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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 08

Lag and Niche stare at Golden haired woman...

Lag and Niche are heading towards the town of Blue Notes Blue. When Lag spots a cave, three townsfolk call to him to stay away. The three suddenly notice the clothing Lag is wearing and bring him to the main town building for a feast of their weird food. The mayor welcomes Lag and Niche. Lag introduces himself. He tries to introduce Niche too, but her claws bear into his flesh. Lag asks what is with the Cave at the frozen lake. The Mayor explains long ago that a lady named Celica tried to drink water from the pool inside the lake hoping to bring her 1000 years of life. She came back not eating for months until she gave birth to two twins and died. The twin’s whereabouts are unknown of the time being. Later at night, Lag worries that he brought Niche to a place not knowing what the situation was with her and the townsfolk. However, Niche reassures him that she is his dingo, and will follow him no matter what.

Lag decides that they should head out to check out the cave, and they leave. The mayor spots them through and window and thinks they might go into the cave. Lag and Niche arrive at the cave to see Gaichu frozen inside large glacier prisons. Lag sees the largest glacier prison shattered and no Gaichu inside. He spots two shindan bullets, and realizes that Noir was here, since Gaichu can only be destroyed through the hearts of people, and that the Gaichus inside the caves look familiar to the one he saw last episode. Lag and Niche then come across a pool of water, and wonder if it is the same water that Celica had come to drink. Just then, golden light starts rising from the pool as a golden phoenix like being, and a woman on top of his platform show up. The woman tells Niche that is has been a long time since they last met. Lag then thinks she is Niche’s older sister. The townsfolk come inside the cave to look for the two. They see no fog at all, and think it is to invite the child of Maka.

Lag looks at the women and is embarrassed saying that she should wear pants. The woman creates some clothing through her golden hair. The woman looks at Niche questioning her child-like figure. Niche replies she will grow up, and does not know who she it. The woman thinks she does not remember a thing. The Maka senses no humans nearby. The woman then wonders what Lag is. She then attacks Lag with her golden. Niche pushes Lag back and protects her with her golden hair. Some townsfolk arrive and greet the Maka. The mayor says that they want the Maka to forgive the people of Blue Notes Blue. The woman tells the people that they know nothing and wants to tell them a story. A town person scoops some water believing that it is the water to give them 1000 years of life. The woman then proceeds to tell her story.

Two-hundred-years ago when the ice began to cover the area, people mined the spirit amber from the core of the earth. Many people die after that. Celica wondered inside the cave. The Maka told her to go away, but she did not care asking the Maka to consume her. Celica told the Maka that the town’s people sacrificed her because she had no relatives. She asked the people to let her give birth before, but they did not listen. Her husband starved to death, and she will suffer the same tragic fate. Her tragic story made the Maka tear a drop and granted her wish to give birth to her child. She returned to give birth to not one, but two girls that never cried nor never grew older then a baby with bear-like-hands. The towns people thought they were cursed and threw them off the cliff into the lake. The mayor tells the people that the curse is gone, and that generations will praise them. The people start clapping.


What, really? The people are evil! Let the Maka burn them to shreds! Man, this reflects the human race in reality deeply into a time where we will suffer for mining so much coal out.
Well the episode was quite interesting, but yet somewhat slow to my expectations. To be honest though, I originally thought Niche past would be wrapped up in just one episode. I just never thought that her back-story would be a tragic one. The townspeople were suffering for warmth, so as a last minute resort I guess, they decided to mine the spirit amber. I wonder how they ever got the technology to mine the spirit amber. Perhaps it was the Akatsuki people again. They influence all the surrounding areas! Then many people started dying, and as a somewhat strange thought, they sacrifice a lonely woman to their “God” who actually only wants to protect the land, and does not care about humans. Well, the Maka kind of had some blame as to why he did not stop the people mining even though he knew.

Celica, Niche’s mother I presume had a really sad story, and it made me and the Maka cry. Well, I did not really cry, but the Maka did! Celica was able to give birth to the child she was pregnant with, but ended up being two very strange looking ones that the people thought were cursed. I must admit, I would think that too if they just stare at me, not cry at all, never eat but just drink water, and never grown up. Therefore, as another presumptuous saying they came up inside their one-sided minds, they thought to just dump them away. Well, the mayor probably regretted it, but was quick to just act naturally. There is an idea that it might be the same mayor or two from different generatiosn past down thinking the mayor might of actually drank the pool to get questionably 1000 years longevity. It does not matter to me though, because both or one of them knew better, but just sat by foolishly.

I also like to ask how the town of Blue Notes Blue even knew there was a Maka. It seems that they visited the cave before and saw it, and just thought it was their god. Why they did not consult with it during the climate change or what to do with the two Maka-like children is beyond me. The Maka does not care anyways though.  I am just wondering why they have materialistic god, but do not talk with him most of the time. Plus, at the beginning of the episode, the mayor warned Lag and Niche not to go saying they will just be cursed or whatever. They allowed Noir and his companion to go, and did not care at all what their fate is, but they follow Lag and Niche? Why? I thought they tell foreign people to stay away. Now they go inside the cave? In addition some people inside the cave out of greed want to drink the water that gives them an extra 1000 years. Wow... I do not like the People of Blue Notes Blue one bit.   


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