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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 08

Zakuro sits on Ganryuu. She is not pleased with the soldier's strength
He tells her something about Agemaki, and she is literally goes tsundere-like.
Agemaki and Susukihotaru are having a little chit-chat all happy like. She is going to deliver the cursed sword the shop owner Orikata Aya. Agemaki is with her, because he is buying something for Zakuro.
Riken is helping Kushimatsu repair the shelves. The twins seem to be more of an annoyance than help, but Riken is very patient.
Bad news strikes the two on their journey however as they are hit with sleep powder.
Knocked straight out, we can only question what the two cloacked figures are up to. (Well they just want to fight Zakuro)
The two residence where Susukihotaru was suppose to deliver the sword are here to tell the bad news. Meanwhile, Zakuro looks at the shop owner thinking her chest is rather large.
Zakuro seems to find something to hint of Agemaki's presence with Susukihotaru.
Meanwhile, thw two cloaked figures lock the two in a cellar
They were given orders to lure Zakuro with her precious love one 
The black widow curses Zakuro for her chest scar
Zakuro tries to ask permission to rescue the two
But gets locked up....
Thankfully, Riken and the shop owner help her escape. (Look at MUGI)

Ganryuu and the twins are on watch out
But fail miserably...
The two wake up to know the meaning of all this 
But get lost out on the information
However, Susukihotaru reveals to us what she saw when she touched on of the cloaked figures. (Similar to Zakuro actually...)
Zakuro, Momezo, and Riken head out
But first, some recap to what Zakuro had done to Agemaki
Agemaki tries to break free. However, the cellar door seems to be bursting out as water is coming in! 
The four have a confrontation
Zakuro battles it out with the older
Riken however gets hit, because was worrying too much about Zakuro. (Wow, he was able to best the older twin, but he was an idiot this time by worrying about Zakuro...) 
Zakuro however shows no signs of being defeated
The two retreat with the older sister having been succumbed by stressing too much of her powers
Black Widow saves the two by rubbing them on her chest (Black Widow seems to like the girls too much)
The two are saved from drowning! (Although they could have swam their way out when the water filled the room, and no more pressure was on them...) 
Much better form of bonding compared to Zakuro and Agemaki
The three have been punished
But are saved once they count to ten!
Some alone time
Zakuro knows from the clue she found earlier about the bamboo sticks
Yeah some hugging with Zakuro as well!
I swear the black widow is too fond of the sisters
Really too fond of them
The older twin lies down thinking how lucky Zakuro is for having freedom

This episode was probably the most seriously episode to date. It all started nice and clean until the twins come and kidnap Agemaki, and Susukihotaru. At first, we were going to see Mugi again, and we do, but they change it a bit, because the twins and their master, the black widow wants to test out Zakuro. The twin with the weird markings on her face has some powers that somehow make her control rain to focus a pool of water to the cellar to drown Agemaki, and Susukihotaru. The twin with no markings seems to be a failure that most likely has no special powers, so the black widow treats her bad by badmouthing her off when she is not looking. Without her twin, I can see the black widow taking her out immediately, and she already threatens the older one with the powers to kill her sister, so I do not see it going well for the two of them. The only thing the two of them both have though is the power to communicate with one another telepathically like Bonbori and Hoozuki. They two twins controlled by the black widow seem to have a tragic past, especially with older twin. Her younger sister called Daidai, a translation of Chinese meaning younger does not seem to be harmed by a sad history, but she could be roused by the black widow. The black widow seems to be playing with the twins, and might actually like to dismantle the both of them. I can definitely see a back-story explaining the two sister’s untold origin. I think the episode focusing on the two sisters might lead to be the ending of this series. There are only about 4 episodes left.

There were some good moments where Agemaki, and Susukihotaru were both walking by commenting how close they were to their respective partners. Zakuro and Riken themselves also talked about how they changed Agemaki and Susukihotaru as they were searching for them. There was also a tiny bit where Bonbori and Hoozuki said they like Hanakiri, because he could tell the both of them apart immediately when he met the two. With that seeming all nice and dandy, I can safely say that there should be no more relationship bonding stories after this. All the Spirit Affair members have gotten along with one another, and we can now focus on the main plot. It troubles me however that this could lead to many different branches of it. For one, Zakuro’s mother seems to be far off the distance of finally realizing who she is. We still have Kushimatsu giving us more hints, because she made a promise to someone, presumably Zakuro’s mother, to protect her. Another one is the twins Daidai, and her older sister. We could see the two of them having triumphed over evil and go to the good side to be happy with Zakuro, and the rest of the Spirit Affair members. Finally, we the show still has not revealed a certain mask man making the black widow the sole antagonist to the series, although I could actually see it as big cliff-hanger to reveal him/her at the end of the series.


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