her to explain the robbery. Uiharu shows her the surveillance robbery. She notices the people robbed are using radios instead of cell phones, and the district 23 emblem on the case. Kuroko wants to know where the robbers escape route is, and Uiharu says they abandoned their car, because of a traffic jam. Kuroko then runs to catch up to them.

During the traffic jam, the robbers hurry to escape. Kuroko however teleports right into them however, and gets the district 23 case. She then gets a call from Mikoto saying that she wants to hide her stuff during a dorm check up, and reminds her that a storm is coming. Kuroko then wants to immediately teleport back to her dorm when suddenly she falls. She wonders where the case is, as a person shows up with the same teleport powers as her. She is able to teleport object without touching, and has the case. Kuroko charges towards her ever so dodging what she sends at her, but she eventually is hit by her own silver rob stabbed into her chest. As she hold Kuroko`s silver rods triumphantly, she shouts how Mikoto would involve her own underclassmen. Kuroko wonders how she knows Mikoto`s name.

The Teleporter explains how convenient it was that a traffic jam came upon them. She tells Kuroko how notorious Mikoto`s powers are. Kuroko is confused as to what she is talking about. The teleporter explains the remnants of the tree diagram were destroyed. Kuroko says it is impossible, but the Teleporter shows her a photo of the destroyed super computer. Seeing Kuroko stilled confused she shouts out a date, August 21. Just then, Kuroko uses her silver rods, and the red haired girl is shocked.

We cut to Last Order having a fun time in the bath tub. Accelerator in the bathroom with her, comments how free she can in such a small tub before she splashes him with water. Last Order spouts luxuriously as he cannot use reflect. He yells back at her how he can regain his powers, but she splashes him again. He shouts agonizingly to Yomikawa why he has to take care of Last Order. Yomikawa finds it annoying as she talks about someone giving her more trouble. She walks away with Accelerator shouting her name again.

We cut to Kuroko mending her wounds again with her talking to Uiharu about the Teleporter, Musujime Awaki, a level 4 with same powers as Kuroko, but from a different academy. Her ability, Move Point is able to teleport objects without touching them from point A to B. She cannot teleport anyone with the same power as her, and is unable to teleport herself from an injury. It is rumoured she is a guide to the building with no windows or doors. However, Kuroko thinks that is a rumoured building. As for the people who lost the case, they were smugglers for district 23. They seem to not know the contents of the case. Kuroko listens intensively as she remembers what Musujime, and Mikoto said to her. She hangs up the phone as Mikoto comes back.

Mikoto and Kuroko stand opposite from one another with their backs against the door as they have their discussion. Kuroko tries anxiously as she can to hide her feeling to her. Mikoto seems to buy it and walks away to leave again. Kuroko reminds her that it will rain today.

Kuroko comes out of the shower, recalling the date August 21 where an unknown storm came in, and how she found a coin similar to what Mikoto uses for railgun. Kuroko then rushes toward where Musujime’s hideout is. There, she finds Mikoto fighting with Musujime`s gang. Musujime wonders whether Mikoto does not want Remnant to reassemble or to have the experiment restarted. Mikoto states she is angry to think about how Kuroko knew what was going on even when she was trying to hide it. She then says she already knows her ability as she charges her railgun, but Musujime teleports some innocent civilians in front of her stopping Mikoto’s railgun from blasting. As the bodies fall to the ground, Musjime is gone.  Kuroko relaxes, and then prepares herself for battle then teleports away.

MISAKA is in the hospital. She wakes with the priory to act. Her cloth falls off, as she implies that the situation is worsening as she speaks.

An excellent start for the Mikoto, Touma, and Accelerator’s re-turn arc! This time, Shirai Kuruko is having more involvement instead of an encounter with Touma. The episode focuses on her as she unravels the mystery as to what had happened in the battle with Touma and Accelerator. But at first, we have a little fun when they start the episode off with her and Mikoto go shopping at a clothing store. I must admit, Kuroko is sometimes awesome when she reacts so drastically to Mikoto. Most of the times, she is annoying, but here she was funny as she saw a big love relationship stirring into Mikoto and Touma. Her tentacles pigtails personify that. With her fight with Musujime she finds out that she does not know anything about what was happening in the “experiments”. Though she means nice, Mikoto did not want her to know, because of how shocked she would have been if that happened. However, Kuroko now finds some time to co-op with Mikoto now, and maybe even join her in battle after the next episode. In any case, I can see Kuroko having a thorough understanding as to what Mikoto tried to hide after this arc.

Anyways, Accelerator is making a return with his side kick extraordinaire Last Order as they play around in the bath tub together. I have no idea what Yomikawa was thinking when she thought a boy and girl would be okay together in there. Not that Last Order has anything wrong with it, but it seems Accelerator has a provocative frustration with Last Order. Also to my surprise, is that Accelerator cannot use his reflect ability. I actually thought he was sentimental and lost his memories at first, but it seems the frog doctor helped him retain them. Too bad he also preserved Last Order’s memories as well. Although, it seems that Accelerator has a way of regaining them back as the preview this week showed him as crazy as ever, so I hope he renews them quickly sometime this arc. We might even have a round two with Touma, but I doubt it.

Speaking of Touma as well as Index if I might add, the two lost most of their screen time this episode to Kuroko. What is this Railgun? No, it’s Index! Just because we have Uiharu making a cameo, I do not want a return to To Aru Majutsu no Railgun. Okay, that was going too far off. I am sorry.

Last but certainly not least, we see a sudden revival of MISAKA. She marked the end of this episode saying the condition is worsening as they talk. Her other counterparts probably have marked a revival as well seeing as she wants a desperate movement out. I can’t wait for them to return as well, since they have been so quiet after their arc ended.

Well anyway, we have the comeback of Accelerator, Last Order, MISAKA, and more Kuroko involvement. I wonder what Musujime has up her sleeves. She seems to know a lot having boasted out to Kuroko, so I can guess she has been notified at the very least of the basic incident details. I presume that Mikoto with her powerful Railgun estimating it to the best of my knowledge destroyed the Tree Diagram. With multiple shuttles being launched, the there seems to be many countries wanting to set up control of a orbital super computer. However, why she would do it at this moment to destroy the Tree Diagram does not support my theory. Unless, the events of “To Aru Majutsu no Railgun” has something to do with it I am stumped. Whatever the case may be, the answers lay between Mikoto and Musujime now as the two have some business together. She might go done the next episode seeing as this is a two-episode arc, so that might be disappointing. I hope she at least make a return afterwards in some other arc.  


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