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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 07

Don't touch the face

Sugata is absent from class, because he apprivoised last episode, and is sleeping unable to wake up. Wako tries desperately to wake him up, but cries in failure. Takuto snaps out of his dream from class where the teacher asked him to answer his question. He cannot answer it.

In the Glitter Crux Brigade headquarters, they hold a meeting about the King’s Pillar. The Banishing Age, leader of section one, calms everyone down and discuss the situation. The leaders think Sugata might be dead, since nobody ever woke from the King’s Pillar, but the Banishing Age leader does not want to underestimate him. Ivrogne is to take responsibility with Mami who attack the fourth maiden.

Takuto walks toward the drama club.  He finds the President and vice president in the club rehearsing. The two have a chat. The president tells him that Wako is praying for Sugata to wake up. The President believes that Takuto is able to bring a good ending to Wako and Sugata, which she sees, the two alone to not be able to have a happy ending. She tells the Galactic Pretty Boy to go, and he leaves to Wako’s house.

When Takuto arrives to Wako’s house, he meets her grandma. Wako’s grandma asks him when he received his Tau mark, and he replies saying one year ago. She then let’s him visit Wako by the cove. Takuto shouts out her name. Wako puts on her robe asking why he came here. Takuto answers he was just worried about her.

The caged girl sings her song as Mami apprivoises. Takuto and Wako enter Zero time. The two see Sugata still unconscious, but still alive, since he is in Zero Time. Mami’s cybody comes to challenge Takuto in front of him saying it is his last time here. Takuo curses her for the fault Sugata is in his situation, and he apprivoises.  Mami’s shouts to summon the avatars last time to attack Takuto, but he deflects them. Her cybody however dives down transforming into a mermaid like to attack Tauburn. Taut tries to blast her underwater but fails. Mami retaliates, but hits Sugata. Takuto catches him, and he suddenly wakes up. Mami tries to attack Takuto while he is standing by, but he is quick to react and defeats Mami. Wako gets dressed and hurries to Sugata’s place. Sugata is not in his bed. When Wako thinks of where he might be, a King’s Pillar can be spotted out in the window.

In the crux brigade, the caged girl continues her story. When she last left off, the king is willing to give away his thrown to Sam. However, he rejects the offer and only wants his galactic space ship to sail past the galaxy. The king agrees abiding to his word. He tells same he needs to kill her lover or else the engine won’t work. The cage girl then ends her story.

In the crater of King’s Pillar, Benio and her servants are bowing to Sugata for him to take the emperor spot. Takuto races toward Sugata, but Benio’s troops hold him off. Benio then proceeds to kiss Sugata. Takuto grabs Sugata and slaps him in the face. Sugata then becomes conscious, and threatens to use King’s Pillar. Benio looks at them with a smirk, and leaves. Sugata touches the spot where Takuto slapped him. Wako finds the two. Takuto reassures her that Sugata is back to normal. Sugata then asks who slapped him. Takuto says it was him. Sugata warns him the he might die if he is not careful.  

This episode was a good one. The story and plot moved forward exactly where I wanted to. First though, there were some episodic moments again where Takuto has to battle with Mami. He wins however while protecting Sugata, and we do not see her again afterwards, not even where should be handing her badge over. Also in an enlightened case, one of the section leaders, Midori, has NOT been fired as she now appears back in the meeting. What they will do with a bishounen girl I have no idea. Though a thought came to me as to losing to Tauburn means to the members that fail. Are they not allowed to pilot a cybody or maybe lost their first phase powers? Whatever the case, there is a high possibility that they somehow make a return, and maybe gang up on Takuto all together. How Takuto will deal with them is questionable, maybe a team up with Sugata.

On to the point of Sugata actually, he awoke relatively quickly to my surprise. How he was able to awake is unexplained, but I can guess the impact of his fall and exploding bubble just woke him up.  Either that or he had a strong enough will to wake back up on his own. In addition to his awakening, is his ability to use King’s Pillar now occasionally? However with great power comes great consequence as he does not seem to be using it against the Crux brigade. Benio makes a sudden return to offer him a spot as emperor. She kisses him, foreshadowing he is now in her control. Whether he or Takuto will break the control could vary in time. Personally, I would think he will not get out of it for a long time.

P.S: I finally know the purpled haired person. He seems to be a member of the first section, so my thought that you have to be a girl was wrong.


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