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MM! - Episode 07

I feel so sorry for Tarou

How in the world am I supposed to talk about this?
Well, umm...Let us start with Mio first. The main heroine of the show gets first dibs I guess. Well, as far as the rest of the episode goes, she is by far the most normal one of them all. We have her dressed up in a swimsuit. Ha-ha-ha, of course it is the swimsuit episode. I bet Michiru-sensei did the outfits as well of course. Then we have her do some rather weak (pitiful if I am to be harsher) way in fixing Tarou’s masochism, by having crabs, the size of a small snail pinch him. Something she has been doping regulary every episode except episode 4. I am not quite sure if it would have worked given that the girls “did help in picking spots for him to feel pain the most” meaning they “did not physically hurt him”. Tarou seemed rather distracted, and probably failed that way,  but I doubt the medicine would of have succeeded anyway. Mio also tried to help Yuuno with her phobia as well by blindfolding her, and making her think Tarou is a watermelon. Did it work? No, although I wonder if Yuuno needs anymore help with her phobia at all anymore. Yuuno was seen with Tarou rowing a boat raft out in the beach together. We did not get to hear her reason for it, but I doubt she had a valid answer. Surprisingly, Mio was feeling somehow jealous from the sight of things. Now if only we could delve into her character more, then we might see a love triangle develop more, given that the title was titled “A Midsummer’s Love Triangle?”, personally, I did not see any more hints of a love triangle going on in the episode. 

Now even though we did not see a love triangle, we do see other love signs like Yumi, and Tatsukichi’s small bit. In episode 5, we saw Tatsukichi’s letter from Yumi which was subtle. Then we now have some actually involvement with the two. Personally, I am all excited for the two to get along! The two did not at all get any big part in this show yet, just some tiny funny and erotic bits. Yumi in particular had almost no big image implanted on us except for her extreme skills in massaging, and honestly, I thought she was into women... Now we have this, which I find very amusing, since one of them has an affinity into dressing up as a female, which Yumi does not seem to know anything about. It’s an interesting side-story to all of this, and I wonder how they met up in the first place.  We might see why Yumi fell in love with him later on. I hope it will flesh out along the way, and I can’t wait for a focused episode for it to come forth.

Now we have....Yuuno. Despite the title saying a love triangle, she was probably the most dominant of the three female heroines. First, as I mentioned, she barely has any assortment with her androphobia in my eyes. But also, she does not even need to have her problem solved, because I think she has Tarou’s acceptance of her being an androphobic as long as she punches him. It’s a weird relationship, but it somehow works. She also was really delved into her wife character so much in this episode. I like the fact that she fought Noa for the wife position. I had a picture in my mind that she would just go with the flow and played the daughter, but no, she wanted that wife position anxiously, and was happy to come out on top after winning “janken”. If that was not a clear sign right there, then I do not know what is. Then she even said “darling”, which was cute, and acted appropriately as well, even forcing Tarou to say “Arashiko” to her. She even shouted at them on Noa about her very personally interactions with her and Tarou. All Noa heard was “Boing”, which seemed to make her angry instantly, which would probably be another credential in her fight for Tarou. Finally, we see the last scene (spoilers if you had not watched) with her in a Kimono, and Tarou together. All that lead to is a big landslide victory in my opinion of what the ending will be for this series.

Despite the big battle won by Yuuno, Noa did fairly well in my perspective. She was pretty ongoing in her attempt to play with Tarou. Even though she lost the “janken” game with Yuuno (pure luck Yuuno!), she did not just go and did the daughter part to go with a usual lolicon image, no, she was playing for real! She dressed up as the female lover that Tarou had been cheating with, and attempted to attack Yuuno’s wifehood by saying Yuuno can’t touch him. She even created a black actor scene with a beam of light shining at her to tell her story that she has been sleeping with Tarou for three years. Finally, when everybody disgusts her with their weird house roles, she drinks her lovely “NICE BODY” potion, and becomes a well developed babe, which made Yuuno, and everyone else jealous! Seems like even though Yuuno has breasts that can compete with her, she still see her as a worthy opponent, who knew Noa was that big of a genius?

Now that we went and talked about Yuuno and Noa, we now are about to talk about the  three of them playing house as a whole. This is just a joy to watch. Before their “innocent” house play, they decide to pick roles. Who plays the dad, Tarou of course! Who plays mom, Yuuno, and who plays the female Tarou has been cheating on? Wait what!? Now what do we play with as the house? Well conveniently, Noa was somehow able to create a entire house for them to play in, quite outrageous indeed. It was humorous to see Yuuno, and Noa battle it out for Tarou’s lover status. I really liked the part where they were telling their stories to one another. Apparently, Noa has been sleeping with Tarou for three years now, because he is sick of Yuuno’s violence. Yuuno however counters that by saying she can freely touch him. She does so, but she throws him to the table. But thanks to Tarou’s masochism, she believes her relationship is a sadist-masochist one. It gets funnier too. Why not add in the other four females too? We have Mio playing his childhood friend who kicks him making him feel good. We have Michiru-sensei playing the person who took his “first”, who hits him with whip she got out of nowhere, also making him feel good. We have Yumi just playing someone who negatively yells at him to date someone else which somehow also makes him feel good? Finally, we have Tatsukichi in her his lady-like personality who is a foreign from Europe, lover to Tarou, and also wants to take him to her foreign love ritual, which DOES NOT make Tarou feel good.

Disgusted, shocked, and has no understanding of the reactions the four new girls do to Tarou, Noa goes and takes  her potion making her into a lovely, attractive, tall, and with big breast to comfort Tarou. However, during her transformation scene, which surprised me to no end, from afar Himura`s eyes turn red. A cloud starts to shroud, and the house`s roof is blown off by Himura and his deluxe hentai belt. The only who can stop him is Tarou, and his super sayian form. Yes, now we have arrived at the climax of this show. What way to end the madness of the house playing? A battle between masochism, and loliconism of course! While everybody seemed to hate the episode 5’s parody and this one as well even though it this only lasted 2 minutes, I liked this very much. It was the perfect way to end this episode given how crazy it was getting. Personally, the house playing was more out of hand than this, and while it did seem out of left field, it was awesome and should be meant to sit back and relax. Plus, the ending where Tarou and Yuuno seemed normal, why can’t anybody let this one slide?


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