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Fortune Arterial - Episode 06

Wow their heads are big when they were small 
Uh oh, what has he have in his mind now?

Looking at them won't get you closer

Ah, his know is gone!
"Did he spot me?"

Wha! yes he did!

Remind me how she became the dorm leader?


Lets have a tea party!

No cookies for you!

Seiichirou smiled?

Muhahaha, my ultimate weapon is a bunch of maids!

Does he have to take all the pictures

Happy Happy Happy!

Sad Sad Sad!

Bad sister 
Why is it have a monotone screen?

How did he arrange a meeting after the small disaster

Very misleading picture

Their ratio scales are quite small actaully

Kanada can be mad too!

She can also cry

Aww she's crying too

sister relationship repaired!

Oh so those letters were really just after her accident

Oh wow, I wonder how it is like to sends letter to someone you don't know

Aww so they were there together


Bigger, but too bad the tree got bigger as well

They are much more well dressed now when they are older than back then

Who knew there were so many people who wanted to dress as maid!?

Good job to you! I love the president! He is awesome!
This was a pretty good episode. It focused on Haruna and Kanade’s relationship with Kohei a lot. It turns out there seems to be a big problem between the two sisters and him. At first, Kanade thinks that Haruna is in love the mood for a relationship with Kohei, so in order to make sure Kohei is in the same root, she checks out his apartment. It turns out that Kohei is looking at his letters Haruna sent her. Now Kanade thinks that he also wants a love relationship. However, Kohei catches her and drags her out to be fetched by her sister. Now they start to believe she is acting weird. Haruna then thinks Kanade is in love with Kohei. Then basically Kanade is trying to get Haruna and Kohei together, while Haruna thinking Kanade loves Kohei tries not to disturb them in eating! But Kanade doesn’t love Kohei, so she insists on them sitting together, with Kanade whispering she will do anything to help her. Then when Haruna goes to dress up in a maid outfit, Kanade wants the two to take a picture together. But it turns out Haruna doesn’t love Kohei either, so she thinks Kanade is being selfish. Haruna does not want her sister to give up on her love, because of her, so she then starts talking about how she lost all her memories in the accident, and everybody is concerned! Wow! Try to wrap your head into that! A little small misunderstanding like that, and everything goes haywire!

The second part of the episode now is the three trying to get back along after the incident where the president was dressing students up into maids. Kanade explains that Haruna lost all her memories she spent with Kohei after her accident, so then basically Kohei somehow has a meeting with Haruna together in a fancy restaurant to hear her thoughts of her losing her memories. How convenient that Kohei was able to have an alone discussion just right after she grew mad at Kanade at the event the president set up. Anyways, Haruna explains her reason and then feels sad. Kohei insists she explains this to Kanade without leaving a single detail out. At first, Haruna feels that Kanade was wrong to help her, because she thought it was her fault she got hit by a car. Then Kanade counteracts that she never really took care of her all along. She felt lonely that her mother took care of Haruna more, but when she had the accident, she wanted to help her, because she wanted to atone for all the bad things she done to her. Then Haruna wants Kanade to be happy in order for her to be happy too.  They both make up, but Kohei gives even more clarification when he shows them the letter.

I did not know the two were in such a complicated situation. How they fixed this mess was pretty good however. It may have been triggered because of a big misunderstanding that the two sisters thought the other was in love with Kohei, but it only increased the two`s strong relationship the two had for one another.

Now that the two sisters have a thorough understanding of one another, the story could move along in the romance department now. After this episode, I honestly have no clue where the two`s feeling toward Kohei are now. There might be a big twist where both the sisters are now in the running for Kohei`s heart, so it could get interesting. I can see Kohei being with both of them now rather than just Haruna.


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