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Fortune Arterial - Episode 05

The President setting the mood to the show as always

Summary: The athletics meet has started. Hasekura is about to speak the opening words, but cannot think of anything. The president of the school council sets the mood by calling him out as Mr. Girls Bath person. He flusters up, and raises his hand starting the athletics meet. The athletics meet is underway, but Kuze goes off, because she finished all her races. Hasekura stares, but Kanades calls him out to comment on the 400m race she is filling in for the original commenter. Kanade roots for Haruna all the way, but Hasekura takes the microphone and starts commenting on how far Erika is from Haruna by three horse lengths. After the race, Erika runs up towards him and beats him to a pulp trashing the tent.

As the events takes its lunch, the group: Haruna, Kanade, Shiro, Erika, The President, Seiichirou, Tsukasa, and Hasekura have lunch together. Haruna apparently made too much food during her spare time, and everybody helps eat as much as they can. Shiro makes some as well, but her meatballs are rather vulgar. Tsukasa notices the Yakisoba without pickled ginger. Haruna says Hasekura always eats Yakisoba without the ginger. Kanade grins that he is going to have the three-legged race with Haruna and he blushes. Erika says Hasekura cannot go to his water balloon race, because he thought up the idea. Kuze comes up and says some words to them. Hasekura says its fine and she walks away.

Kuze is atop the stairwell while Hasekura meets with her. Hasekura comments that the original Kuze would not be here. Kuze tells him she would not go if she did not enjoy the event. Hasekura wants to keep talking, but an announcement calls him back. The water balloon races fires off, but the Hasekura`s organization group reports that they gave out prizes without checking, and they are running out. Hasekura has a flashback, thinks up of giving “I O U” s, and runs off to ask for the sponsors for more prizes. The adults smiles and give him the okay saying he is doing a wonderful job. As the water balloon event is about to end, Haruna trips and sprains her leg. She is unable to join Hasekura in the three-legged race. Hasekura looks around and sees Kuze. He comes up to her and wants her to join him in the last event. Haruna begs her to go and she agrees. Haruna is tying up Kuze’s hair saying she has beautiful hair. The final race begins, and the president says her sister will win. Hasekura and Kuze are close to Erika and her partner. As they are racing, Hasekura tells Kuze the he wants to win this, because it is fun. As they near the end of the race, Kuze dresses up in a cat-eared maid while Erika wears a giant duck outfit. Hasekura grabs Kuze’s hand and they win the race!

Everyone praises Hasekura for his great job at the athletic meet. The president rewards him with a key to his room, but Erika shoves him off saying it is actually a key to the Student Oversight Building. Everyone smiles and his helpers take him off to the after party. She tells Erika that is wasn’t half bad, and she replies by saying it only the tip of the iceberg.

By the way, some fantastic Kuze cosplaying
Impressions: Well this was certainly an exciting episode, very good mix of humour and excitement to boot actually. I love the part where Kanade and Kohei do commentary on the 400m race. Kanade showed off her love for Haruna, because she is her “wife”. That and when Kohei’s takes over, he for some reason decides to compare the gap between Erika and Haruna as “horse lengths”, three of them in fact. Then Erika goes in and just charges at him full force to knock him out cold. Then Kanade takes the mike and ends his “commentary theatre”.

Other than that, there was some small glimpse if funny parts. The president picks up the paper and quickly goes to Shizuko for a frying pan. Whoever thought of writing a frying pan as an item must of known she was the only to have one *laughs*. In addition to that, there was small showing of brotherly love with Shiro and Seiichirou, which was nice. Kanade came prepared for the balloon contest with her swimsuit. It did protect her if she had a bra disaster, but that did not stop the boys from going all wonky-eyed from thinking of her in a swimsuit. Then that follows up with an embarrass face not seen before to her exacting revenge by putting stickers to the men’s eyes. With all the crammed up action packed moments this was a nice episode, and was definitely satisfied with all of Hasekura’s results creating some very fun and action packed events.

This episode not only created good enjoyment, but also moved forward on the romance department as well. We see Haruna making some Yakisoba fitting to Hasekura’s needs, which increase her slowly developing story with him. Kohei’s flashback also derived from where he was going to give Haruna a present as well. I wonder what she wanted afterwards. Though it did some movement on the Haruna X Kohei side, the episode rather focused on Kuze this time around. 

It was surprising, but with her sitting around the sidelines for most of the episodes, she finally has her own major part, although she also had her own assessment of fanservice as well, and I like it! Her neko-maid cosplay was uproar from everybody including me. Haruna was sad to see her hair untied, but what we have in replacement was cat ears. I also wonder whose brilliant idea was to put a dress stage on the three-legged race. Well, it was Kohei planning the majority of the event, so I guess he did it, props to Kohei. Erika had an unlucky outfit this time complementary of her brother. It gives off some subtle love interest when Kuze looked at Kohei with bubble border and all, running across the finished line. However, this was a serious part as well without Kanade commenting on Haruna or Erika’s brother trying to get them close together. No, this was Kohei doing most of the work and trying to make Kuze livelier and have more fun. That to me is why I love this pairing, because of the big relationship this has without anybodies help.


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