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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 07

Agemaki pimp?
Ah scary picture!
Ah no more scary picture!
No fair, Agemaki
I'm jealous does he have a sister as well?
He-he-he, Zakuro aroused...
Awe, Agemaki's sister is cute
Here kitty
Why are you saying sorry?
Oh...I get now. It says he hates demons
Drinking that wine glass, very prestigious
Awe, her cat is cute too
Agemaki's mom is very silent
Very good conversation in here, not going to spoil
Here kitty kitty kitty
"My kitten is gone now Zakuro"
"Or is it?" Wait...that was his cat
Then why does'nt he recognize it?
Oh I see...or... cannot see
Way to go to scare your master kitten
Awe, cute
Oh your still here
Agemaki sad
It really is getting steamy
They all look the same...
Mysterious that even Agemaki's sister?

This was a very fun episode to watch. The reason is that we have finally delved into one of the mains character’s family. Fortunately, it was Kei, and he showed off his overly superior western culture to Zakuro. Why he brought Zakuro? Well for no REAL good reason that’s all. He just wants to tell her how his family is like, and the fact that he couldn’t face his father alone. Speaking of his father, he was a true youkai hater as he yelled out some of his good old war stories while drinking a wine glass just like a good old rich person would. Personally, I like him. He may be someone like the business man who wanted to build a train on some youkai sanctuary, but he makes me laugh with how he keeps on blathering away at youkai, yet not seriously though since he was hard on the liquor. Her sister...wait Kei has a sister!?

Turns out, Kei is truly a man of great awesomeness as he shows off not only his estate, but also an adorable little sister with him, however, his sister is not supposed to be look at for moeness as she seems to take care of his kitten he once owned. How Kei never notice his sister was sneaking food to feed the cat, I do not know. The cat might have just lingered around with her, since she seems to be the only person to see her besides Zakuro. Now Kei’s mother is the most mysterious to me to be honest. The way at the end where she was with Zakuro excusing her husband must probably mean she knows Zakuro is a youkai. Her mother seems to be able to sense some youkai, and is reluctant of them, since she is married to a person who despises them. There is no reason explaining why she married Kei’s father, but it might be that she used to have a job related to youkai (Shrine Maiden?), and that she might have just been gotten used to her husband’s western style, because Kei’s father was a general, and she might of met with him and just fall in love with him. 

Then we have the adorable tsundere Zakuro going all emotional on us with the introduction to Agemaki’s head maiden, Tae. We know Tae must definitely love Kei, because of how she hugs him, and says nice things of him when someone like Zakuro bashes him. Just like anyone who falls in love with anybody would. Zakuro however gets the upper hand as she is able to solve Kei lost kitten problem. It was a sweet story to see Kei’s problem gone with Zakuro coming along to give him one last chance to see his kitten. Luckily, her sister is taken care of her now. It seems that thanks to Kei mother, her sister inherited some powers. Could there be a possibility that Kei might also gain some powers. Well, that might be true given that the kitty he had turned to a strange form to thank him. Why would the kitten turn into a small doll-like shape to thank him? Do all kittens do that to thank their master? I believe not, since Kei might have some demon powers. It is a long shot, but there is still hope. In any case, I hope we see Kei family again. I like to see how his mysterious mother and sister are involved in youkai affairs, and to see his father just be plain old silly on hating demons!


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