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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 07


Lag and Niche are riding on a carriage through frozen ice. The driver stops mentioning he saw Noir near the icy bones along with a girl. A while ago, Lloyd and Aria is informing the movement of Noir going through Blue Notes Blue to the north. They want Lag and his dingo, Niche to check it out. While walking, they wonder what Blue Notes Blue is like. Thunderland shows up carrying Steak and speaking his heart out of the wonderful place it is. Apparently, Maka are known to be there, however Niche does not recall, and he feels sad with all his research not of use.

When Lag and Niche are outside, Connor and Zazie arrive to stop them. Zazie offers to replace him up north, since he has a delivery there too. Lag refuses though. Zazie comments what he will do if he encounters Noir up ahead. Lag does not have a good answer though, since he was never able to finish his red shindan bullet. Zazie asks if Gauche still has a heart. Lag thinks within himself that Gauche still has one. He runs off, and we arrive back where he is searching for Noir up in the icy terrain. Niche sniffs around for something. Just as Lag says Maka, Niche senses something, and uses her hair to ski down the ice. Lag tries to follow her, but he slides right down, there, Lag finds a dead Gaichu. He is unable to identify the Gaichu from the Gaichu book though. He then finds a bullet capsule embedded to the ice. Lag thinks it is from Gauche, and shoots at it thinking it has memories. The shindan causes the ice to crack though and he falls down the glacier. Meanwhile, Zazie discovers that all of the letters had been stolen from the town up north. He sits at on rocky place thinking about Lags safety. Just then, he and his dingo notice a presence behind a rock. He shoots out to find Roda, but Noir is behind him point his shindanjuu. He tries to resist, but is immediately shot as well as his dingo. Back where Niche and Lag is, Niche smells something. Lag wakes up from his fall, and looks at the flashback panel of Gauches bullet.
In the flashback panel, Gauche wakes up from his injury. Lawrence is there to welcome him. He mentions his name, but he does not remember. Lawrence asks him to join him saying he is the only person to return alive from the “light”. Lawrence’s makes the girl next to her accompany him along the way. The flashback stops as Noir is taking Zazie’s letters. He takes it and leaves. However Zazie gets back up and says he knows how it feels for someone to lose his heart, and points his gun at him. Meanwhile, Lag is still watching the flashback panel. The flashback continues where the girl is showing Gauche the church where people chosen can only dwell. Lawrence comes atop to the church, and announces Gauche to everyone.  Next thing, Gauche and the girl are at a cliff looking at the sunlight. The girl takes him to the place he was last Gauche Suede. Gauche is then walking into town one final time where Aria sees him, but does not recognize him. He walks right next to Sylvette passing by and looks at her, but keeps walking. The girl then shows him to where a dead mermaid like girl arrives. The girl then explains that Akatsuki does experiments where all of them are failures. Gauche assumes she is one as well. They leave giving the mermaid girl a proper grave. Back at the church, Lawrence gives him back his shindanjuu, GymnopĂ©die. Lawrence walks away saying he will be able to shoot a shindan once his heart recovers, but he is immediately surprised to see him shoot one already. He compliments Gauche, but Gauche tells him to stop using his name. Lawrence then laughs suggesting he gives him a new name. He gives him Noir, and declares him his Marauder. Noir thinks of that name as darkness, and then announces his enemy is the light.

The flashback ends, Lag thinking Gauche really lost his heart. We come back to Zazie and Noir’s fight where Zazie is taken down again by him. Noir grabs him. Zazie says that Lag will give him back a heart again. Noir leaves with Zazie taking his defeat, but fires a flare with his shindanjuu. Lag is watching the last part of the flashback. In the flashback panel, Gauche gives the girl a name, Roda. He does not know why though saying it just popped into his head. Lag thinks that Gauche still has heart even if it is just a tiny bit. Niche cuts the ice to find Lag. The two then decide to go to the town to ask about Gauche. Niche goes to a different direction. Lag asks why she going the wrong way, but she says the ice is dangerous in that direction. Niche says she was born in the town 200 years ago.

This was surprisingly an even better episode than I imagined. This showed much more of Gauche’s back story of him becoming a marauder than I thought. Unlike Jiggy Pepper, Lag is drowned once again by another flashback panel. One he sees with great notice and expressivity. Though we still do not know how Gauche was injured and picked up by REVERSE, we see him recuperating back into another person. At an episode once, I recalled Lawrence actually naming Gauche as Noir first hand, but now we see him keep calling him Gauche Suede. It was Gauche’s idea to forget his original name and let Lawrence rename him as Noir. I would feel the same thing as him if I was shown all the horrible things with what the Akatsuki do behind the scenes; I would definitely take away a name that represents them. In this case, the “light” is portrayed as the enemy of all the people who fell under victim of them now under the churches care. Still, it could be false though as I still do not know how Gauche lost his memories in the first place. It could just be REVERSE trying to undermine him, and make him work for them. The shindanjuu Gauche received could be Lawrence, but we do not know truly.

Although we still do not know the full story of REVERSE, we do now have confirmation that the girl with Noir is NOT Roda. Once again, we have no clue what happened to the real Roda, whether REVERSE killed her or she died trying to save Gauche’s life. In any case, we now have a new Roda born from the evil experiments of Akatsuki. It really makes me think negatively of how the government is testing humans in order to make their old gods or spirits. I would be sad if I were the girl. However, she seems to find comfort now much similar with Lag and Niche as Gauche gives her a name. I hope at the end she will be with Gauche at least, and I hope she won’t die in any case. I could see her as a love interest to Gauche. We did indeed however lose ourselves an Aria focused episode. Don`t worry it was surprising to see both Syvlette and her walk so close to Gauche, but are unable to catch him. Sad to that they might of changed the way he is now looking pretty depressed with the way Akatsuki is running things. 

Zazie got defeated, badly if I might add. I do feel sympathetic to him though, since he does not want Lag to endure the same fate he had with his parents. His fight with Noir was not that interesting as Noir points his gun right at him. Even his dingo was defeated easily. Nevertheless, Zazie keeps rising up to fight him, but he admits defeat eventually. At the end though, he lights a flare alerting to someone of his stolen letters. I hope we get Zazie’s back story after this. It would seem very pointless as to why he encounter him if it would have had no meaning unless he is fight for something. It could possibly be for Lag wanting to suffer his fate.

Overall, a very deep, dark gritty episode and I like it. Next episode, we find the true background of Niche and her Maka inheritance. It should prove to be interesting. It blew my mind when Niche said she was 200 years old. She is that old yet seems childish? How it that possible? She must of been in a cave for the past 190 years or so for her to be that immature.

P.S: We do not see Steak with Niche and Lag is he with Thunderland still. He is in big trouble then, poor Steak.


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