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MM! - Episode 05

For some reason, this is different from what this show entails. It could be interesting. I wonder what Yumi has up her sleeve for Tatsukichi.
Summary: What did I say I was not going to do? Oh yeah! NOT to do the summary, because this exactly the reason why!

Let's start off with some Noa knee socks fanservice! 
To come to this section here..... 
Yeah! Is this what she does for every succeeded experiment?

So the school has gone to the pervert side, and well... I had to put a picture to show that. 

I agree with Tarou, he is a good man. I guess lolicons are really kind hearted. Don't mess with the lolicons!

It's Shana from Shakugan no Shana!!!!

Of course, that's Goku 
It's the spirit bomb! Or.....Hentai did not think about it that way. That building just got pulsed with hentai energy from around the world!


Look at NOA!


Even the robot is much love!
Impressions: This episode introduced to us none other than Hiragi Noa, a genius wanting to make the whole world to perverts, so she can play with everyone. Crazy, as that can be, that is exactly what she tries to do in this episode. Well, until Tarou stops her with his Super Hentai Powers! Also accompanying her is his assistant Himura Yukinojo, a lolicon who wants to help Noa in her experiments, besides the fact that she thinks Noa is cute, is also he wants to turn everyone to lolicons.  I find their introduction mildly absurd, but wonderful at the same time. I guess the episode before this really was saying that it is going back to the perverted route that I first predicted about this anime.
Anyway, Noa is a great character. She instantly is one of my favourites, or maybe even the most, because she really makes the show what I imagined it to be. No dark male phobia or obsessed with helping people, she does it on her own and tries to make everyone perverts. How devilish can that be? In the end, he falls in love with Tarou. While I cannot see her and Tarou going together at all in this show, it does make for some good old fashion harem stuff. Her genius mind making any kind of contraptions, and pervert thinking opens up all kinds of strange situations to come. This episode showed here is a sample of that. I cannot wait what else she has if they tend to show her off more. In fact, she has more screen time than Yumi who had a pitiful introduction compared to her. Plus, she is cute and could be related to just loli fanservice.
As for Yukinojo-san, I think he is great character as well. Apart from his insane lust for lolicon clothing, he can say no to all those girls who just crawl upon him. I like that, because he makes the anime seem not so pervert like even though he tries vigorously to hide his lolicon identity. He also shows some good side when he also did not wanted everyone to be perverts (more like he wants them to be lolicons), but helps Tarou, so he is courageous at that.
Well you know this is obliviously a parody of Dragonball Z. The parody itself was quite amusing to see. There was hentai scouter that was reaching over twenty-thousand hentai power from Tarou. Wow, I did not know Tarou’s masochist problem was that dire. They also have the hentai version of both the spirit bomb and the legendary super saiyan, all powered by his hentai belt which absorbs his hentai energy to power it. I hope they keep that belt. You never know when another disaster might struck. In addition to the dragonball parody, we have a costume straight from Zero no Tsukaima, which Mio wears. Maybe somewhat of a parody is when she is angry at Tarou calling her breastless etc... I do not care it is Shana.
Overall great fun episode to watch, whether this show is going through the serious side or humorous it does not matter, because it is enjoyable at least.
Why can't Tarou see they love him?

P.S: Are Tarou`s mother and sister finally going to have their own episode? That is awesome!


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