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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 08

Having understand all the foundations of making an anime, Soari can only watch and sit by as the two try to push their efforts in making Kirino's anime close to the light novel. She can only hope for the best, but has to sit quietly.


Kirino receives many fan letters from fans of her book. Her editor thinks people might have heard that a middle school girl is writing it, but tells Kirino that the book is their main interesting. She then whispers to her an anime might be in the making, and Kirino yells out with joy.

At a cafe, Kirino, Saori, and Kuroneko are all sitting together. Kirino boasts about her anime in the makings. Kuroneko tells her to be quiet or she will write “idiot” on her forehead. Kirino invites to two to her meeting with the producer and directors. The two agree. Later at the meeting, the three along with Kirino’s editor discuss with the animators associated. The animators first ask her what she wants to be added in the anime. Kirino then brings up a bunch of notes and goes off in an extreme tangent of what she wants with great joy. After she is finished, one person tells her the anime is going to be 1-cour show. They also plan on making some anime original episodes to boot. Another person says that she also needs to think about her voice actor’s schedules, and about her anime being aired at the July Season. Then one of the anime associates asks why she made the main character a girl. The associate then asks if they can make the main character a male.

Kirino walks home all tired out. Kyousuke asks what is wrong, but she falls asleep. Later in the same cafe, Kyousuke asks why the people do not want to hear her thoughts about her anime. Saori says that an anime was cancelled, so they plan on making Kirino’s novel from the short time expand. Kuroneko and Soari come along with Kyousuke to talk to the associates. When they meet with her editor, she tells them that she already received notes from Kirino, but Kuroneko talks her into taking them in. The associates and the three meet. One of them people talks about changing the main character to a male. The director and others start to agree. Kirino’s editor reads from her notes saying Kirino would like to keep the character a female. Kyousuke says to keep the anime fateful to the light novel. One opens up a pen and asks why they should keep the main character a female. He does not make a straight forward answer. The associates start to talk about one another if they should keep the character a male or not ignoring Kyousuke. Kyousuke asks why they are doing this and insists they keep the anime fateful. One of the associates tells him they do not intend to satisfy the author but make it profitable. He then states that he does not like the light novel and said he did not wanted to make an anime in the first place.

Kuroneko speaks up saying they are only making an anime they know would be profitable. She then tells them she spent years trying for one of her stories to be published, but had no such luck. She sees one of the associates in the same situation hating the light novel only because he was out done by a middle school girl. Kyousuke looks at the two with questions as to why they are saying this. He starts thinking why he is doing this to help her sister even though he hates her. He then tells them her sister will be sad, and begins to bend down on his knees and beg. Kuroneko then asks that they rethink about it.

Later at the train, the three wonder if they convinced the producers. Kyousuke asks the two to never talk about what he did today to Kirino. Kuronekos asks why he does all these things even though he hates her sister. Kyousuke replies that he really does not know just saying he is her brother. Kuroneko stares down almost crying. Later, Kirino is happy that most of her ideas got through to the producers. Kyousuke walks off to his room. Kirino stops her saying next time will be the last life counselling.



This was a frustrating episode to sit through, much less blog about. Okay, well they were not joking about Kirino having published a light novel, but even more to my amazement, she has fan letters, and a anime coming to be!? Okay, I have to hold my anger, like Kuroneko does infront of her. I loved the moment where she wanted to stick a mark onto Kirino’s forehead, because she was really annoying, and being a jerk with how she was gloating over having a light novel coupled with an anime too. She even invites the two, because she was nervous. However, that nervousness became childish excitement when the director asked what she wanted in her anime. She makes such big designs or anything into extreme detail, but that not all. She had a stack of pages of descriptive additions she wanted inside her anime, she went non-stop on her proposals. I find myself blindly stunned, but what can I expect from a middle school girl having her own anime at her kind of age. She goes nuts.

To my pleasantry though, she was brought back down to earth from all the people who take anime seriously and not just some messed up children’s toy. Anime is extraordinary hard to make. Plus they need to be good or else they might get cancelled. We see that with all the changes they try to make in Kirino’s book. They even wanted to make the main character a male instead of a female. In honesty though, it would not have made a big deal if Kirino had just came up with a good reason, but no. She makes it really clear that it was just a personification of herself as the main protagonist. She just wanted to have herself in the anime. Seeing no other make shift idea how to convince them to keep it to a girl she leaves and gives notes to her editor hoping they will get through to the producers.

Of course, his brother comes to her rescue with his utter disposition of his image once again. I already told you how much I hate Kirino, but let`s skip that and talk about the good characters, Kuroneko being the most great of all. She shows those producers right in the face! Well, it would have been awesome if she had liked Kirino`s book, but it did leave a good image to both Kyousuke and Kuroneko even though they hate Kirino they still like. Soari was probably my favourite, silent as a mouse. But all in all, it was not a good episode as I had thought, but still a good one to think about its motives, and intentions.

P.S: The ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH at the start of post was my first impression. I soften up and liked it at the end, but thought it will be funny to add it in still. Of course, I read about the story being changed from a plagiarist story from something related to Degenki so I find it interesting to see such a relationship between the anime with real life even though this is far from a reality type anime. 


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