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Fortune Arterial - Episode 04

Wake up man, you have some work to do in this episode

Shiro surprised at the sight of some monster movies, I know I would have been

Lightning Bolt!

What the hell? Seiichirou only has his laptop, but Kohei has a butt ton of papers!

What's going on here?

Oh my, guess who has been sending secret letters

Nothing special, hey they saw each other naked!

Shiro wants to help! She knows the streets.

I wish I had that kind of support when I was in the Student Council, granted I did not do a big part...

Shiro Cameo just to make sure she is alive

Oh no! It's the evil smile at the end of an episode to see her introduction next episode only to see it did not do anything major!

Well that certainly was an omen
They really like dressing Shiro

Impressions: Hm...I honestly felt this was a good episode, but not too big of a step up. The only thing is there seems to be just Kohei trying to become a good school council member. That is a big step away from what he was doing last episode at least, so it`s good to see his efforts in school council not go to mediocre stuff, although, there is not really much else to say about this episode other then that. There were many subtle moments hinting at something. The biggest one is the letter with Kohei, but I pretty much knew there was something between her and Kohei, so not too much of a difference. The face at the end seemed to imply something nasty is going to happen. Even Iori and Seiihirou were discussing their plans for Kohei, so it only means that he has something important, since Erika reacted to him so negatively in the first two episodes. While we are talking about Erika, she seems to be developing a small tsundere part. There is not much to go at, but she is still enjoyable to watch. Overall, this episode was not too bad of an airing, but certainly not my favourite. I can only hope it will rise up to be more interesting now on.

Oh. I can only guess how Kuze Kiriha fits in to all this. My best guess is that if Kohei is in trouble with the cliffhanger seems to presume, than Kiriha is going to be the one to save him. Again, I have no clue on what her part is. She disappeared in the last episode, so at least she had a small showing.

P.S: Due to some weird bug, the picture of Shiro in shrine maiden outfit was put last not in the order of occurence.


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