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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 06

Zakuro seems to be back to her usual self

Yep shes back, even having a tsundere moment as well
Ohh widescreen effect with the telling of the twin's past

HOLY! That is scary from their perspective

I swear, they are cuter without their honeycomb hair

Agemaki's coolness is in effect as he reads a book while leaning on a tree

Susukihotaru is scared, but she is cute 
This is actually a really nice host of Zakuro when she was young. That's why I added this on

When was this that Kushimatsu was a young pet dog?

Agemakie delivers his report to lieutenant Hanadate. The lieutenant apologizes for his embarrassing moment from the black widow report. He sends his condolences to Zakuro by given some treats to Agemaki for him to give it to her. Zakuro is sitting in the porch looking at her necklace that her mother gave to her. Kushimatsu is having a discussion with Amaryouju. She seems impatient, but he tries to calms her down from being distress.  Agemaki goes to Zakuro to give her the treats Hanadate made. Immediate when he hears the lieutenant’s gift she snaps out of her pale state. In the main room, Zakuro and the rest of the group except Bonbori, Hozuuki, and Ganryuu, try out Hanadate’s cookies. Zakuro eats it for the sake of the lieutenant, but she is engrossed in the cookies. Agemaki thinks it is right to not tell the fact that cookies are made with milk to Zakuro.

Ganryuu and the twins are walking about in the floor outside. Garnyuu tells them to leave him alone, but they insist they try the lieutenant’s cookies with them. He starts to yell out, but stops quickly from the scared sight of them. He apologizes for being unreasonable, because of his inexperience and incompetence. The twins reject his apology, because they wanted to protect him. Ganryuu tells them they could’ve died. The twins then start to tell the story of their past.

Long time ago, the twins were in a cave all alone. A lady would usually visit them stating their names as Hozuuki, and Bonbori. She has a sad face within her eyes. The women told the two to never go outside in the daylight, and never be spotted by humans. They obeyed and played at night time, and watch out not to be found out by humans. The twins tell us that they loved the women. The women however didn’t come after a long time. The two waited for many days, but she never came back. One day, a human showed up with blood lust intentions shouting that they killed his wife. The twins ran as fast as they can with the cries of anger chasing them. The twins had disobeyed the women’s two rules. As they are running, one of them trips and the other tries to help her up. The man however catches up to them preparing to drive his weapon down. The twins embrace themselves, but when their eyes open back up, they are on top of Kushimatsu’s back. Kashimatsu tells them that they will meet with other people of the same kind. The story ends there.

Kiri and Sakura are learning their words in a book with Susukihotaru opposite of the three. The twins remember them learning the language. The two explained that they were capable of understanding each other mentally. Ganryuu questions how the women talked to them, and they tell him that they could understand her, but never said anything to her. They laugh at how they never realized they could speak, but Ganryuu shouts out how they can keep a smile in their face. He looks down, but the two hold his hand never wanting to search for another love.     

Back in the past, the twins are learning their language while Mamezo restates their every word. Susukihotaru asks where Zakuro is, but the two don’t know. She goes to find her with Mamezo tagging along. She looks around and finds her near the woods. As Mamezo yells out “nightmare”, Susukihotaru cries out to her to stay away. Zakuro relieves them by saying she is fine and the three go back to their home.

Kiri and Sakura ask Susukihotaru when they will be done. Susukihotaru snaps out of her memory and says they are free to play. The two are overjoyed and look at Agemaki reading a book to join him in flying a kite. As Agemaki raise the kite, the kids play with it. He sits down with Susukihotaru to discuss what is on her mind. She once again tells him of how Zakuro keeps a smile on her face when they first met her. Zakuro meanwhile talks with Kushimatsu about how the black widow knew her mother’s name. Kushimatsu however does not want to tell her, and Zakuro runs away. She goes to her room, but is interrupted by Agemaki and the kids wanting to fetch their kite. As Agemaki tries his hardest to loosen the kite he is unsuccessful. Zakuro tells him to climb, but he looks at her with an uncertain smile. Later, Zakuro climbs the tree in order to get the kite. When she grabs it, a voice calls out to her and she is climbing higher in the tree. When she slips and drops her pendent, Agemaki runs toward her to cushion her fall.

Agemaki says he is able to repair the pendent in a short while. Zakuro comments how he is good with his hand, but he does seem too happy with that fact. Zakuro tells him that the pendent was from her mother. With the pendent, she is able to feel the warmth of her mother. As she looks at it, Agemaki asks her about the black widow knowing her mother. She says she will be lying if she was not concerned. Zakuro tells him that she will eventually know about her mother, and that she always wanted to know about her.

Zakuro asks when he is done with the pendent. He says it is done and offers to put it on for her. Susukihotaru looks at the two with surprise, because she says Zakuro never lets anyone touch her pendent.

Well, this was a pretty good episode. At first, it starts off with the situation with Hanakiri and the twins. He is still sad and mad at the two, yet the two wish to get along with him again. To do so, they finally start to tell their back story with him, and boy is it a fantastic one. In the start, the background felt so morbid with how it is mostly dark with the only main light shining from the twins and the backlight of the woman coming to talk to them. It is definitely implied that she is the mother of the two as she not only gave them their names, but also has the sad face of hers. Believing me to think she has to hide the two, because of their demon inheritance. Though it was not truly declared to them that she was their mother, she was probable the closest thing to one at least, since they loved her so much. Although, a sudden shift of pace comes along as she disappears never to be seen again, a bloodthirsty hunger inducing man comes along saying his wife is dead and he seek the twins out for revenge. Just as the twins seemed like moments away from death, Kushimatsu comes along and helps the two. Quite scary indeed how Kushimatsu was able to come in the moment of notice to save them, at first glimpse the two seemed to be already crossing over to the other end with the strange green sky, but once again, it was based on the strange background scenery. The flashback did not truly started when they were first born, but I guess they just could not remember that far down. Now even though it was a good flashback. It did not seem special in anyway. Just normal in terms of deviance actions come. However not at all it was awful, no sure, it was fantastic and I cannot wait for Susukihotaru’s and Zakuro when the time comes, which I hope they are even better and maybe unique.

Now with the three having been bonded back up, the story shifts towards Zakuro again finishing both sides of the coin. This makes for a good idea, so it won`t finish the relationship between the three off so fast. However, at the start of the episode though, she was immediate back up to her usual self as the images above imply with just a small gesture from Lieutenant Hanadate. He however on the other has the excuse of pursuing a person who he thought was suspicious. That is all. I still feel he planned it, as there is no reason why the black widow smiled at him so happily, and toward him in fact, no one else. He seemed like no man of importance otherwise besides maybe lunch for her. Now with Zakuro, while she is still concerned about her mother, Kushimatsu is the main person focused here as she does not want to tell her. Kushimatsu from time to time has been a serious thread in stringing the four girls together. Why she does so, is unknown. It might be because of how Zakuro`s mother mysteriously vanished, reason unknown, that Kushimatsu wanted to find others like her, so that they can play together. That seems to be a possible reason showed in this episode as the twins were brought by here. We see her with Susukihotaru and the twins as well holding hand for the first time as they meet a sad Zakuro. The bigger question though is what is her relationship with Zakuro`s mother. She seems very loyal to her mother as well, as the image above also represents her in a miniature form playing with Zakuro. Even Zakuro was saying how she served her mother even though she was a human, or at least what Zakuro think she is. She looks human, but her mark on her forehead has me with second thoughts. It definitely seems sad that she doesn`t want Zakuro to know about her mother`s outcome, and it seems that the story will move on with her finally telling and revealing the whole story, or maybe Zakuro finding out herself.   


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