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Yosuga no Sora - Episode 01

At least the sky is clear

Summary: Two people are sitting in the train together. One offers some chocolate and the other grabs it. The two get off and go to find the nearest supermarket. The two walk by as a car comes along behind them. A maid looks over through the window and comments how that boy is very cute. The maid tell his ojousama that he’s her type and wonders if he is a traveler. The ojousama doubts it.  The boy and girl walking find themselves to the largest supermarket in the area. A shrine maiden is buying many items. She counts on her groceries and notices the two people. She recognizes the boy as Haru-kun. She leaves because she needs to hurry for the groceries. The two then buy their groceries. The boy buys a bike and they both go off, with the girl holding the boy’s arms. They take a detour to look at the school they will be going. They bump into a girl who is also riding a bike. She is blushes. The boy and girl say their apologies and leaves. They go on anther detour to the shrine that they once went on the summer festival. The two then leave to their old home. In the night, they arrive at their residence, with the girl noticing the lights of the neighbouring house on. The two look at their old house and comments how dirty it is. The girl asks if there will be internet and the boy answers soon. The boy then leaves to the neighbour’s house to quickly say “hello” . The women in the residence comments how hard it is for the two of them having no parents and living alone together. A girl arrives and quickly notices its Haru-chan. The boy greets and leaves. The next morning, the boy greets to his new class as Kasugano Haruka. The teacher says his name is simple. The teacher asks the class president, Kuranaga Kozue to show him around school. The ojousama with the maid from the car earlier, Migiwa Kazuha looks back and comments that he really is cute. Kasugano walks to his seat as Akira Amatsume greets him. Kasugano’s sister, Kasugano Sora looks at her photo album and reminiscence of his brother kissing him. In dinner, Kasugano talks about his school life. He mentions Akira and Kazuha how they both get along, how the class president gets along with him. Sora suddenly leaves to get a cold glass of water. Kasugano says to take her time. The next day, Kasugano and Kuranaga have a conversation on the girl who was with him. Kasugano explains that it was his sister but she is too weak to go to school. Kuranaga is relieved and quickly asks Kasugano’s sister to come to school. Kasugano agrees, Kuranaga blushes again and quickly runs away only to bump into by Kasugano’s neighbour, Nao Yorihime. A flashback starts as Nao suddenly bumps into Kasugano on her bike. Sora is frustrated and goes outside. She looks at Kasugano and Nao being together. Sora gets mad and argues with Kasugano. Nao is in the bath as he says, “he has finally come back”. Late at night, Sora walks into Kasugano’s room and quickly undresses.

Impressions: If you thoughtOre no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai” was wrong. Just watch this! I cannot say I hate this though. This is rather appealing to me (Not in a very incest sexually way) though. I like at how all the girls shown just gets so captivated by Kasugano. He does not remember most of their names, but always gets a girl remembering how he was charming in the olden days. He was friends with Akira and Nao I guess, but that is just normal. He bumps into the class president and a light border comes in as she looks at Kasugano and immediately likes him. The maid and his master Kazuha instantly look at him with modesty as they blush. Kasugano just gets all the girls without even trying! In addition, did I mention his sister has a thing for him too? (Did Kasugano steal Sora’s first kiss?).

Expectations and Predictions: This was WAY beyond my expectations between the borderline of desire in anime. It seems there should not be a problem between Kasugano getting a relationship with all the girls, even his sister. There doesn`t seem to be any comedic focus in this anime either, but rather a SHUFFLE! like feel to it. I don`t mind watching another one of those though.

P.S I find this or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai to be on my blogger list. The best-case scenario is that both of them will be blogged, because their just so good (In a NON-incest way). I`ll like to see how both of them end as the ultimate sister-brother lover unravels.


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