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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 06

Very well done episode

She looks fierce. Do not mess with Sylvette
Lag tells Niche that they are on break tomorrow, so that she can sleep in. Lag wants Sylvette to help with his letter imbedded to the Red Shindan. The three are in the dinner table as Sylvette reads a fan mail someone sent to her. The person who sent the letter is a little girl who saw her work of dolls behind a window market store where she usual sells her dolls to gain money. The little girl wants Sylvette to make a doll resembling her by tomorrow in the 12th bell. Lag estimates that there is not enough time to make a doll, but Sylvette rushes to her cover and grabs a doll that looks like her and begins re-knitting the layout. Seeing her so busy in her work, Lag dares not to disrupt her, so he works on his letter alone. He does not write anything down though feeling stumped, and falls asleep.

The next morning, Sylvette is prepared to leave in order to deliver the doll in time, while Lag just woke up with messed up hair. As Sylvette leaves saying farewell to Lag and wishes him to have a relaxing free day, Lag snaps out of his drowsiness. Sylvette tells him that she does not need his help and would’ve been fine on her own. She explains to him that she would’ve taken a carriage on, but Lag retorts by saying there have been many letters being stolen from that direction. Sylvette asks him what he is mad about, but he tells her he is not. She agrees and says she is counting on him. Then she suddenly realizes Lag is her dingo for today. Lag thinks about that and wonders about Niche. As they walk along the streets, Niche wakes up wondering where Lag is.

Sylvette using her wheel chair to her advantage rushes to the carriage while Lag barely keeping up, wonders if she really needs him as a dingo. They hurry as the main head bee Largo Lloyd looks at them, he walks to a shop and asks for some hidden information from the shop keeper. The shopper keeper says he will be satisfied with what he has to offer. Lloyd replies saying “scary”.

Lag and Sylvette are sitting in the carriage to the town of the little girl, while she checks for some final errors to her doll, because she was unable to so due to the rush. Sylvette realizes that she did not help him with his letter and thinks he was jealous. Lag denies that and explains the bullet is the only way to save Gauche, but Sylvette suddenly falls asleep. Lag begins to yawn himself, but the old woman tells him that she will wake them up as soon as the trip ends. Meanwhile, Niche and Steak look for Lag. Niche smells him and Sylvette, and begins to pursue.

The old man looks at the two sleeping and starts to mingle with the old lay thinking she wanted some action. However, the old lady knocks him out in the head revealing that he was a man all along. He steals Sylvette’s doll, and declares his thief name to himself, because he cannot tell it to anybody else. The carriage accidently hits a large rock however, and the thief is down on the floor hurt a little bit. Lag and Sylvette wake up and suddenly realizes he is not a female, but a male with how his clothes are adjusted improperly.

The thief tries to runaway, but Lag grabs him to get back the doll. The carriage rocks again as Lag and the thief are thrust out of the carriage. Lag is hurt only a little, and proceeds to find the doll. He looks around, and sees the doll hanging in a branch along the cliff. Sylvette comes off the carriage to find Lag. She in turn finds him trying to fetch the doll. Meanwhile, the thief takes over the carriage from the driver saying farewell to Sylvette.

Sylvette’s hat is blown off as she is determined to apprehend the thief. She rushes towards the carriage spouting he cannot run away from the “Wheelchair Leopardess”. During that time, Lag goes as close as possible to the doll contemplating how he will retake the doll. Niche shows up yelling at Lag where he was while she was sleeping. He replies rather easily saying he is here, and sees that Niche brought his gun with her. He tells Niche to grab the doll as soon as it falls off the branch. Niche understands, throws his gun toward him to catch it. He shoots at the doll while Niche catches. The shindan however, emanates the doll’s memories where Sylvette made the doll for Gauche, her brother.

In the flash back panel, Gauche spouts happily that he will gain enough money from work as a bee for a solution to bring her out of paralysis. Sylvette however cries saying she does not want anything besides her brother. When they are watching the fire, Gauche asks Sylvette for the ribbon saying he feels that she is with her having it. The flash back then shows Sylvette thinking of making a doll like her for him to bring with him. She works on it, but Gauche has his schedule dated earlier, and sets off to the capital, and leaves without Syvlette finishing the doll. He hugs her saying he will become the head bee once he arrives back. When she finishes however, Aria sadly tells her that Gauche is fired and lost his heart. She cries in despair hugging Aria. The flashback then panes to yesterday where she finishes the doll. She hugs it thinking about her brother.

Back where Sylvette chases down the thief, she uses her Hip Slide Blinder Attack to knock the carriage along with the rhino which was blinded down. Sylvette boasts to him not to underestimate kids. Later, the thief is caught with no one knowing his name. Sylvettes hands her doll to the little girl who is filled with happiness. Lag looks at her with reassurance. In the Amberground head bee office, Llyod tells Aria that Noir is moving to the north. He tells him that this is worthwhile investigation.

Gauche, who needs legs when the wheelchair you bought her is capable of matching a speed of a rhino
This episode was more touching than expected. While at first sight, it was going to be a filler episode with Sylvette on a mission to appease her fan who sent a letter to her. She was actually going to use a doll resembling herself as the pilot. Right then, a few questions came to in my mind. Then she was so anxious to finish it in time that I realized there was definitely some deep feeling flowing through her to motivate her to do this. Then we realize in a very heartfelt flashback panel her utmost desire to make a doll for Gauche thinking of the same idea. It was very sad, and I really did see myself thrilled for her to finally fulfill her wish, even though it is not her brother, but someone else`s. Still, it created some more emotional love between Sylvette and his brother, Gauche. It showed how she wanted to make her brother feel comfortable knowing apart of her is with him on his trip. However, with her love for him, his love is equal as Gauche tries whatever he can to make her sister feel better by saving enough money for a cure to her paralysis. Sylvette however does not want anything else, but to stay with him, so she does what she can by creating a doll. In all despair however, he loses his heart leaving her crying in tears. I find it extremely depressing that for Gauche to make Sylvette be happy, all he needed to do was stay with her. This is the reason we are in this tragic anime however, so I really cannot blame them if the whole situation is based off if Gauche loss his memory. Although, it would be great joy if the two will finally meet each other again, so I hope for that now given what this episode had to offer.

On the hand, there were some somewhat lagging parts to this episode. Lag, who for 5 episodes now STILL has not written anything down in his letter for Gauche, man, with the ability to peer into other people’s memories and seeing their feelings, he sure cannot do an ounce of force to look deep within himself to write something down. I remembered back in episode 3, he just drew a rather rough drawing of Gauche. There were no mental feelings put to it or a message based on my opinion, so what is slowing him down is beyond me. He had so much to say to him during his encounter after so many years, yet still can’t put it on paper. I hope they will just finish this subplot, because it is getting rather boring. Plus, with Noir or Gauche heading for the North, he might miss his chance. But then again, this might lead to him improvising on what to write after his deadline is right in front of him given suspense to the later situation.

All in all, besides some absolute weird part with the man wanting to cuddle with the thief, and a random plot sort of. This was overall a good episode. Definitely hitting the emotional side like what episode 3 had to offer. I look forward to see the upcoming threat that Noir will bring in the north, and a speculated meeting between Aria and him.  

Zazie finds himself in quite a predicament


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