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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 07

Basic Summary:

In Kyousuke’s House

Kuroneko: Welcome to the final boss battle! You have done well to make it this far, but 
now it is your DOOM!

Kyousuke: It’s my house...

Kyousuke, Kirino, and Kuroneko are watching Meruru


Kuroneko: This is the reason why anime is been down in the dumps lately...

Kyousuke: My sister can’t possibly have watched this anime!
Did you not realize the mood you set up Kyousuke?

Basic Summary:

Kirino finds out that Kyousuke has been using her laptop to watch porn

Kyousuke: No I didn’t use it for that!

Kirino finds punishment for Kyousuke in the form of life counselling

Kirino: I have made a novel, and I am I having it published from a light novel company!

Kyousuke: *Reads Kirino’s light novel* BULLS#$%& like hell you are having this published!

Kirino: you have to go on a date with me!

Kyousuke: NEVER!

Kyousuke goes with her anyways


This was an okay episode to go at, but nothing special. The start where Kuroneko was welcoming Kyousuke was pretty funny. It got me all excited to see Saori, Kuroneko, and Kirino all watch Meruru together. Well, Soari showed up in a form of a phone. It wasn’t three girls in your house Kyousuke, but two is more than enough! The three watch Meruru, and we see Kirino is actually a person who goes crazy on her anime songs, and what not, while Kuroneko, the more mature anime fan is criticizing the anime industry for the use of little girls and tentacle use, Soari on the phone however, is the most well rounded anime fan even giving us some knowledge when there was a TV broadcast that showed the uncensored version. Unfortunately, Soari is unable to bare the two constant argues with one another leaving Kyousuke to do it for her. We see that in the scene where she compromises the two to watch Meruru together. Her face seems to hint that she could not have taken the loud shouting any longer. Now we see that Meruru is really a crazy magical girl show and that it freaked Kyousuke and Kuroneko out like hell. Still, I wonder what Kyousuke might think of Maschera when they ever come watch it together. Maybe we might go to Kuroneko’s house if we ever get to that point.

The second part of the episode was the aftermath of it following how Kirino and Kuroneko each showed each other’s light novel. Now Kuroneko’s light novel seems to be the most crafted fan books I have ever seen, even giving us a handy 200 page dictionary in order to understand her work. Kirino’s however...was about little sisters. Yeah it was something else, but nonetheless Kuroneko seems to see her novel as another form of light novel style, which she does not like at all. Kirino still gains some good arguments of Neko’s light novel even going as far as to read the entire 200 page dictionary to appropriately give some bad thoughts to Kuroneko’s book. Still though, it was funny how they both gave their novels a personification of who they hate. It was a lovely friendship no matter how you see it with each of their novels probably being both enjoyable if a third person was reading it except not the two of them.

Kirino however goes out and makes another novel and sends it to some publishing company, and they actually agree to publish her works. I do not believe it one bit; well it doesn’t matter though since it just leaves the two on a Haruhi Suzumiya and Kyon like trip with Kirino doing some brash things to Kyousuke. Kyousuke does not just let it all happen to him though and leaves, but Kirino goes and does something embarrassing (poor water on heself) that surprised me. The best answer was that she just wants to spend time with her brother. We see that as she wears a gift Kyousuke bought for her.

A funny part I must mention is when Kyousuke and Kirino are at the hotel, and Minami calls Kyousuke. It was funny because of how cute she was and invited Kyousuke for some sweets. She asks what he is doing thinking if he is with some girl. He says no only to say it is just him and his sister. Then Kirino shows up with a bath towel and drying her hair saying some gadgetry in the hotel. When Minami hears hotel Kyousuke immediately hangs up. I hope Minami mentions that scene when she comes back, because that was a outrageous scene.

Overall, this episode was decent, but I really wished for something more. The ending with the Christmas tree and snow was pretty cool looking. Maybe they will continue with Kyousuke and Kirino’s date who knows.
This was a very nice last image


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