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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 06


Basic Summary:
Minami: Kyousuke want to go to my place to set up Halloween?
Kyousuke: Sure, why not.
Some guy who actually talks with Kyousuke: Hey are you and Minami dating?
Kyousuke: If a 50 year woman raised you and she suddenly turns your age, would you find her emotionally attractive?
Some guy who actually talks with Kyousuke: What do the hell is that suppose to mean?
Kyousuke: I don’t know.
Some guy who actually talks with Kyousuke: Okay, what if someone was going to date Minami how would you feel?
Kyousuke: I would kill that person...
In Minami’s house
Minami: Ahh, grandpa is dead!
Kyousuke: Call the ambulance
Minami: I do not know the ambulance number!
Minami’s Grandma: Relax, he’s not dead, he just wanted to mess with you *whispers to grandpa to wake him up.
Minami Grandpa: Hey I’m alive! What’s up Kyousuke?
Kyousuke: Must...resist...punching...him
Minami’s Grandma: You can go ahead with that.
“Rock” shows up
Minami’s brother: Wassup all!
Kyousuke: Do you realize that you have a shaved head?
Minami’s brother: That’s because it is totally cool!
Kyousuke: No it is not.
Minami Grandpa: HAHAHAHAHA, nice one Rock, you really do suck at making cool decisions
Minami’s brother runs away
Minami: Go ahead, eat as much as you like!
Kyousuke: They are totally delicious. You made them right?
Minami: Ahh...yes...
Minami’s Grandpa: Get married you two.
Kyousuke: Be quite!
Minami: Kyousuke, let’s go to my room with privacy
The two go upstairs, Kyousuke watches Minami’s butt all entranced, but snaps out of it. Minami go in first, Kyousuke thinking it is to hide something. Kyousuke waits outside, but feels a sudden tingling. Kirino is unwrapping her new pillow.
Minami: So what should we do?
Kyousuke: Let’s sleep.
Minami: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyousuke: I’m tired after school and all. *Minami relaxes
While they are drinking tea
Kyousuke: I’ll go help with your preparation with Halloween
Minami: yeah, thank you!
Kyousuke helps with unpacking along with Minamo’s brother and father. After that, he rests on the porch
Minami: Do you want dinner or a bath first?
Kyousuke: A bath?
Minami: Grandpa, grandma, and father thinks it is a real happy.
Kyousuke: Oh
Minami: Grandpa, grandma, and father seems it’s been a long time since you stayed home.
Minami: Grandpa, and Grandma, and grandpa and...uh... grandpa and grandpa, and grandma and..uhh
Kyousuke: Okay I’ll stay, besides there is no school tomorrow.
Walking upstairs, Kyousuke feels no awkwardness since he has been here for many years with her family, saying he is actually more comfortablewith being in her house. However, she thinks the opposite.
Kyousuke’s Father: Where is Kyousuke?
Kyousuke’s Mother: She is staying at Minami’s place today like old times
Kirino: *hits his chair where he usually sits
Back at Minami’s place
Minami: Do you want to use the bath now?
Kyousuke: No I’ll go last, you can go ahead.
Minami: No, you can go in first.
Kyousuke: No, you go first.
Minami: Why don’t we go in together?
Kyousuke: *Gasp
Minami: *laughs. I fooled you didn’t I? Your face was all red and stuff.
Kyousuke: Fine...Let’s go in together!
Minami’s Brother: You are so cooled bro!
Kyousuke: Yes...*grins Don’t let up on you word MUHAHAHA. I’ll show you my hyper-mega power!
Minami: Ahh grandma! Kyousuke wants to go to the bath with me!
Minami`s Grandma: You can do it.
Meanwhile, Kirino jumps in the bath whispering idiot out loud. Kyousuke and Minami walk upstairs to go to sleep. However they see both their futons snuggled nicely together.
Minami`s Grandpa: Ahh! The pain! It hurts! I want you two to sleep together ahh.
Kyousuke: No way!
Minami: I`m fine with it.
Minami`s Grandpa: I`m off then.
Meanwhile, Kirino kicks his brother`s door to his room, and begins to keep kicking it.
Minami: Are you asleep
Kyousuke: No.
Kyousuke: Anyways, what would you say to someone if they confess to you?
Minami: Aaaaaaahh!!! What is this all about?
Kyousuke: Hypothetically speaking that is.
Minami: I still wouldn’t know. What about you?
Kyousuke: I would reject them.
Minami: it will be nice if we go to the same university together
Kyousuke: You have to stop being an idiot and sleep
Minami: Good night
Meanwhile Kirino...
Kirino: Idiot... 

Oh no poor Minami! By the way, I just love seeing Minami's cute faces and awesome

Anyways, this was a fun episode of the series. Definitely a breath of fresh air from the other more plot oriented episodes. The great Minami episode has finally come to fruition, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Now that Ayase is gone from the picture, there are no other relation possibilities as perfect as this one. Although this anime was not meant to proceed with the appropriate side of things, it was nice to see the interactions to Minami’s family who were probably the most amusing of the entire episode. There is Minami’s younger brother Iwaso, who is trying to act all cool and all, but fails ultimately like no other. If he is trying to be in a street gang with that hair and jacket of his than I think he might have no problem. Minami’s grandpa showed some deep dark side to the whole family things. There is no other scary grandmother than Minami’s I can tell you that, and her willingness to get Minami and Kyousuke together brings her up a notch in my book. Her grandfather is much the same albeit even funnier. His astonishing real life dead  performance acting dead was crazy, and his even more humorous remarks on how Minami and Kyousuke get married had me all excited to see what he will do next. He totally has a big motivation with joining the two together, and I hope I will see more of him if we ever come to another Minami focused episode.

Kirino was only here for some sort bits... and she was boring. Without Kyousuke, she frolics about with her new pillow, but soon is depressed without his care and presence. Shouting idiot, and just plane hitting his door for no reason, she is amusing at all. Sure there is a small bath scene and cuteness for Kirino fans, but I find myself so enticed with Minami’s childhood friend cuteness like in Amagami SS’s Rihouko.

Speaking of Minami, she was undoubtedly cute throughout this entire endeavour. That is all I have my mind right now, cute. She reminds of Yui from K-On, or Sakura from Cardcaptors or Tsubasa Reservoir, only more softer. Basically, if you’re a Minami fan like me, but odds are, you are more interested in Kirino. Of course, that is all what this show is about, but to my honestly, it was a nice change of pace, and I wish there will be more stop lights like this was down the road.    

What that about

Hey stop it


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