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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 05


Some new pictures I like to mention in the opening 
Note their faces for later reference

Zakuro rushes in there. Too bad Agemaki is jealous.

YES, they  are going to a dance, and what do they have to wear. Beautiful dresses of course!
I took this picture, because I need to show Zakuro`s dress, but Hanadate is in the way. GET OUT! 
HAHAHAHAHA Agemaki chugging those chicken legs to shove off the jealousy


What a great power to have!

I took this picture already, but the twins are dazzlingly gorgeous to not show it again
Had to take another picture with Agemaki's nugget too!

Hmm... Interesting 

Funny. They should tried to avoid physical contact now. 
Of course, there has to be evil jerk soldiers in order for this to be a ball

They want to touch her ears? I do not see her ears at all.

Wait, those are her ears? Why did they not make it noticeable to stand out like Inu Yasha?


Go away you miserable wannabe higher ups




Where did all those flower pedals come from. Ouran High school host club?

Catchy song

Oh wait...

Do not give them liquor. Who did anyways?

But it is okay when they hug so cute like that


Bonbori and Hoozuki cute moment

Now we know who she really is, and her true appearance
Riken actually is the most competent in fighting. He does not talk much, but he is able to dish it out. 


He is faking it 
She looks like the spider from xxxHolic

oh wait...


Ahhh! I take it back she looks nothing like the spider in xxxHolic!

What's that going to do?

No comment...lucky

Wow! They are actually fighting! Plus the branches are not for swinging around?

Ouch that is bloody

Oh no. What happened that is shocking her so much?
Impressions: Wow.....amazing. Absolutely fantastic.

This was by far the best episode of them all. Now for the first half of the episode, there was no real plot going on. However, what we did saw was some gorgeous gowns wore by the females, since they cannot go to the dance with their usually clothing. I really did not expect them to wear those kinds of cloths, so when I saw them, I felt astounded at how they look. The twins in particular were obviously the ones that stood out. The lavish green clothing greatly makes them the best-looking bunch. Zakuro was not too shabby either with hers as well even though she dislikes them. Susukihotaru does not stand out that much though. Her outfit looks similar to her usual ones, but it still nice. It is just that her usual clothing was already well decorated and nice that goes well with her. The three guards themselves look striking and appropriate. I like their uniforms here FAR MORE than their regular ones. That green just does not look appealing than the blue and yellow stripes. The blue outfits look brighter and stripes that stand out when light shines on them.

Now after the stunning first half, we dig into the plot. Now the second part was the thing we were expecting from the preview last episode. Ganryuu has some plot development with Bonbori and Hoozuki. I can finally see those two three going well together in the end. Although, it was just as I expected. The three will have more character development hopefully not actually in the next episode though. I am actually more intertwined with the plot focusing on Zakuro now that the Black Wido has made a mental connection to her mother. We see it having a deep mental disaster with her compared to Ganryuu just walking off, probably frustrated at the twins for risking their lives to save him. We see the spider disappearing at the end as well making her a main stay character, and a villain in the group that is trying to go after Zakuro. Speaking of that group, the two-cloaked shadows made an appearance battling with Riken. Now Riken must be the best swordsmen of the three due to Ganryuu dropping his sword in a very pathetic way in this episode, and Agemaki falling short as well during his encounters with the evil spirits. Riken proves to me the useful in the three. We see him battle it out with an agile opponent, doing well in battle, and even wounding her in the process. We saw him in the last episode fighting with Susukihotaru as well, but this time he really proves his skill. Meanwhile Ganryuu on the other hand has some grave mental problems when seeing dead bodies. Not only is he scared the twins will go away from the pedals they bind some of their soul to, but also the dried out dead bodies. When seeing him look at the bodies, he is anything but still, always shivering and vomiting at the lat minute. At the start of the Black Widow battle, he gravely fails in fighting. He drops his sword, and sits there frightened to death, until the twins intervene.

Yes, the song shows up in this episode gravely missed by me in the last episode! Bonbori, and Hoozuki due sing out the song much better than Susukihotaru. I think she can barely be heard from when the twins have her harmony out. They even sing it when their drunk as well gravely citing that it is their song and that nobody else could sing it better than them. The branches in this episode however really amazed me. No, they are not just there to wave around and sing a song as their pedals surround the area. Instead, they actually battle against the giant Black Widow with it. It does not even turn into a sword or dagger, it flourishes for a bit and then they use to parry the attacks with the spider. I guess the joke is over. I can no longer just laugh at the sight of those weird battle scenes. More evidently, I can look at the battles scene and enjoy them how the drawers intend to look at. We see Bonbori’s demon eyes as well. Not surprising since Zakuro and Susukihotaru have them as well, but how she used them was quite cool, burning the face of the spider. However Zakuro’s eye, they show malice with the way she stabs the head of the spider. I did not know this was meant to be very violent.

Anyway, the spider lived from that. How, I have no idea. Her meeting with Hanadate is very suspicious. Now we see him hanging along the rest of the dead bodies, but that could be an act. Look at the person who is about to reveal his face to us in the opening for example. I think the person is Hanadate. Why else will they go into the upstairs alone together? The two cloak figures stop not only Susukihotaru, but Zakuro as well, the person they are seeking. Granted they did not do anything to Zakuro, but Hanadate still has no reason why he went with the Black Widow. They might explain it in the next episode, but I hardly think he was lured in by her charms or whatever she uses to mesmerize the guards. The other villains this time have a small role. Susukihotaru touches them and sees darkness. This has me interested and I would like to see why they are doing this. Overall, this was a fabulous episode, and I wonder if it can possibly be better. I do not have my hopes up, but it could make this the anime of this season if it could come to that.

P.S: The new clips that showed up at the ending were cool.    


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