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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 07

Instant change and helper to Mikado. Nothing else to say

Basic Summary:

While at the Library, Yami has fallen ill with an extreme fever, Rito goes and carries her off to Mikado, but finds that she is gone. She meets Lala and Oshizu. Oschizu tells him she is taking a day off. Lala finds Yami in ill need of help, so she follows Rito to Mikado’s house.

Rito: Why do you not wear more stuff Mikado!?

Mikado: I just work up.

Mikado: Oh no! Yami is suffering from an illnesss not from earth. Rito, undress her.

Rito: ME!? Why don’t you let Lala do it?

Mikado: Just do it.

Rito: *Explodes from seeing her upper chest*

Mikado: I knew he does not have the guts.

Lala: Mikado! Let me help! *dresses into a nurse outfit*

Mikado: How professional!

Lala: Come Rito, let us go get treats for Yami.

Yami is in the restoration chamber. She wakes up. Mikado tells her that Rito saved her by carrying her all the way here. Yami does not understand. Yami leaves the hyperbolic restoration chamber. While she dresses, Rito and Lala come back from buying takaiyaki. Yami clobbers Rito for seeing her undressed


Well this was a relatively short chapter compared to the rest of the show. It was a little alone time with Yami, and her realization of Rito being a kind person to her even though he is her target. It was just an act of kindness in my opinion, and I think even Rito in his right mind could see that Yami is in no such rush to kill him. Still, he is a kind person, and is embarrassed by all the nakedness he has seen. He flushes over the fact that he has to undress her, and comments on how Mikado should wear more clothing. We will see in the rest of the episode that he is paranoid with of the fetish things that happen around him.
Kyoko can be funny at times
This was more daring then I remembered in the manga!
Basic Summary:

Run has been chosen to star in Magical Kyoko. Everybody is excited, even Rito, but too bad she feels not up to the task. In the stage scene, Run acts as the antagonists, she plays her role, but is scolded at the director.

Run: I hate this...

Kyoko: Here Run, eat this.

Run: Wow my favourite food!

Kyoko: I heard about it on your blog. I’m a big fan too!

Run: Really no way! I feel bad now for thinking you were bad...

Suddenly, the dirty principal charges towards Run. Kyoko tries to protect her, but the principal changes targets and starts attacking Kyoko. However, she blasts him with her flame powers.

Run: What the... that’s not CG! Are you an alien!?

Kyoko: Ahh! No it was just a magic trick.

Run: Don’t worry! I’m an alien too.

Kyoko: Really! I’m half-human, and half-flame alien. The producer is an alien too.

Run: Let’s put this on my blog. I just made friends with Kyoko.

Kyoko: Yeah! Let’s exchange e-mails.


Ahh the most relaxing one of the three chapters! Well, this was basically an introduction to Kyoko who is a pyro-telekinetic alien who is doing the show to see her powers in full use. It was a nice touching moment where Run and Kyoko meet. I can see their friendship go a long way. I hope we see her again sooner or later for anything. Maybe it is for her to meet up with all the rest of the gang with Run.
Caught in the act...
Basic Summary:

Sairenji is walking to school. A dog comes barking to her and starts going around in circles from her. Lala and Rito are walking together in the halls. Lala says hi to Haruna. She replies with great expression. Rito is confused thinking it is not the usually Haruna.

Rito: This is not Haruna!

Risa and Mio come visit Haruna grabbing her breasts. Instead of embarrassment however, she feels tickled and does the same thing to Mio. Lala thinks it is fun, and joins in. Kotegawa arrives to stop the 4 making a ruckus. Haruna then goes and tries the same thing to Kotegawa. She grabs her bra in the process. She wonders what a bra is. Kotegawa tells her she has one as well. Sairenji lifts up her shirt to see that she does have a bra on. Risa and Mio hide her saying it is inappropriate to do that here.

Rito: I wonder why Haruna is acting all strange.

Haruna: Rito, I love you!

Haruna: *Hears dogs barking* Ahh dog! *Oshizu comes out of Haruna’s body*

Rito: ...

Lala: What Oshizu! Why are you here?

Oshizu: I got scared by a dog.

Haruna: *Whispers* Why did you confessed to Rito?

Oshizu: I just felt like I wanted to inside your body.

Haruna: *blushes*


ORGY FEST! My lord...I can’t even imagine what Rito is thinking when he sees this stuff. There were so many breasts fondling in this chapter that I wish this was NOT animated. Anyway, the thing is, Haruna now finds herself at the end of the episode that she wants to confess to Rito. This must be leading up to the end of the show now that she is contemplating her resolve. There are only about 5 episodes left after all. Whether they chose to make an anime original ending is okay with me anyways. This was more than an enjoyable anime I can ever want.

Well I did find it cool to see Haruna be greatly enthusiastic with the entire breast fondling, even though it was Oshizu in her body... This reminds of another chapter that I hope they will animate over time...

P.S: Really, Rito had a red face for like 80% of the entire episode. This was really a lot of breast fondling and nudity like stuff. I feel sorry for him...


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