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MM! - Episode 06

Surprisingly, a Yuuno development episode
Oh so now I understand why they were crying. Sorry Tarou.

In the end, Tarou has the last laugh

Impressions: Now before we get started in the mother, sister incest part, we had a small showing of Isurugi Mio. This time, she is wearing army clothing where she throws Tarou into landmines with her signature bat-like object, and even touch of his white stuff...(is that what I think it is?) Tarou`s delusion of her dressed in a sadist outfit was much better in my opinion. Michiru-sensei truly loves dressing girls up. She dressed up Mio, but also Yunno as well with a nurse outfit. That came out of left corner to me, and I cannot believe Yuuno likes dressing up in a nurse outfit, although she is not much of a nurse to me when she pummels her patient while he is wants help (or wants more injuries).

Now the majority of this episode follows along Tarou’s mother and sister, Tomoko and Shizuka, who have an incestuous love with him. Now they suddenly find out Tarou has been getting many phone calls from Yuuno, and they want her out, thinking she is an evil witch. The two Sado females are devilishly cunning with their plan in getting rid of Yuuno. They do not do any straight forward “go away” talk, no, they go and invite her to dinner and make her tell them her relationship in a outside kind way, make Tarou`s room look like a fetish filled boys room, and talk her through their times they spend with Tarou. The two however come apart at the end when they fight at each other on who Tarou loves more, which is sad given their devious plan they brewed up, but failed at the end.

However, Yuuno proves to be a heart warm person who wants to marry someone and have a happy family even though she has a phobia for men. Quite bold indeed, but I can definitely see Tarou and her coming together at the ending now with this emotional ending. This was so touching in fact that it makes Tomoko and Shizuka cry at the doorway, letting Tarou find out that they have been naughty girls trying to break him and her apart. The two run away, but conveniently Michiru-sensei catches them and Tarou lets her take a rather embarrassing photo shoot of his mother and sister.

Overall, this was a good episode. I expected some incestuous situations, but the plot was great. It felt like it all happened fluently and nothing too overly eccentric came into play (if you count those landmines to be fake and just has some kick to them). Yuuno has more synergy with Tarou now, and it was fun seeing her pitted against Tarou`s mother and sister.

Looks like Noa is making a quick return after her non-realistic episode, and so does the Hentai belt!

Noa and her adult thinking. What would we do without her.


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