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Yosuga no Sora - Episode 04

I do like her kimono 

Summary: Ahhhh.......No. I am just too shocked right now...

Impressions: I am not sure how I think about this episode, granted the entire show at this point as well. They seem to be adopting the term “omnibus” format, which Amagami is implementing right now, but only a slight variation given the number of episodes. This makes it so that each female character will have her own arc where the male protagonist will be together with her. This is a refreshing style for romance genres and certainly causing many positive outlooks. For one, the show is capable is of holding a happy ending with all females, so the audience will have no outcry on why their favourite heroine does not have the final spotlight. Frankly though, this show is only covering most of the girls, and leaving Kozue Kuranaga (my favourite...) making me believe she is dated for a blue ray/DVD episode title. However, the cost of this is that the love relationship could feel a bit rushed leaving many plot holes unscratched. This episode suffers from it, because of the solution is that the father was really taking care of Akira all along without her knowing due to her mother not wanting her to know. Migiwa is somehow in denial of her father as well, which is not fully explained since they only touched upon the viola representation of her relationship to her father. Although, you could say that these two are intertwine with one another. Nonetheless, Migiwa finds out his father actually is taking care of Akira in good standards at the end when he pats Akira’s head as he did with her, but also paying her school funds. The father seemed calm when she finds out leaving me wondering when he intended on revealing his secret to her. This leaves the impact of it barely brazing me in the face as I am just sitting by, and letting the story happen. Unknowing to me was the next scene to happen next.

The sex scene (deserving its own paragraph), is the true shocker in the episode as I am sure this is the true intention the producers had in mind of mass amazement. They black out of the scene hinting what had transpired switching to the next day. This makes me vulnerable when they revisit that night as Haruka is daydreaming. Not only does it wow me in the face, but it also left me wondering how they were intending to carry on the story when the two couples have already been decided. From comments before I watched this episode and my own intuition, the story revealed to be reverting to episode 1 after the epilogue came up at the end. I do like to admit that I am grateful they are focusing on Akira now, since I like her more than Migiwa. Now their absence of Kozue though frustrates me.


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