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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 04

Intelligent, attractive. She could be number 2 next to Watanabe

Summary: Wako and Takuto are together in the ocean shore. Wako sings out to him as she says it is only the two of them in the world. A day back in the past, the Drama club prepare a feast with the advisor visiting. The advisor also happens to be the principle and is wondering if Takuto will be joining the drama club, since the requirements are quite high. Jaiga asks if Takuto is into Wako, and he looks at her contemplating if he does. Taiga tells Taiga to not joke around, since it will be betrothing due to the fact Sugata and Wako are both engaged. The president then declares this year’s festival to be the best as she intends to push Sugata’s and Takuto’s magnetism to the limit. Wako imagines them in bed with each other and quickly is steams up. Jaiga looks at Wako with agreement to her thoughts, and the president tells her she did not intend what she was thinking. Wako wonders how they know what she imagined. The president then says she will sing as well, but she is denying it.

Taiga walks in the halls noticing a smell, maple syrup. A door opens with Nichi Keito welcoming her. Taiga comes to her clubroom and sits. Nichi asks if she can remember something pleasant. She recalls a scene with her and Sugata as she falls down. Nichi pours something in her mouth as she pushes her to keep telling what she remembered. Taigi tells her time when Sugata told her a story about the Maple Syrup and tigers. Her smile quickly turns away saying Sugata is engaged to Wako. Nichi deviously tells Taiga that if Wako ended up with Takuto, then Sugata will be free.

In a room of the Crux brigade, the caged girl starts telling the purples haired about the fight scene with the squid emperor while holding a chain. The purple haired person thinks the name Sam the squid piercer is a cool name. The caged girl then stated the boy and girl had secret.

The next day, Wako wakes up. She calls out for her grandpa, but she does not answer. She tries her grandpa’s bread shop, but she was absent taking a bread with her. While walking in the streets, Wako starts noticing that everybody has disappeared. She calls her cellphone, but no one answers. She walks across the shore singing her song. Along the way, she finds Takuto.

They both start talking to one another saying at least they are not alone, but together. Takuto says his thanks stating this is the place Wako saved his life. Rain starts pouring down so they go to a building where they put on rain coats. After they changed, Wako starts talking about her past when she first “apprivoised”.

Well the rain goes away, Takuto notices some people behind the lighthouse, but they disappear. Wako then notices a totem pole that she once made. However, she remembers it was buried and realizes that this is a genjutsu. Takuto tries to prove that theory by “apprivoising”, but fails. Wako praises his energetic personality. Takuto explains that he was actually silent when he was young. Takuto then admits that it is pleasant that they are able to talk about their memories.

Wako suddenly remembers there was a cybody that could create illusions. Fog clouds the field as a cybody approaches them. Wako tells Takuto that the cybody is real. Takuto is now confident now knowing that Tauburn is present and he tries to once again aprivoises. This time, Tauburn comes out from the illusion. As Tauburn and the enemy cybody prepare to fight. The cybody is teleports away. Wako and Takuto escape from “Zero Time”
Later, Takuto tells Sugata he wants to destroy all the Crux Brigade’s cybodies.  

Impressions: This episode seemed distant from the rest of the others. That is not specifically speaking it is a bad thing though, no sure, but it was not the crazy action packed fight scene episode 3 seemed to imply to us. The story goes like this, Takuto and Wako have no idea where they are, and nobody is around the entire island. This meant for the perfect situation for Takuto and Wako to start doing some major bonding. The focus shifted towards the romance side with not only those two, but on the girl named Taiga Sugatame whom Nichi drugged to pilot the cybody. During most of the episode, nothing else really builds up after that. The two were just alone talking to each other. The only major goal met was that when Wako told Takuto she could not leave the island, because of the seal the shrine maidens placed around the cybodies they must maintain it. Now, Takuto wants to destroy every single cybody out there. Pretty bold, but that probably means the end of Tauburn at some point.

Nichi Keito makes a showing this time around instead of just sitting silently ahead of Takuto in class. She is part of a strange scientific club housing many ingredients to make anyone hallucinate. The poor victim was Taiga as stated above, but she felt the need to wrap herself closely around her for some reason. I do not know about that, but I wonder what else she can concoct to make anyone else do her bidden. Although, she shows some sympathy for Taiga when she does not want her to fight, knowing in advance that the Tauburn will defeat her once it showed up.

There is also a strange notion that the Crux brigade can change into “Zero Time” when they please, but also when Wako and Takuto not noticing. They can even know be present when in “Zero Time”, so I can easily see the Tauburn face two cybodies at a time, and with this cybody doing the genjutsu, it would certainly be a more than a match.

Quite conveniently, the Tauburn seems to break the fabrics of “Zero Time” easily. I expected the Tauburn will rise up from the ocean like in the opening, but it barges like always. I find it strange and wonder if that is going to be the regular repeated scene repeatedly.

Back to Taiga for moment, her love with Sugata definitely increases some movement. Well, at least Sugata has a reason why he wanted to pick his own path. Of course, she loves him back I guess and that could prove to be a good subplot. Truthfully told, this is most development he got so far, and he was not even on screen. I do not know why he seems to do nothing at all. Maybe it’s because of “MM!”, another  show the voice actor is working on.

Lastly, the most notable change was the emotion in the caged girl. I must admit I am extremely interested in his stories, and she seems to be greatly entranced in here stories. I cannot wait for the conclusion the story has so far, as well as the purpled haired person who always listens and creating some interest in me.


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