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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 05

That sums up the whole episode

Summary: Nichi Keito goes off to check on something else and walks out the door. A person comes up and steals a drug. At the center of the school playground, the drama club is having practice outside to give fanservice out to the school. The president introduces Aoki Tsubasa to Takuto, a pretty person who is acceptable to be in the drama club, but he refuses to act. Sugata tells Takuto that Aoki does not know about the cybodies. Abruptly, an earthquake starts to happen as Aoki is falling from a ladder. Next thing, Aoki is at the nurse office for check up.  He is surprised that the nurse knows his name. The nurse replies that she is suppose to know everyone’s name. When he says he is feeling better, the nurse opens his table shelf to look at her book of younger makes she likes. The principal shows up, and she closes the book shut. The principal shows him a male from a health department for her to meet, but she refuses. He considers her that the personis not her type. The nurse asks why he thinks she likes young boys, and he points at the wallpapers at her office. As the nurse is walking in the halls, she looks at Watanabe kissing a person, while Nichi comes to greet her. Nichi reports that a person has been stealing a drug from her clubroom.
In the crux Brigade headquarters, the Science Guild tests their new cybody. The main scientist says it is a success praising their leader, Professor Green. The main researcher asks why Professor Green took a nurse job, and she smiles. The next morning at class, a pretty girl no one has seen before shows up stunning the boys with her beauty. She tells the boys around them that her name is Hina, Takuto looks at her saying she has a strong smell. Hina looks at Takuto and Sugata winking at them. She starts doing air kisses, and affects everyone except Aoki. Suddenly another earthquake rumbles. The girl then disappears.
In the science clubroom, the nurse is looking at the drug cabinet. Nichi arrives saying she is searching for the Mandragora love potion. Nichi does the crux Brigade’s salute and the nurse follows, revealing herself as Professor Green, and Nichi as Ivrogne. Nichi says she is able to use the Mandragora because she is using the cybodies power. In class, Takuto recieces a letter from Hina saying she wants to meet her at night.
In Wako’s cafe, the president, Takuto, Wako and Sugata sit down to discuss the mysterious girl. The president finds the girl in the yearbooks as Midori Okamoto, the school nurse. Wako tells the group that there is a cybody capable of turning back someone’s age. The payback is the distortion in Zero Time, causing the eruptions of the North Island. The president shows a letter Hina sent to Sugata saying there is a strong smell. The president guesses that she wants to “do” them. Takuto raises her letter volunteering himself as a person to talk with her. The group looks at Takuto with vile disgust.
At night, Takuto sits with Hina. She grabs his hand, but a earthquake interrupts them. Takuto wonders if she knows anything about the cause. Hina rubs it off and tries to kiss her. Takuto tells her she is the problem with the volcano eruptions. Hina backs off and tell Takuto that whoever beats him will become the leader of the Glittering Crux. She disappears after.
The caged girl continues her story Sam and the squid emperor as Professor Green prepares to “apprivoise”. She looks at the South Maiden, Wako, as Tauburn shows up. She smiles at Takuto saying his transformation was cool, but says it is the end for him. Ivrogne observes the battle to see the power of the Science Guild’s new weapon. Takuto unsheathes his two star swords and hits Green’s cybody. Green activates her Precognition system and is able to see Takuto’s moves. She has the upper hand, but she suddenly changes mode to “Fanservice Mode” to check out Taukuto’s naked body. While she is looking closely at Takuto’s body, he attacks her, and he wins. After the battle, Ivrogne compliments that she lost, because she was checking him out. At her office, Miss Okamoto gets a visit from Aoki. He tells her that his chest feels tight when he thinks about her. She closes the door and makes a “thorough” check on him.

Impressions: Umm...ha. What a fight! Yeah, the song introducing the battle scene is back.
This was rather an anti-climatic fight. That was definitely the ugliest looking cybody to date. Most of the time it was not revealing its full body, but just a ball like object that bounces at a rapid rate. Although, its appearances are demeanour, its battle capabilities were quite powerful. However, with great power, comes great goofiness? How was she able to install that kind of system without anyone noticing? Very surprising indeed, but at least the precognition system seems to be effective. If the battle were to go on further, or if she did not foolishly used her fanservice system, than she would have knocked out Takuto. I hope if the Science Guild lets a more proper pilot ride their machines instead of a bishounen fetish young girl, than they will have the top spot in the Crux Brigade. Besides that, there was nothing else new in the battle scene.

It was quite surprising to see one of the section leaders go down early in the series. However, I predict the main scientist that was also in the Science will meet her place, although maybe, a person needs to be a girl if they are to become a section leader. Speaking of the Science Guild, what is up with those weird clown outfits? I can understand the masks, but those embarrassing fat clown suits are laughable, while the section leaders and their main head scientist wear uniforms that are more appropriate. Well, at least the main scientist does.

I do not know anything about the earthquakes that are rising or if the situation will be back later, but Nichi Keito is fleshing out to be the most confident of the section leaders, also, to be honest, the most attractive of them all. Yeah, I think she passed Watanabe, and is going to be the main villain. All in all, not much else to say about this episode other than that besides she was looking at his waist, chest, arms, neck, and the collarbones?

As for the preview of the next, Sugata is actually going to fight too!? Wow, it seems like it was forever since Fukuyama Jun was back in a mech.


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