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Yosuga no Sora - Episode 03

Haru is fast as hell. Will he be able to go all the way, or will he just move on to the next one!?
Basic Summary: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<From last Episode>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Motoka: “Are you peeping?”
Haru: “NO, I came to give back her cell phone!!!!!!!”
Migiwa: “You saw what we said did’nt you”
Haru: “Are you two....”
Migiwa: “NO! She is my sister. My father had her with another female and won’t accept her, so I take care of her in return”
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Haru’s House>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Haru: “Hey, Sora, how do you think of another brother?”
Sora: “................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Haru: “NO. We don’t have another brother! I was just-“
Sora: “I’m leaving”
Akira: “Hey Haru!” *Replies back with handshake
Haru: “Hey Migiwa”
Migiwa: “He--- *SMACK”
Ryouhei: “Whoopsie daisy. I sor--- *SMACK”
Migiwa: “Try that again and your dead!”
Narrator (Kelf): Woohoo Beach... I mean the group goes to the beach.....for some reason as Haru and Migiwa sit at the shor lines
Haru: “Bored”
Migiwa: “Yeah”
Narrator (Kelf): After some Fan--- I mean the beach they head back as Haru and Migiwa sit together.
Haru: “Hey, can I hear your violin some time later?”
Migiwa: “It is a Viola, but okay next time”
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<In the shrine near Akira>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Narrator (Kelf): Migiwa and Haru are near the shrine when Migiwa’s father appears greeting Akira
Migiwa: “Hello father, (I hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)”
Migiwa’s father: “Ah why are you late? Are you being a bad girl behind my back! Oh hi there”
Haru: “Hello?”
Migiwa’s father: “Anytime you want to &*&^ with my daughter. You have the OKAY”
Haru: “!!!!”
Narrator (Kelf): Next, her father leaves and the two go to the arcade together. After they take picture, two walk back home.
Haru: “I am just to steal your first now *Kissed”
Migiwa: *Does not hold back
Sora: “Why am I licking an ice cream with Akira?”
Akira: “Because its fun!”
Hary/Migiwa: *Still Kissing

Impressions: This certainly feels strange. Haru goes on the offensive this time and quickly takes Migiwa by the lips. He sure if quick to pick his love dove. Anyways, Sora seems to be very uncertain of herself by not noticing the growing relationship Migiwa and Haru developed. I wonder what her reaction will be once Haru reveals the truth to her. Will she bicker and leave or will she try to accept? Although, the relationship seems to be quick, yet also looks to end very quickly. Haru has four other girls he needs to go through, so I believe that this amazing breakthrough will only last as long as the next episode. The two cliffhangers they gave us with Sora stripping, and Migiwa/Akira sister incest seem to apply here too. In addition, maybe Haru is already going through Akira and Migiwa’s arc together. I hate to see that happen, since I sort of like Akira. However, in the first episode she was probably the least obsessed with him. This likely as, since this is a one-cour show, so the odds are yes.

Motoka showed up this time, with not only her mini omake, but also in the true plot as well! I wonder how her role will play after Migiwa and Haru finish. It seems to me that she will visit from time to time, but also at school to deliver some of her ojousama’s belongings.


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